where can you find new thingies in this site?


may 18th 2002
another update ! [boy is my face red]
-some updates in the discography (dEUS, Star Club West, Rudy solo)
-some new artwork (two toneelhuis paintings and a dEUS-DVD image)
-two old articles with Rudy and Daan, also translated in English
-and a new setlist scan from rudy trouvé quintet 16/05 in Gent

january 9th 2002
first update in ages
-a handful of new tourdates and setlists once again
-added a Berchem Trap promo to the discography
-replaced 4 old audio files with new ones (have some patience in downloading them)
-added an interview rudy did with marc ribot last year
-added two paintings in the art-section Rudy made for Toneelhuis last year.

september 12th 2001
-added links to official zornik, yum , wawadadakwa, fiftyfootcombo and vivelafete.
-added concert review of dmr at popkomm (thanks martin & alison), a gore slut at pukkelpop review
 (thanks vincent), and a setlist of gore slut at pukkelpop (thanks dries) in the tourdates section
-added the girl+turtles artwork
-added some info on Screaming headache (not much)
-added a link to the gore slut club lek session in the audio page
-and.. a new poll !

august 22nd 2001
most notable update: added a new poll-feature to this website. The idea is to change poll once every two weeks, but don't quote me on that promise. My intentions are good but my execution may turn out sloppy. If you got suggestions for a good poll, mail them to me and I'll take them under consideration.
If you think a poll is the last thing this site needs, mail me and tell me too.
added lionell horrowitz setlist scan for their 10/10/98 gig [thanks aldwin]
updated a few more tourdates+setlists. Can't remember which exactly.
deleted Bite from the audio section. Don't worry, it was a bad recording and not very useful or representative. the best stuff is still on there.
added two millionaire links: [official - crap] [fansite - good]
added a link to the official think of one website (flash)
removed a couple of dead links
added a page about rudy's upcoming solo album
added a rare mitsoobishy jacson promo in the heavenhotel discography [thanks alison&martin]
added a picture of Dead Man Ray's Inc. single
press & downloads:
updated the eurostyle-font download section: you can now download a full version (including italic and bold versions), and it seems the pc-version is called Euromode, in stead of Eurostyle. Mac users can expect a mac download soon. Plus, I added a little q&a about the font.
added an interview with gore slut 21/08/2001
added a link to a bit of a smelly review of Berchem Trap [thanks jyves]

july 15th 2001
the saga continues
This site is a never ending story, I can assure you...
-Some new info on Miles Behind (and not, as assumed until now, 'Miles Ahead')
-Discography: the Gore Slut one has grown by a couple of releases, and so has the Sue Daniels disco
-Artwork: two and a half new artwork samples [1][2][3] and past exhibition dates
-Pictures: three of Sven's pictures of Rudy Trouvé solo in Effenaar 2001 [1][2][3]
-Interviews: two 1996 interviews with Kiss My Jazz & Heavenhotel [1][2]
-Audio: new Gore Slut, Dead Man Ray, dEUS and Kiss My Jazz audio files, part of an old, israelian interview with rudy trouvé and tom barman
-Tourdates: a handful of new Kiss My Jazz tourdates, a 15/01/96 kiss my jazz concert review
-Links: added a DAAU link to Adrian Lenski's own homepage
-the people of thecounter.com have suddenly dropped their used-to-great service, leaving me with a huge and disgusting counter. So i got rid of it and got a fresh one at ipstat.com

june 28th 2001
school's out
...and so I can work on this site a bit more!
Tourdates: added a dozen of KMJ 1996 ones and a gore slut one.
Also added an image of a poster to a kiss my jazz date (05/01/2000)
Links: A very interesting mini-site about the 110m˛ project, De Portables, Mintzkov Luna, two fence websites [1] [2], and a link to a newly founded tapers/traders club.
Pictures: One dead man ray picture from Le Salon, Silly 2001.
Press: Gore Slut in RifRaf magazine (1997) [thanks Peter!], Tom Barman & Rudy Trouvé in humo 08/1995 (Shamelessly copied from other sites, but cunningly translated into English by myself), and Rudy, Daan and Bobbejaan Schoepen in humo 1999.

may 29th 2001
small update
Added [Paris] and Marginal to the discography, added a Gore Slut setlist (30/08/97) to the tourdates, and added two links: one to a Mitsoobishy Jacson website, and one to a small flash site about the Trouvé-family exhibition last year in Antwerp.

may 3rd 2001
lots of updates!
thanks heaps mr. Heyme Langbroek for your contributions on a few new demo entries in the kiss my jazz and lionell horrowitz discographies, and the addition of a new Rudy Trouvé-project to the always-growing list!
Other new updates include a handful of new setlists and concert reviews in the tourdates, some updates bio's in the credits-page, a new kiss my jazz-interview from Gonzo Circus 1998, new links to a vive la fete fansite and a venus one, arthur's deus-community website and heyme langbroek's website. I also put the links back on the audio-page to a dead man ray and a kiss my jazz interview. (also in the old site, I just forgot to link them in the new one)

april 4th 2001
gee, what didn't change?
Just about everything looks brighter and restyled now, tell me what you think of the new look!
The now completely irrelevant update-page of the old website is gone and buried.