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practical info stores in antwerp, venues in belgium
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dead man ray screensaver
Download an excellent Dead Man Ray PC-screensaver. It was made by Martin Bowman [check his site], and contains a couple of brilliant pics of his, made at the Dead Man Ray gig in the Bourla, 07/10/2000. 
[download] size: 1.2mb. compatible with windows 95, 98 and m.e.
dead man ray font
Download the font dead man ray (and daan) use on their albums and artwork. it's the euromode font (PC) and Eurostyle (Mac).
A little Q&A:

q: so is it reeeally the dead man ray font?
a: the mac version sure is. except that can't be downloaded yet. The pc version is 99% identical, you won't notice the difference.
q: really?
a: yes!
q: is this legal?
a: I don't know. You tell me.
q: will I go to jail if I download these fonts?
a: I'm affraid so, Timmy. You're under arrest.
q: ...but I haven't downloaded...
a: from this point on, no more talking, Timmy.
q: ...but my name isn't...
a: you're only making this worse for yourself here, Timmy.

[download for pc] size: 96kb

dEUS font
you'll have to surf to Arthur's page for this. It is 100% legal and you can get both the old and the new deus-font.
rudy trouvé wallpaper
Useless for most people, but here's a photoshopped rudy trouvé bitmap. Downloading will open a new browserwindow, after which you should press the right button of your mouse and choose 'set as wallpaper'. on your desktop. it's best suited for 800x600, just tell your desktop properties to stretch the image.
[see] size: 1017kb


Adresses, telephone numbers, weblinks to plenty of venues in belgium and across the boarders.
record stores in Antwerp
Which record stores in Antwerp are interesting and which are not?


interview with rudy - teek 00/11/1997 (dutch/english) [see]
interview with daan stuyven - humo 00/06/1998 (dutch/english) [see]
interview gore slut - de morgen 21/08/2001 (dutch/english) [see]
interview with tom barman - rifraf magazine 1993 (dutch/english) [see]
interview with rudy trouvé & tom barman - humo magazine august 1995 (dutch/english) [see]
interview kiss my jazz - rifraf magazine january 1996 (dutch/english) [see]
interview with rudy & other heavenhotel people - het volk february 1996 (dutch/english) [see]
interview gore slut - rifraf magazine may 1997 (english/dutch) [see]
interview kiss my jazz - gonzo circus february 1998 (english/dutch) [see]
interview daan, rudy & bobbejaan schoepen - humo january 1999 (english/dutch) [see]
interview daan & rudy - humo march 2000 (dutch) [soon]
interview dead man ray in chicago - humo march 2002 (english/dutch) [see]
review opening trouvé-exhibition - by jan & byron (english, extremely subjective :) [see]
interview sonia, carlo & rudy trouvé - de standaard 15/11/2000 (english/dutch) [see]
rudy interviews marc ribot - mao magazine 07/2001 (english/dutch) [see]

Daan Stuyven interview at Kindamuzik (english)
Daan Stuyven interview at 99 octane (french)
review of Trap in Humo magazine (dutch)
interview with Daan at Westzeit (German)
Interview with Rudy about Gore Slut, at the Antwerp Music Pages. (french)
Review of Berchem Trap at Pïtchformedia. (english)

deadbeatpoll #1
august 22nd - september 12th

how do you like dead man ray's marginal e.p. ?
based on 54 votes:

deadbeatpoll #2
september 12th - october 7th

gore slut changed course from lo-fi to... hi-fi !
based on 50 votes:

deadbeatpoll #3
october 8th - november 3rd

which upcoming cd would you liek to get your hands on first ?
based on 68 votes:

deadbeatpoll #4
november 3rd - december 4th

you know Rudy's music and you know his paintings, but which other form of art do you think he would be great at ?
based on 54 votes: