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april 5th 2003
a cd single thing
Dead Man Ray's latest attack on the billboards is their new single, A Single Thing.
Apart from the title track, there are also two early demo versions of A Single Thing - when it was still called Raven -, and a 'Clear Horizon Remix' of the song.
I don't know yet who made this remix, when I find out, so will you.

The DMR tourschedule is updated again and includes a visit to Switserland and a gig in hometown Antwerp.

08/04 : Domino festival, A.B. Brussel (support for Interpol)
16/04 : Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzette (lux)
17/04 : Rotown, Rotterdam (nl)
19/04 : Viva Velinx festival, Tongeren
23/04 : Showcase at Barfly, London (uk)
15/05 : 013, Tilburg (nl)
23/05 : Gigant, Apeldoorn (nl)
23/07 : Paléo festival, Nyon (ch)
09/08 : Haldern Festival, Haldern (d)
03/10 : CC De Lessines, Lessines
11/10 : Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerp

march 17th 2003
dj roedie
Rudy Trouvé will DJ (!) with a 'mystery guest' at Boterhallen, Diksmuide on march 29th. It's a benefit party for 4AD.

march 17th 2003
don't talk about engeland
Dead Man Ray are now really coming over to the U.K. !
Barfly club in London, april 23rd.
Also a new date for Apeldoorn in the Netherlands : 23/05 at Gigant.

february 10th 2003
almost like a tour
Some new Dead Man Ray gigs have been announced. The updated schedule is :

13/02: Mezz - Breda (nl) - support : Nona Mez - www
15/02: Patronaat - Haarlem (nl) - support : Nona Mez - www
07/03: Handelsbeurs - Gent - support : Nona Mez - www
20/03: Doornroosje - Nijmegen (nl) - support : King Me - www
22/03: Hedon - Zwolle (nl) - support : Lampshade - www
08/04: Domino festival - AB Box - Brussel - also w. Interpol - www
16/04: Kulturfabrik - Esch-Sur-Alzette - www
17/04: Rotown - Rotterdam (nl) - www
19/04: Viva Velinx festival - Velinx, Tongeren - www
15/05: 013 - Tilburg (nl) - www
09/09: Haldern pop festival - Haldern (d) - www

february 4nd 2003
jim at de nachten
Jim tv will broadcast a one hour special about the Belgian bands at De Nachten, including Dead Man Ray and Daan.
Tune in on "Puur Belgisch", thursday between 22.00 and 23.00h, or Sunday night between 0.30 and 01.30h.

february 2nd 2003
you can't swim with a sprained ankle
The Dead Man Ray gig at Shepard's Bush in London has been taken off from the official DMR website, so until further notice, it unfortunately looks like the gig is cancelled.
The album will be released in the UK shortly though, and the band will definitely come (back) to London later this year.

At last night's De Nachten gig, the band played Blue Volkswagen 10:10 AM for the first time on stage.

january 26th 2003
all the ducks are swimming in the water
Dead Man Ray will cross the channel for the very first time and play in London, UK on February 11th !!
DMR will be support act for Calexico, at Shepard's Bush.
A few more gigs in the Netherlands are added as well...

january 23rd 2003
Mauro's Great Ideas
Yep. Not mine though.

+ some nice & new Dead Man Ray shots at - of the gig at A.B. 16/11/2002 this time.

january 21st 2003
No(i)sy info
Bert was kind enough to let me know Radio 1's Cucamonga will broadcast some live tracks from Dead Man Ray's gig at Blaye summer festival 21/07/2000 next week, january 27th between 21.00h and 23.00h !

january 17th 2003
Big in Luxembourg
The first Luxembourg Dead Man Ray gig in history will be played 16/04, at the Kulturfabrik in Esch-Sur-Alzette !

... and did I mention already there are a few Rudy Trouvé Quintet (live at CC Spinoy 11/10/02) photo's at ? Well now I did !

january 11th 2003
synesthetics & new dates
The Synesthetics : Pop & art exposition is now open for the public !
Rudy Trouvé-wise, it features about half a dozen blow-ups, some of which come from the 1999-2002 cd booklet.
You can see the catalogue of the little expo at your left, the stylish little book+cd was designed by Kunstmaan (see also dEUS' No More Video DVD), and is available at €18. (1000 copies printed).
Over the weeks of the expo (11/01-30/03), there are also gigs & performances planned by a few participants, including 4 gigs with/by Mauro Pawlowski (details TBA). I have currently no idea at all whether Rudy Trouvé will perform as well at the expo at some point - of course you can expect to read it here when I get any info.

Also, an updated Dead Man Ray tour schedule :

01/02: De Nachten Festival - De Singel, Antwerp (01.00h)
13/02: Mezz - Breda (nl)
16/02: Patronaat - Haarlem (nl)
07/03: Handelsbeurs - Gent
19/04: Viva Velinx festival - Velinx, Tongeren
09/09: Haldern pop festival - Haldern (d)

ctrl+c / ctrl+v has interesting news about Rudy's plans for 2003 !
I did the un-honorable thing and copy/pasted it here :

Rudy is really busy, he is making 2 soundtracks, one for a film in France, and one for a filmmaker in Luxemburg, for whom he made a short soundtrack earlier with Lionell Horrowitz & his combo in 1998. If any of this is going to be released is unclear at this point. He could also tell me that 'De Warande' in Turnhout is organizing an exhibition in 2004 of his work. Since the place is huge he needs to start painting a lot for this, so we won't see him on stage for a while except for the Dead Man Ray gigs.
Nice thing about the exhibition in 2004; The organisation is done by several Cultural Centra, who gave Rudy a free hand in organizing the live music. Rudy invited Lou Barlow, who already said yes...
(dbt note : a Lionell Horrowitz soundtrack from 1998 ? -choke !- )

january 3rd 2003
Hoogerbrugge+DMR at De Nachten is Yr Friend
The Dead Man Ray gig at De Nachten 01/02/03 will be preceeded by some projections by Han Hoogerbrugge, who made the Landslide video.

Also, as said before, the forthcoming expo at CC Spinoy (see news of 17/11/02) will publish a catalogue including an exclusive cd.
On the disc will be a new song by the Rudy Trouvé sextet (apparently the former Quintet is no more), called 'Boy is Yr Friend' - previously only played live on two or three occasions.
The full tracklist of the catalogue-CD is at the CC Spinoy expo page.

december 20th 2002
Zamu fever
Yep, it's time for the annual Zamu-Awards again !
The Zamu Awards are selected and awarded by people from within 'the business', there is only one category in which you can cast a vote yourself, and that is the Song Of the Year award.
You can vote here (among the nominees are Landslide by Dead Man Ray and Swedish Designer Drugs of Daan) - remember voting is allowed only once, your double votes will be kicked out ruthlessly !

december 14th
pictures of dead man ray at AB 16/11
...are available at

december 13th
Elko strikes again
Yesterday at Dead Man Ray's Marconi session, Elko played with the band again for the first time since January 2002 !
The Marconi session was recorded by Studio Brussel, and most of it will be broadcasted in two parts : this sunday and the one after, in Brussel Vlaams between 18.00h and 20.00h. Most of Cago was played, as well as two or three old Dead Man Ray classics.
Live web streaming will be available as per usual at the StuBru website...

december 3rd
De Nachten
dead man ray will play at De Nachten this year (for the third time already), saturday february 1st.
Also on the menu : Daan (playing bits from his soundtracks), Das Pop, Sukilove, Low, Spinvis, Arab Strap, Admiral Freebee, Cinérex and more.
More info at !

november 30th 2002
Marconi session
Starting today, you can win tickets all week at Studio Brussel for an exclusive Dead Man Ray Marconi studio session, december 12th. The session will be preceeded by a short session of the wonderful Folk Implosion - one of Lou Barlow's disguises.
The Marconi studio is located at the VRT headquarters in Brussels, and part of the session will more than likely be broadcasted on StuBru later on...

november 17th 2002
Pop & art
From January 11th until March 30th, CC Spinoy in Mechelen is organizing an exposition which asks pop musicians to display some of their graphic work or sculptures to the public. Rudy Trouvé will display some work, as will Mauro Pawlowski, Stef Kamil Carlens, Tim Vanhamel, Eavesdropper, and more.
Apparently there will be a catalogue of the exposition, which comes with a compilation cd of all the participating artists. Rudy Trouvé Quintet will record a new song (currently titled Box is a Friend) for this compilation, which has only been played live once or twice so far.
There is some more info about the expo (working title : Pop & art) here.

november 15th 2002
Rudy vs Haardroger :
The lovely Ultra E-Zine newsletter has word of a Daan's Swedish Designer Drugs remix 12" maxi, features a remix by DJ Rudy vs. DJ Haardroger, though this is not Rudy Trouvé...

ELS DOTTERMANS ET DAAN "Jamais Neutral - Le Thème Du Film 'Meisje' De Dorothée Vandenberghe" ****
scd - 2002 - Tracks (TRACKS-07) - 6'27"
DAAN "Swedish Designer Drugs - Including Remixes By Le Tone And Dj Haardroger Vs Dj Rudy" ****
12" - 2002 - Tracks (TRACKS-006) - 16'31"

As mentioned earlier (cf. U0204+U0218), Daan's being a busy bee hasn't kept him from making brilliant pop music. "Jamais neutral" is no exception, and once again I'm sure quite a few eighties electropop revivalists will be jealous of this catchy ànd classy single. "Jamais neutral" is sophisticated lightweight pop-with-synthesizers which sounds as if Lio (or Vanessa Paradis or...) had been given a song by Gainsbourg and then produced by Telex. Quel craftsmanship! Incredible, too, how well Dottermans (one of Belgium's top acrtresses) performs. The 12", then, brings a longer version of this Summer's sensational "Swedish designer drugs" (see U0218 for a full review) and adds remixes by le Tone and by dj's Haardroger & Rudy (rumour has it these are Dead Man Ray core members Stuyven & Trouvé). The former is lightfootedly funky but may sound a bit too lightweight to some, whereas the latter's sparse, Kompakt-styled vibe does add something to the original's mood - a sense of drowning in post-acid bubbles with no Setzer at hand, perhaps.
Important notice: go see the man live on his multi-option '5 cities & 3 different sides of Daan' tour this November in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Liège or Louvain/Leuven, playing either from his soundtracks / with his band / or solo & acoustic, including the odd Johnny Cash or Depeche Mode cover. Hey who knows André Brasseur might turn up and play along?! Cf. the site listed below for details. (pv)

november 9th 2002
New Dead Man Ray stuff :
- concert at Soundstation in Liège on December 18th.
- other future concerts include A.B. 16/11 and De Zwerver 22/12.
- Elko Blijweert guitar workshop at AB 16/11 (muzikantendag)
- audio "interview" at studio brussel.
- reviews of Cago : humo (dutch), 8weekly (dutch), webzinenameless (french).
- U-zine interview with DMR on 23/11 on Antwerp's local Radio Centraal.
- video of Landslide running on JimTV and TMF, or online at in quicktime or realmedia.

october 24th 2002
new ep
If you're a regular visitor of you've undoubtedly already read about the new Rudy Trouvé Quintet EP, Cartoon Moon. This is a limited edition (100 copies) 5-track CD-R release with the R.T.Quintet Duyster session, as broadcasted on Studio Brussel 22/9.
The EP is only for sale at Rudy Trouvé Quintet gigs, which means you can only get another copy by coming over to the gigs at Dommelhof, Neerpelt november 25th, or at Botanique, Brussels november 9th.
You can download a track of the EP (apparently a better mix than on the EP itself) at the heavenhotel website.

new dead man ray info
DMR are playing at De Zwerver in Leffinge, december 22nd. A video of Landslide is made and should appear on the official Dead Man Ray website soon. also has pictures now of the Dead Man Ray gig at Les Nuits Botanique.

new Elko stuff
It's been announced for a long time but now the release is finally here; Elko's band Male or Female (MORF) has just released a new album and a new EP, titled "recalled moments" and "failed destruction EP". The project also involves two members of Front 242 (Daniel B. and Patrick Codenys), and supposedly the album should also feature some guest backing vocals by Daan Stuyven and Rudy Trouvé. (NOT confirmed yet).
Check the band's website

rudy (briefly) live says Rudy will play live for a whopping ten minutes apparently at this year's Boekenbeurs in Bouwcentrum, Antwerp on november 11th.
Don't forget Rudy's Cartoon Moon-exhibition at CC Luchtbal is still running until October 29th, open every day from 10.00h

october 5th 2002
Last night, Rudy's exhibition at CC Luchtbal was opened officially with a concert of Wall of Sweat.
The exhibition contains some 30 paintings and blow-ups, of which a number can also be seen in the booklet of 1999-2002. Fans with some spare money have the opportunity to buy some paintings also.
The exhibition runs until October 25th at CC Luchtbal, Culumbiastraat 110 in Antwerp. Entrance is free and you can get in every day between 10.00h and 17.00h.

Dead Man Ray
Dead Man Ray's Cago album is in the stores, and so is the vinyl by now. Be fast if you want to purchase the vinyl, because I'm told it's limited edition. The Landslide 10" single is also for sale in some stores.

The Dead Man Ray radio session at Club Lek is now also online, here. The set includes A Single Thing, Landslide, Losing the Lost, Centrifugitives and Need. If you're a bit nostalgic you can also check out the DMR club lek session of 2000 here. The Cucamonga interview of last week can be read here. (dutch)

At the press release concert in the A.B. of 03/10, the band still played with Geert Van Bever on guitar and Elko behind the soundboard. The set included all but one songs from Cago plus oldies like Woods, Beegee, Brenner and Moïd. A chaotic live interpretation of the Colin Newman remix of Landslide was also played. The remix can be found on the Landslide single.

And finally, if you like charts or prizes or Dead Man Ray on the radio, you could consider voting for Authentic in Carte Blanche and Landslide in De Afrekening.

september 30th
tonight in radar
... between 20.00h and 22.00h on Studio Brussel : probably your last chance to win a ticket for Dead Man Ray in the A.B. 03/10 !
Both Cago and Landslide are for sale in some cd-stores already : Try Brabo records in Antwerp for instance.

september 27th 2002
dead man ray gets an update
Vinyl lovers can rejoice because just like the Landslide single, Cago will be released on vinyl as well as CD.
Pre-orders are possible at, though in the Benelux, the album should be on the shelves very shortly.

Meanwhile, a concert at Brakke Grond in Amsterdam is also planned for 28/10, and a Club Lek radio session next week, 02/10 between 22.00h and 01.00h. Live video streaming available at the 3voor12 website.
Also, for the first time, the new album will be released almost simultaneously (mid-october) in other European countries like France, Denmark and even Finland, I've been told.
Next week, Studio Brussel program Radar will present the album from monday to thursday.
Radio 1 program Cucamonga will feature an interview with Daan, Rudy and Elko, with album snippets and review on Monday (22.00h - 00.00h)

and finally, the new dead man ray website is still a bit under construction, but online nevertheless at !

september 22nd 2002
dead man ray - c'ést fantastique
Last friday, Dead Man Ray premiered the results from their adventure in Chicago live at Les Nuits Botanique. In front of a nearly packed Orangerie, the band played a magnificent concert with all but one songs from the new Cago album, to be released october 1st or 3rd. The crowd went nuts and called the band back twice, to play some more familiar songs like Brenner, Woods and Beegee.
A complete live tour still seems to be some time off, so November 16th seems like a good time to be at the A.B. in Brussels - for the time being your only opportunity to see another gig of the band.
Elko Blijweert is still not recovered from his hand injury of last April, so Geert van Bever is filling in his place on guitar, while Elko takes care of the mixing behind the soundboard.
Radio 21 has put online some photo's of the Botanique concert, right here.

september 16th 2002
rudy in the duyster
Studio Brussel program Duyster will broadcast a short Rudy Trouvé session next week, Sunday 22/9 between 22.00h and midnight.

Also, at the opening of Rudy's exhibition at CC Luchtbal in Antwerp on October 4th, Wall of Sweat will play a gig. Wall of Sweat is Viking Dave Robertson's new band, which plays several old Kiss My Jazz songs in completely different versions. (Rawck and Roll !)
Check Heyme's Wall of Sweat website here.

september 11th 2002
landslide single
Landslide, the first single from Dead Man Ray's new Cago-album, will be in the stores end of september on both CD-single as 10" vinyl.

september 5th 2002
cago promo
Click here to see a video interview (in English !) with Daan and Elko about the new album.

september 3rd 2002
Monday September 30th, Radio 1 program Cucamonga will feature an interview with Dead Man Ray about the upcoming album Cago. The show is on air between 22.00h and midnight, with live internet broadcast available as usual.

A third Dead Man Ray live date in Brussels, again at the Ancienne Belgique.
On October 3rd, Dead Man Ray will present their new Cago album to the press in the new Box-room of the A.B. Supposedly, the Box-room is smaller and cosier than de Zaal, but larger than the AB Club - sounds like a winner to me !
There are no tickets for sale but you can win some - check this page !

The new Landslide single is sent to radio stations, and is already in rotation on some channels. Keep your ears open on Radio 1, Studio Brussel or Radio 21 !

... and finally, now features some pictures of the Rudy Trouvé quintet, live at the A.B. club earlier this year.

august 30th 2002
never say you trust me now features a downloadable remix of the upcoming single Landslide !
The 'Atom remix' is done by Atom Heart, and will be a B-side on the single of Landslide.

august 23rd 2002
new dates
courtesy of

rudy trouvé w. band
05/10/2002 : CC Luchtbal - Antwerp
11/10/2002 - CC Spinoy - Mechelen
25/10/2002 - Dommelhof - Neerpelt
09/11/2002 - Botanique - Brussels
There is also an exposition of Rudy Trouvé paintings planned in CC Luchtbal (Antwerp), between October 4th and 25th.

this machine
Wall of Sweat - Viking Dave Robertson's new band - is playing live these days in Café De Keet (Vlasmarkt, Antwerp) ! You can check them out yourself on 24/08, 15/09 and 28/09, and download some MP3s on their brand new website !

And finally, Dead Man Ray's new single Landslide will be released soon. The song will be premiered on wednesday August 21st, on both Studio Brussel (popnieuws - 17.30h) and Radio 21.

august 16th 2002
crazy little baby
Heyme's got some wonderful news on the Heavenhotel website this week.
Congratulations Sigrid and Rudy ! :p

august 14th 2002
curse ep
As of this week, Curse - the new Sue Daniels E.P. - can be found in the stores and on (only €5).
Much like Zita Swoon's Disco Adventures EP, Curse features a single edit, a bunch of remixes and cover versions, and a moody lo-fi video clip in MPG format.
Among the remixers are Rudy Trouvé, Franco Saint de Bakker, Mauro Pawlowski, Geert van Bever and more.

rudy live
Only days after the release of the new Dead Man Ray record, Rudy will play solo (or with quintet, TBC) at CC Luchtbal in Antwerp on october 5th. More info and tickets here. [dankuwel Bianca]
...and a second confirmed Dead Man Ray live date : at Muzikantendag, A.B. on november 16th.
[thanks Alison & Martin]

august 12th 2002
sneaky preview is now hosting a superb preview movie file of the upcoming album Cago.
The quicktime video (about 6 minutes long) features footage of the band in Chicago : at Albini's recording studio, driving around town, or posing with Ken Nordine.
The video file is taken from a limited edition promotional DVD, passed on to friends and press as a teaser for the full album. Cago itself is still due for an October 1st release.

july 23rd 2002
dmr online
Small preview :

july 22nd 2002
dmr live
While the final release date for Dead Man Ray's album Cago has officially been set to October 3rd, there is already one preceding live gig confirmed, at Les Nuits Botanique in Brussels, on September 20th. Support act will be Dutch band Coparck. july 15th 2002
in the papers
1999-2002 is receiving some media attention these days. If you're walking around in Antwerp, Rudy can be seen on just about every corner on the cover of ZONE03 magazine, inside is a two page interview. On July 4th, Rudy was interviewed by De Financieel Economische Tijd (if you happen to have a copy, let me know), on July 10th there was an interview in De Morgen, and the interview on Cucamonga can be read on this Cucamonga fansite. Expect another interview one of the coming weeks at
Also, Belgian's finest musiczine rifraf also has an interview with Rudy this month, you can read it here (dutch and english).

If you happen to spot any related interview in the media these days, please let me know...

july 4th 2002
1999-2002 on 08-07-2002
Next week (monday july 8th), there will be an interview with Rudy about his new record between 22.00h and 0.00h in Cucamunga, Radio 1's weekly musiczine.
Live streaming is available on the radio 1 website.

july 2nd 2002
Back online !
Found me a brand new shiny server !

rather quiet songs
Whoever has paid close attention to during my absence doesn't need to be informed anymore, but here goes anyhow : Rudy's debut album 1999-2002 is out in the stores !
As promised, the album is a collection of quiet songs by Rudy, often acoustic but also recorded with the aid of a small army of friends and colleagues. Guest appearances on the album are by Daan Stuyven, Stef Kamil Carlens, Karel De Backer, Sigrid van Rosendaal, Aarich Jespers, Chiel Tijs, Todd Trainer, Elko Blijweert, and loads more.
You can order the album on the heavenhotel website, or at proxis or Azur.

leaking Daan
Last week's Club Lek on 3FM featured a concert of Daan - as usual the folks at 3voor12 have terrific audio and video-on-demand available here.
A Club Lek Star Club West session is now also available here.

dEUS sleepy again
The dEUS summer blitz krieg is over : after overwhelming their friends and fans in Antwerp, Porto, Lisbon, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and a *special* visit in Doornzele, dEUS headlined at Rock Werchter.
The rumoured/hoped for guest appearances of SKC or Rudy didn't occur, though special visuals by VJ California, a female background choir by the name of "Sissy Spacek Sisters", and a re-appearance by Craig Ward and Tim Vanhamel made sure 60.000 fans were treated to a special concert indeed.
After this short dEUS-revival, Tom Barman will now finally start filming his debut movie Anyway The Wind Blows - which has already gotten itself a special spot at the renewed official deus website, which swallowed Arthur's Isufferrock site. Kinda complicated, eh ?

june 13th 2002
pre-order some rather quiet songs
Rudy Trouvé's upcoming album can be pre-ordered at Proxis here.

june 7th 2002
new on the net
· rudy trouvé quintet live at club lek, Amsterdam 05/06/2002
    - song about losing / cartoon moon / out of sight / song under construction / down / une chanson
    - une chanson (video)
· : Rudy Trouvé at centraal station, Antwerp 27/10/2001 pictures

may 27th 2002
June 5th, Rudy Trouvé and band will be playing a set at VPRO's Club Lek. [Excellent] live streaming will be available as always at the 3voor12 website. Meanwhile, Rudy's album is completely finished, titled '1999-2002' and should be in the stores as of the 3rd week of June.

Daan Stuyven also has his record Bridge Burner out the first week of June. He will also appear in Club Lek soon. His new single - the extremely slick Swedish Designer Drug - will be released one of these days as well, and there's a video of the song this time as well. has a streaming file of it right here.

may 18th 2002
une chanson
Rudy's new promo-single une chanson is for sale at for €5 + transport costs. First 20 people to order will receive a special limited edition !

also interesting to report : some new updates on this site, including new artwork, 16/05's Rudy Trouvé Quintet setlist [thanks koen!], and two new (old) articles in dutch and english [thanks jeroen!]

may 13th 2002
something stupid :)
this is kinda stupid, but I'll report it anyway.
In his last column for Studio Brussel program Collage, Stijn Vandevoorde gave Rudy a lead role. If you speak dutch, you might enjoy the first six minutes of this streaming.

may 2nd 2002
3 times (live)
First one is in the Netherlands, at Muzieknachten Stripdagen in Haarlem on may 31st. I don't know yet if he's playing solo or with band.
More info at this page.

Second date is in Amsterdam, at de Brakke Grond festival in Amsterdam on june 6th. Rudy will be bringing 'his' live band (provisionally dubbed 'Rudy Trouvé Quintet') with him, and interestingly, there's also an exposition with Rudy's paintings at the festival (from may 24th to june 30th).
More artists will expose and play at the festival (a.o. Daan, Flip Kowlier, Vive La Fête...), and entrance for both the concerts as the expositions is free. More info is here.
[thanks Spaceboy for this info !]

And a third date is back in Belgium, at 4AD in Diksmuide, june 15th.

Don't forget Rudy is also still playing with band at Vooruit Kaffee, Gent on may 16st. (free entry - 22.00h)

And tells us a promo single of Rudy's upcoming album will be released in the week of May 16th. The album is expected late may/early june.

april 26th 2002
elko heeft iet aan zijne pols
Unfortunately, due to an injury on Elko's right hand, Rudy and Elko will not be playing at café 't Refrein on sunday. Geert Van Bever will play a set in stead.
Rudy's solo set at Para today should go on as scheduled, as should the Rudy Trouvé (-band) gig at Vooruit Kaffee, may 16th.

Yesterday at Hof Ter Lo, the scheduled Rudy+Elko set was replaced by a short, mainly improvised gig of 'Rudy&Friends'. Friends this time were Michael Thijs, Geert van Bever, Tomas Noppe, Buni Lenski and Dimitri Daggelinckx. They played three improvisations, and ended with Mute Fish of Kiss My Jazz.

it's alive !
...and a small round-up in the upcoming short dEUS summer outburst : the band will play two gigs in Portugal, two in The Netherlands, and two in Belgium: One *surprise act* at Rock for Specials, and one headlining gig at T/W Werchter.

22/06 : Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisboa (pt)
23/06 : Coliseu do Porto, Porto (pt)
25/06 : Paradiso, Amsterdam (nl)
26/06 : Nighttown, Rotterdam (nl)
27/06 : Rock voor Specials, Doornzele (b)
28/06 : T/W Werchter (b)

these two [1] [2] sites are still the best resources for all the latest dEUS-info...

april 24th 2002
a bit later
Daan's concert at A.B. club of may 2nd is rescheduled to may 29th

more daan concerts :
26/04 : Para, Breda [solo] (nl)
26/05 : Monty, Antwerp
29/05 : A.B., Brussels
30/05 : Manuscript, Ostend
06/06 : Brakke grond festival, Amsterdam (nl)

april 23rd 2002
rudy and elko, sitting in a tree...
There's an extra gig of Rudy and Elko this thursday in Antwerp (Borgerhout). It is an invitation-only mini-festival, for the opening of the newly built rehearsalroom complex at Hof Ter Loo.
If you're lucky, you can win tickets thanks to HUMO : by calling 0900/28.883, you can win 10 duotickets for the gig. (you'll instantly hear whether you've won or not). Otherwise, there are few options left to get in, unfortunately.

Other than Rudy and Elko, also The Seatsniffers, Mark T, Mintzkov Luna, The O'Haras and D.A.A.U. will play.
regulars to this site might want to already add a bookmark, cause might stop functioning for a while. I have to move servers sometime soon(-ish) unfortunately, and until I find a cheap server with at least 50MB, a proper nameserver service, and .php/.asp support (hey, who knows what'll happen in the 3rd draft of this site...), I'll have to move this place to my Planet Internet account.
So keep in mind : the day gives you a 404 error, you'll find this site at

april 22nd 2002
dEUS news update
to be read at [wwwcs3].

april 20th 2002
mini my jazz
Last tuesday (16/04), Rudy Trouvé played a concert at the A.B. club in Brussels, previewing most tracks of his upcoming solo-album.
In stead of a solo acoustic set, Rudy played with a band on stage : Aarich Jespers on drums, Elko Blijweert on guitar, Dimitri Daggelinckx on bass, and Sigrid van Rosendaal on keyboards. Only Dimitri wasn't a former member of Kiss My Jazz. It was -to everyone nostalgic for the amazing KMJ - a pretty damn nice sight.
Most songs they played were played live for the very first time, or only played once by Rudy, solo on acoustic guitar. Some song titles : Kitchentable, Black and Blue, A french song, Lonelyness, Hotelrooms & funeral cars, Down (also played with Screaming Headache and 110m²), and dishes (also played solo and with 110m²).
Cherry on the already delicious cake was a cover of Kiss My Jazz' wonderful Small Town Lovers Stroll.

Make sure to try to catch some other Rudy(+band) gigs in the near future :

· friday April 26th solo at Para, Breda (nl) (also Sharko and Daan will play!)
· sunday April 28th, together with Elko Blijweert at Café Het Refrein in Antwerp.
· thursday May 16th with band, at Vooruit Kaffee in Gent. Concert is free, starts at 22.00h.

Rudy's solo album is nearly finished - only one track left to master, and some work on a cover sleeve to do. Target release date is end of May.

And finally, Daan's latest kerr-azy newsletter tells us his solo album Bridge Burner and a new single should also be in the stores end of May, distributed by Lowlands.

april 12th 2002
rudy productions inc.
Star Club West's new album, Oh Dry Blue Menthol has hit the stores last week. Rudy and Elko (Blijweert) took care of the production and mixing, and some backing vocals/guitars/keyboards on a few tracks.
If you're unacquainted with Star Club West, they make quiet-ish jazzy, constrained pop tracks, not unlike Yo La Tengo and -so I've been told- Spain. Live they are a whole lot louder though. In my book a very nice album, though one that probably won't get the attention it deserves.
Oh dry blue menthol is out on Labelman.

april 6th 2002
gig 2
It seems Rudy Trouvé and Elko Blijweert are scheduled to play together at café Het Refrein in Antwerp, on April 28th. click here if you want to know where in Antwerp you can find Het Refrein.
[thanks Sjoerd]

april 5th 2002
Rudy Trouvé is scheduled to play (solo) at Vooruit, Gent on May 16th.

march 27th 2002
some short announcements

1 : Heyme has revamped quite a bit. Go have a look !
Alison and Martin's was also revamped last week by the way, you can always go have a look there too.

2 : Rudy's solo track on the Domino records compilation album is up for listening in lo-fi realaudio on the a.b. website.

3 : I translated the Dead Man Ray interview in humo magazine last week. I don't have the time yet to type out the original version in Dutch, but I scanned the articles in stead for broadband surfers. Enjoy !

4 : And finally, the dEUS DVD 'No More Video' has reached the stores ! Maybe not every single store will have it in stock yet, but it is available as of now.

march 19th 2002
Cago interview
This week's humo magazine has an interview with Dead Man Ray, done in Chicago, two days before finishing the recordings of the successor to Trap. The band is interviewed about the new album obviously, as well as about working with Steve Albini. Quite an interesting read, available in these pages as soon as possible, or right now if you hop over to your local newsstand.
Those anxious for the new album - likely to be titled Cago - will have to wait probably until after the summer. Daan will be releasing his solo album sometime April, hopefully Rudy's solo album will follow not too long afterwards.

march 13th 2002
new Daan single
A first single/teaser from Daan's upcoming solo album is in the new playlists of Studio Brussel : Bridge Burner. Brace yourself already, because the song sounds poppier, slicker and more polished than any of his musical adventures before.
The album itself is being mixed these days, and should be released later this spring. Meanwhile, you can already hop over to to subscribe yourself to the (quite insane) Daan newsletter.

march 6th 2002
Rudy solo performance
Great pointer from Bastiaan on the dEUS mailing list : Rudy will play solo at Para, Breda (nl) on April 26th.
It seems to be a mini-festival with other solo performances by Daan (hopefully finished his own new solo album by then), and Sharko.

february 27th 2002
more rudy solo stuff !
The second Domino CD, released this month as a free disc with UK's Wire magazine, contains a new solo-track from Rudy Trouvé, called Black And Blue. It's likely this is the first officially released track that will end up on Rudy's solo album.
The Domino cd contains lots of other interesting bands and artists, including Styrofoam, Fridge, Anton Price, Eavesdropper, and Mauro's Monguito. Belgian and Dutch fans shouldn't panic yet, as the first Domino CD (released last year) was attached to Gonzo Circus magazine, so it's not out of the question the second Domino cd will become available through Gonzo as well.
Also, as part of the Domino festival, Rudy will play live (probably solo) in a double bill with Thalia Zedek, at the A.B. Club on April 16th.
[thanks alison&martin]

february 20th 2002
Pictures of Dead Man Ray live at Popkomm festival, Cologne (d) 16/08/2001 are online at

february 1st 2002
chicago demo
Dead Man Ray are going to fly off to Chicago next week to record their new album, and they have left a present online for you before they leave. Download Raven (working title/demo/rehearsal track) from the official dead man ray site !

heavenhotel presents: 2 meters of dead man ray
More Dead Man Ray news : Dutch radio station Kink FM will broadcast the Dead Man Ray 2 Meter Session of 24/05/2000 on Sunday February 3rd, between 12.00h and 15.00h. Check the 2 meter sessies website for more details, and the Kink FM website for internet streaming.
[thanks christian]

heavenhotel presents: Sue Daniels Adventures!
Sometime in March/April, a Sue Daniels maxi single/EP will be released, containing remixes and cover versions of Sue Daniels songs from the [Paris] album.
Franco Saint De Bakker and Rudy Trouvé himself are already said to have recorded a cover version, but more bands will appear on the single.

january 28th 2002
never be 25 again
First things first : A very happy birthday to Rudy!! He turns... 18 today. Really.

almost ready now
Secondly, a small update on the new Dead Man Ray record : the band did a private try-out gig yesterday at the AB, to test some of their new songs before they take off to Chicago and start recording with Steve Albini. Have some fun with some of the new (working title-) song names : Cago, Raven, Barka, Sterx, Fint, and Banzedrine.
The band will take the plane early next week, and won't come back before the end of February. Exciting times ahead !

january 15th 2002
let's see who goes down first has some good and some bad news to report. First the bad : as a result of the current crisis in the music industry, Virgin is dropping several of its non-profitable labels, including Heavenhotel.
A pity, but Heavenhotel will survive. As long as you all keep on buying those records of course !
At this point, it's still unsure whether Dead Man Ray is still with Virgin or not.

more teasers !
Then, the good news - Heyme has put three more demo tracks online from Rudy's upcoming solo album on !! The songs are A French Song, Hold it and Down. More info on the HH website.
Down has appeared on setlists of Screaming Headache and 110m² gigs in the past, the two other songs are completely new. Don't forget I also still have another Rudy solo demo for download - scroll down a bit for that.

Rudy live !
More good news (though slightly frustrating), is Rudy will play solo in Kapellen on January 26th - same date as the De Nachten festival. Tough choice.
More info on the exact whereabouts of Rudy's concert coming soon. (hopefully)

january 10th 2002
rudy ! demo ! solo !
Luc Janssens' excellent studio brussel program 'Select' broadcasted a demo from Rudy's upcoming solo album yesterday, january 9th. The song is called 'Kitchentable' (possible a working title only), and I have little to add but a windows media file for you to stream or download right here !
Remember this is just a demo version, and won't necessary end up on the final record - or perhaps in an entirely different version. Enjoy ! december 9th 2001
no more loud music
...not from Gore Slut anyway. At least not sometime soon, live on a stage somewhere.
The reason for this? You won't be disappointed...

dead man yankee
Long time visitors might recall reading something in these pages about Dead Man Ray's next album being produced by Steve Albini.
Since Rudy and Daan are both (still) working on their solo albums, new Dead Man Ray material wasn't expected sometime soon. However, if all goes well, the band will fly over to the States as soon as next February, to finish a number of tracks for the third album. Around three weeks in the studio with mr. Albini are scheduled, which is a lot less than what Dead Man Ray usually spend on recording their albums. Therefore, sooner than planned, the band is jamming/cutting/pasting/working on demo's for new songs as we speak !
Good news, eh?

a well behaved suit for the man who won’t behave
and finally, is now offering the sexy black DMR t-shirts for sale online !
Available sizes are small, medium and large, as well as a longsleeves XL shirt.

december 4th 2001
This is Rudy
It seems Star Club West is working on a follow-up to their debut album from last year, 'This is Howie'. While their debut was filled with quiet, atmospheric, Yo La Tengo-esque compositions, they have proved to be a far more heated (and loud!) band on stage.
Anyway, to make this topic related to this site, it seems Rudy Trouvé and Sigrid van Rosendaal are helping out with the recordings of the new album, together with Elko Blijweert, who already helped recording the first album. Could be great.

Not entirely related
The first names of the always interesting De Nachten festival are released. No sign of a Rudy Trouvé-related performance (yet?), but it's an interesting list anyway :

Friday January 25th
Abdelkader Benali, Aereogramme, Andy Ninvalle, Beyonder, Capitol K, Coparck, Cornershop, Dito'Dito, Fatima Ualgasi, Dimitri Verhulst, Eavesdropper, Flip Kowlier + Hof van Commerce, Hawksley Workman, HGH, Jamaa Guessous, Jenny Mijnhijmer, Judith Herzberg, Kama zingt, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Les Messieurs, Mike Ladd, Oscar van den Boogaard & Manon de Boer, Palabras, Paul Bogaert, Peter Verhelst, Raf Coppens, Salena Saliva Godden, Skadi, Cherkaoui en Scohy, Slam, Starflam, Suheir Hammad, Tjitske Jansen, Visual Kitchen,Wonder

Saturday January 26th
Bill Janovitz, Bobby Conn, Christophe Vekeman, Cinematics, De Roovers lezen Pleysier, Dimitri Verhulst, El Medina, Fence, Freestyle, Galacticamendum & De onderneming, Han van der Vegt, HH Ter Balkt, Holvoet-Hanssen, Holvoet-Hanssen & trio perdu, Jamie Lidell, Khalid Boudou, Luc Janssen, Mc Battle Nl-Vl, Millionaire, Moldy Peaches, Najoua Bijjir, Olla Vogala arabica, Ontroerend goed, Schwarzwaldklinik, Tonnus Oosterhoff, Troisseur, Vergeef me, Visual Kitchen, Yves Petry

This is only a first draft of the bill, every year it rains additions and annulations. Check sometime soon for details and any changes in the bill.

december 2nd 2001
new Gore Slut date
as yet I have not found any confirmation of this, but it seems Gore Slut will play support for Flip Kowlier at JH 't Ogenblik in Beveren-Waas, December 8th.
't Ogenblik is located at Zwarte Dreef 4, Beveren. Info at +32 (0)3/750.14.95
[thanks anthony]

To be or not to be
It seems Rudy is monitoring the rehearsals for a few theatre plays this year at Het Toneelhuis in Antwerp.
'Inspired' by those rehearsals, he'll make a painting every two months, which gets published in the bimonthly 'Toneelhuisgazet' (the Toneelhuis newsletter). click here for the second painting of the series. (larger image will appear in these pages sooner or later)

dEUS won't sUE
This news is old hat by now, but still interesting none the less ;
Some enthusiastic dEUS fans from all over Europe and Israel have made cover versions of their favourite dEUS-tracks, and have collected their efforts on one 100% unofficial album, titled 'Let's get sUED'.
there's a small website about the album, where you can order the album yourself. click here.

november 20th 2001
More delays, unfortunately.
First of all, Rudy's solo debut, originally scheduled to be finished around this time of the year, isn't finished yet. This means a release isn't to be expected until sometime spring next year, or possibly even later.
Even worse : the planned getting-back-together of Lionell Horrowitz and his combo last summer didn't occur at all, with a new reunion "planned" (and I do use that term loosely), sometime next summer. This would push a successor to Au Bain Marie back to... 2003.
Of course, any plans on new work by Dead Man Ray or -god forbid- Gore Slut are still extremely vague shims on the distant horizon, even though Gore Slut has a terrific new song squeezed into their live sets these days : Tidal Wave.
Hopefully the upcoming dEUS DVD will at least be every bit as stuffed as Tom Barman promises it to be.

november 15th 2001
dEUS scrapings
This week's edition of HUMO magazine features an interview with dEUS-frontman, Tom Barman. The interview clears up a few things, so here's a small résumé;

- The upcoming singles collection 'No More Loud Music' and the dEUS DVD, 'No More Video', will be released in November in Belgium (or Benelux?), but the English (and possibly other European) fans will have to wait at least another year for the discs to be released in their country. Or they could buy the goodies at their expensive import store, of course.

- It still isn't decided yet who will fill in for Craig Ward, who left the band early 2000. Tom Barman : "I don't know if Tim [Van Haemel] will do it, the question hasn't been asked yet. Maybe Craig will return - he also came playing on 'Nothing Really Ends' - or Rudy or Stef. We'll see what happens."
Of course that last bit shouldn't be taken too literally - the odds of Rudy or Stef returning to dEUS are absolutely minimal. Playing along on a record is a different matter though.

- The 1996 dEUS single Theme from Turnpike will be used in Jean-Jaques Beineix' upcoming film, "Mortal Transfer".

- Tom Barman's dance-project with CJ Bolland, 'Magnus' will release an album before the next dEUS album, but it's still some way off. Apparently Peter Vermeersch, the Dewaele Brothers (of Soulwax), Anton Janssens (of Mauro and Monza) and even Mauro Pawlowksi himself are also involved.

- dEUS will work on a soundscore for a film called 'Résistance' soon. The film will be shot in the Ardennes, here in Belgium, and directed by Todd Kolmaniki, reportedly a huge dEUS fan.

- Because of this, Tom Barman's still-to-be-shot debut film, now titled 'Anywhere the wind blows', has been postponed once again. The financing of the film is still causing some headaches, but Belgian production house Corridor (also known from 'Verboden te Zuchten'), is already producing it.

- And finally, the current dEUS-schedule says the fourth album of the band will be recorded late 2002. Although the soundtrack for 'Résistance' is a plausible album too of course.

november 3rd 2001
That's how many people showed up last weekend at the Central Station in Antwerp, to explore the tunnels they are currently digging there. Most of them probably didn't know they'd also get to see a series of projections there, musically guided by one Mr. Trouvé and some of his colleagues.
Queue lines of +90 minutes, and an exhausting weekend of carrying boxes, boxes and more boxes stopped me from seeing it myself. Great.
Some people actually did manage to get in though, and below you can read their impressions of the whole thing.

impression by Jeroen:

For those of you who couldn't make it to Antwerp's Central Station last weekend, well... you haven't missed THAT much. The "gig" took place UNDER the station, as a celebration of the 75 year-existence of the Belgian Railways. After a minimum wait of 30 minutes (sometimes even 90!), you could see the tunnels where in a couple of years, a new railway station will be built - so that Antwerp's Central Station will be better accessible and get an international profile. When you've finally descended to the tunnel, you see projections of trains etc. while you hear a futuristic sound. At the end of the tunnel, there's a small stage with Rudy Trouvé playing guitar, Michael Thijs playing on a basic drumset (ride cymbal, china, bass drum, snare drum, low tom) and Jelle Jespers doing something unclear with a computer. The three are basically just jamming: Rudy plays a riff and the rest just jams along, no song structures, just sounds. Most people look at this happening for 20 seconds, give each other the "the youth nowadays!"-look and leave the tunnel. I for one watched the fascinating procedure until they just left the stage (without saying anything or waiting for applause) and a DJ played some drum and bass... And that was that.

[epic] impression by Alison and Martin:

After the VLF gig we headed towards Antwerpen Station where Rudy was playing. This was a scene of total chaos as there appeared to be more people than we even thought lived in Antwerpen walking around the inside of the station!. Apparently the Belgian railways celebrated their 75th anniversary, so every train spotter in existence had descended (beards, pipes, sandals and all) on the station. It took us quite a while to work out where Rudy was playing, but eventually we joined a large queue in the Astridplein that had a sign warning us that the queue would take 30 minutes to get to the performance! Well we queued for that much time and eventually got to the top of a set of stairs that went down under the station to a depth of about 20meters - I guess we were climbing down through the new foundations of the station. Anyway everything looked very post apocalyptic with huge slabs of rough concrete and metal pipes everywhere. We finally got to the bottom of the pit, and entered a really huge tunnel. At the far end was a stage, and in between, the walls of the tunnel were covered in projected animations about the rebuilding of the station, These moved about and changed colour and had a very impressive effect, even though the animation itself was very poor quality. At the same time a couple of DJs were playing a mostly hardcore techno set which sort of went with the industrial theme of the animations. But rapidly became very boring and irritating (like most techno). We bumped into Rudy who explained he'd just finished his set, but he would be back in an hour, so we had plenty of time to watch the animations. The sad thing about the show was that most people queued for 30 minutes to get to the tunnel and then walked the length of it in 1 minute and walked back up the stairs at the other end of the tunnel. It seemed a terrible waste of time to us - but then Disneyland thrives on this sort of experience, so I expect most people don't care. Anyway, Rudy came back onstage at 6PM with a drummer (Michael Thijs) and a guy on a Laptop (Jelle Jespers). They started to play as the DJs faded their set out, so the music never stopped. The stage looked quite fabulous - it was set between four immense concrete pillars that probably supported the ceiling and had been simply but very effectively lit with orange and blue spotlights. Rudy didn't introduce the band (in fact we only realised that the laptop guy had been part of the band when we saw an advert for the show afterwards, but as he didn't do much except smoke, I think that's understandable) they just started to play - at first very gentle guitar riffs, very similar to Rudy's songs on Subsonic 6, but with Michael Thijs playing very cool jazz drum sounds at the same time. Jelle faded in and out a looping distorted guitar riff of Rudy (very slowly) and the whole improvisation started. Over time the improvisation became louder and faster, with different loops and Rudy started to use a variety of effects pedals - a lot of the time the riffs would've sounded great as a Gore Slut track, and then Rudy would add reverb and delay, and then use an Ebow on the strings of his guitar which made it sound like a synthesized violin! Michael Thijs made some bizarre screeching/ screaming noises with his cymbals by holding them in one hand and scraping a drum stick across the surface like a knife! At one point Rudy placed an empty plastic water bottle on the guitar strings and sang into it, which somehow vibrated the guitar strings making even stranger noises! It was a totally fabulous set, one of the best musical things Rudy has ever created (and that's no small boast). If Rudy's solo album sounds like this it will be totally fantastic (and also sell about 50 copies). It's a shame that very few people appreciate this man's genius. Rudy performed in front of what was probably his largest audience ever, but only about 5 people (including us) actually stayed to watch the whole 55 minute set. After the set, we went above ground for a break (and to escape the DJs) and returned an hour later for the last set of the evening at about 8PM. This set started very similarly to the first, but with much less people in the tunnel (and even less actually stopping to watch him) Rudy and Michael played much louder and faster than before - the music began to rival the intensity of Godspeed You Black Emperor, no mean feat as they have 9 band members! Many of the guitar riffs were much harder, and also menacing, sounding very similar to the riffs Joy Division used to use (especially on Novelty). The Ebow got used a lot, while Rudy kept turning all the effects pedals on, one by one, and Michael Thijs got faster and louder. Rudy used a plastic cup to sing through this time, which wasn't as impressive as the bottle, so he returned to playing Ebow riffs. Towards the end of the set the music became quieter, slower and calmer, very slowly fading away until it was replaced by the DJ set. Rudy told us that he was very happy with the set (he was grinning like mad!) and said he felt it was very like Sonic Youth. Personally, we think Rudy is far better than Sonic Youth who seem to be disappearing up their own backsides these days, but I think he refers to Sonic Youth as they used to be. It was a totally incredible musical experience, even better than dare we say it some Gore Slut or Dead Man Ray gigs. Hopefully Rudy will do this again, because it really is a show that needs to be seen. We tried to return on the Sunday to find that the queue now stretched all the way around the Astridplein, along the road that leads to the Bus station, and back into the pedestrian area nearby where all the restaurants are!! The organisers had put a sign up saying it would be a 2 hour wait to get to the tunnel, and we had to get a train back to London, so that was that.

october 25th 2001
quite nice again
The otherwise incredibly dull now has something very interesting online : a video report of Gore Slut's gig in the Bourla in Antwerp, on october 6th.
Surf to this page to select your favourite format (realmedia, quicktime or wmv) and your connection speed. Nice !

daan on air
Following Rudy's footsteps, Daan Stuyven will fill one hour of radio with his preferred music, this sunday, october 28th. The show ('Stars on Air') is still between 18.00 and 19.00h on studio brussel, who still offer live audio streaming on their website.

october 18th 2001
quite nice
The new dEUS single, entitled 'Nothing really ends' is currently in the playlists at Studio Brussel, and will be for sale by november 5th. It will also be featured on the singles compilation 'No more loud music', to be released november 12th.
It's still a bit unclear whether Craig Ward (who officially left the band early last year) is featured on the song, some sources confirm and some deny. It does feature the backing vocals of a female singer though, at first hearing someone new to the dEUS-universe.
You can download the song here at, or stream it here at
The song itself lies somewhat in between the 'The Ideal Crash' album and Tom Barman's solo-performances of this and last year. A melancholic, slightly jazzy arrangement and highly personal lyrics by Tom Barman are the most 'ear-catching' elements . I personally think it's quite nice, really.
Hopefully the single will contain a few b-tracks as well, but that's still unclear.
Another would-be interesting fact (if you're a geek, that is), is according to the Studio Brussel playlists, the single is published trough Universal, while dEUS are theoretically (and as far as I know) still attached to Island records. The upcoming dEUS DVD collection 'No more video' will also be released by Universal. A release date isn't set yet, as the content of the DVD is not fully determined yet.

october 10th 2001
stuffing it
Jeroen was kind enough to mail me today and inform me Tom Barman was on Studio Brussels yesterday, confirming all the christmas single/DVD news. (see previous news item)
Apparently he said releasing a DVD is quite an expensive matter, so they're stuffing it with as much goodies as possible to make it worthwhile.
Good news, eh?

october 8th 2001
Some more info about the project in which Rudy will play guitar to a projection. First of all, it is untitled. Maybe the film has a title, I don't know.
Secondly (and probably more importantly), the time schedules. The information I have right now is on Friday 26/10, the performance is for NMBS staff only. On saturday, anyone can see the performance from 10.00h in the morning to 22.00h in the evening, 'somewhere' in Antwerp's central station. Rudy, Jelle and Chiel play for an hour, followed by an hour of DJ'ing by DJ's Dillen and Fabrice. Then Rudy&Jelle&Chiel again, then DJs, etc.
Same story on sunday 28/10, but from 10.00h to 18.00h. Entrance is, until further notice, free. The Central Station in Antwerp is located at the Astridplaats, in -surprise surprise- the centre of Antwerp. For once, the easiest way to get there is definitely by train.

start rubbing your hands
...though I'd still like to see something official in print or so.
Anyway, some time ago, a mysterious 'x'-type person left a message on Arthur's I suffer rock forum, dEUS would release something new this christmas. After all the false rumours and speculations, most people (including me) were obviously very cynical about these sort of messages.
Jyves from [wwwcs3] however, has now received similar (and more detailed) information from a reliable source. It seems a Christmas single (to be released by the end of october) is in the works, which will appear on a dEUS singles/b-sides compilation cd, also to be released later this year. Apparently a DVD is also coming, including live footage, video clips, and hopefully other memorabilia.
Sounds sweet...

october 2nd 2001
important notice
The Gore Slut gig in Soundstation, Liège of November 30th has been cancelled !

september 9th 2001
rudy on air
Rudy Trouvé will be DJ for on hour next week, sunday September 16th between 18.00 and 19.00h (GMT+1) in the program 'Stars on Air' on Studio Brussel. They offer the show in audio on demand here.

september 6th 2001
soundtracking rudy confirms what it had been whispering before; Rudy is involved in a new project, where he will play guitar to a series of projections by Annemie van de Kerkhoven.
More musicians are involved: Jelle Jespers and Chiel Thijs, and DJ's Dillen and Fabrice.
The performances will take place in a railway tunnel of the Antwerp Central Station, on october 26th, 27th and 28th, more info when I get it myself.

Rockin' Rudy 2 pt.2
If you happen to be in the neighbourhood; The Rockin' Art exhibition in Kunstencentrum Diepenheim (nl) is still going on, and showing some new and old paintings and blow-ups by Rudy.
Don't forget Dead Man Ray will also be playing in the town center of Diepenheim this saturday, september 7th. Last minute addition to the bill is Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung, which would make a trip over there even more worthwhile.
The exhibition itself will close September 11th.

while I'm at it...
Two new Dead Man Ray live dates are announced; November 7th in Utrecht and November 8th in Rotterdam.
Also, Gore Slut's live radio set at Club Lek september 5th is already available on demand on this page. (hour 1/3, at around 18 minutes).

on fait la manche dans la rue
Salaud de p@uvre is a nice little French fanzine, put together by a bunch of young enthusiasts, mad about [underground] music. Julien, one of the editors, is a fan of lots of Belgian bands, and at Dead Man Ray's last passage in France, he had the opportunity to interview Rudy Trouvé.
Now this wouldn't be such a big deal if the fanzine wouldn't come packed with an exclusive cd each month. And guess what?
The compilation that goes with the summer 2001 issue contains an exclusive track of both Gore Slut and Rudy Trouvé solo ! Other cool bits: two old Kiss My Jazz demo tracks, and two songs each by Daan, Heyme Langbroek, Think Of One and Flat Earth Society. Plus a bunch of French local bands you've probably never heard of. Check this page for the cd details. Or check out the Salaud de P@uvre website for even more info. If you'd like to order a copy of this month's magazine + CD, I suggest you quickly send an email to Only a limited amount of copies are printed, so it's best not to wait too long to order it yourself.
The fanzine costs 20ff + 5ff (around 4 euro), which is next to nothing, really.

september 3rd 2001
club slut
Gore Slut will play a Club Lek live radio session on wednesday, september 5th.
The session will take place in Studio Amstel, Amsterdam (nl), between 22.00 and 01.00h, and will be broadcasted live on 3FM radio (also available through the internet). More info here.

august 28th 2001
dj rudy actually a semi-famous Belgian house DJ (probably crap), but it seems 'our' Rudy is just a few steps away from the same job, as he will participate in a brand new Studio Brussel program called 'Stars On Air'. The concept of the program: "musicians make their own radio!"
Not only Rudy Trouvé will do his share; Mauro, Stijn Meuris, Tom Barman, Stephen & David Dewaele and Geike Arnaert will also compile their own radio show sooner or later from september on. The exact concept is still a bit vague though.
The program will be broadcasted sundays at 18.00h (GMT+1) on Studio Brussel, for the first time on September 9th, with Stijn Meuris (Monza, Noordkaap) doing the honours. More info when I get it.

Steve Albini Ray
For their third album (no date set), Dead Man Ray intend on working with a producer this time. The band has sent their cds to the famous engineer/producer Steve Albini, who previously also worked with Nirvana, Guided By Voices, Bush, The Auteurs, Tortoise, Dirty Three, Big Black, PJ Harvey, Shellac, John Spencer Blues Explosion, and many more. Steve Albini has shown interest, and it is very likely he and the band will exchange ideas within a few months.

mao + slut
You can listen to three realaudio tracks from Girl + Turtles on the Mao Magazine website. The direct link is here. The tracks are Crawling to Target 1, Moon and Stop, the single taken from the album.

august 17th 2001
Earlier than the originally targeted september release, Gore Slut's third baby, Girl+Turtles is available in the stores now.
Released nearly three years after Above the Lisa Drugstore, Girl+Turtles proves to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. It has all the familiar Gore Slut ingredients; lots of returning and repetitive guitar chords, songs ranging from quiet love ballads to 'traditional alternative rock music' (rudy's words, not mine), and loud & unpolished guitar noises.
Being privileged enough to have the album myself for some time now, I can safely say any fears of a déjà vü feeling are absolutely ungrounded. [In my humble opinion], Rudy Trouvé and Gore Slut show it doesn't take extraordinary guitar skills or exotic recording methods to come up with something beautiful and inspired.
My predictable advice would be for you to go out, buy the album and enjoy another pearl in Rudy's oeuvre. And not forget to pop by when they are playing in your neighbourhood this Autumn.

august 8th 2001
Dispite what I wrote earlier (see below), it is still unconfirmed the new Rockin' Art exhibition in Diepenheim (nl) will display artwork (new or old) by Rudy Trouvé.
The same still applies to the Dead Man Ray's performance there; possible but not certain.
previous report --->
august 5th 2001
rockin' rudy 2
There's a follow-up planned to the Rockin' Art exhibition in St-Niklaas from last February. New place of happening will be Kunstvereniging Diepenheim in Diepenheim, the Netherlands.
As with the previous Rockin' Art, there are several Captian Beefheart-inspired bands performing, including a special Tom Barman DJ set and a performance of Dead Man Ray as well, September 7th. (to be confirmed though)
Whether the exhibition will feature new artwork by Rudy is not certain, but likely.
[more info]

august 4th 2001
go! go! go!
The first teaser from the upcoming Gore Slut album has arrived:
The new single Stop is for sale in the stores now. It's a very nice 5-track maxi, including 4 b-sides that won't be on the album.
1. stop (single edit)
2. imitation (4-track)
3. subway (protools)
4. harsh word (4-track)
5. subway (adat)
Personally, I love this single, although it probably won't sky rocket to #1 in the charts. More of this please.
[the Girl+Turtles track Mountain is currently at #6 in the humo basta! chart]

daan & rudy morph is slowly regaining life, and visiting it will learn you that both Daan Stuyven & Rudy Trouvé are very likely to contribute some backing vocals to the upcoming album of Morph, Elko Blijweert's latest project with some people of front 242. Definitely sounds interesting.

july 31st 2001
from one guitar hero to another
This week's edition of Mao magazine features an interview Rudy Trouvé did with his own guitar-hero, Marc Ribot. Read it in these pages (or at Maomagazine) soon.

humo loves gore slut
Mountain, A track from the upcoming Gore Slut album Girl+Turtles has already made it to #7 into Humo's Basta! list, although the album will not be released untill sometime September.
This contrary to Dead Man Ray's Marginal ep, which got a horrible review by the same people.
(they're idiots)

Gore Slut single 'Stop' out fifty years ago!
Not much of a news item, but you can already pre-order Girl+Turtles, the new Gore Slut album, and the first single of it, 'Stop' at Proxis. According to their database, the single and album both already went for sale january 1st 1949.

july 14th 2001
rudy on his own again
It seems Rudy has plans to release a second solo ep/cd, after the bizarre record that was Subsonic 6. The target release date is November, but expect that date to be pushed back later on. What it will sound like is a complete mystery, although the Subsonic 6 album should give a vague idea.
Whether this could slow down work on the second Lionell Horrowitz & his combo album is unknown, let's hope it isn't so.

july 8th 2001
heavenhotel presents: www
Someone should've come up with the idea ages ago, but as of today, an official Heavenhotel website is finally available.
Heyme Langbroek (used to play trumpet with Kiss My Jazz and Lionell Horrowitz) did the honors, you can see the result at
The site shows great potential, as in time, it will host complete Gore Slut and Kiss My Jazz songbooks, unreleased audio material, pictures, and loads more. Keep an eye open for this one.

june 28th 2001
110m²: the sequel
Although Peter Houben is currently working on Ultracowboy, it seems Nemo is back.
Except it isn't Nemo. Well- it's a new Nemo, and it looks a lot like last year's 110m². Pierre Berthet and Pierre Bastien make a return, Frédéric Le Junter, DJ Low and Rudy Trouvé don't.
A brief summary from de Vooruit website tells us it's a project with 13 musicians, who each control a seperate self made 'sound installation', through which the audience can move freely. They play compositions written by Baudouin De Jaer and Johan De Smet, although it is likely improvisation will play a serieus part in it as well. You can see the whole 'thing' yourself next November in the Vooruit, and next to being an interesting sound spectacle, it's also supposedly a feast for the eye. Sounds interesting.
(thanks Steven)

june 26th 2001
pukkelpop saves the day
Even with increased European festival competition in the last week of August, Belgian's finest 'alternative' festival Pukkelpop, has succeeded once again in offering a very interesting and varied line-up.
Not least of all with a performance by Gore Slut in Chateau Krapuul, but also with bands as Millionaire, Portables, Boenox, DAAU, Folk Implosion, Ozark Henry, Sunzoo Manley, Orbital, Mouse on Mars and many more. See the official site for more details.
(at the moment, I have no exact date for Gore Slut's appearance yet)

june 25th 2001
Heyme Langbroek, trumpet player of Kiss My Jazz and Lionell Horrowitz a while ago, is currently working on an official heavenhotel website. You can support the site by sending Heyme any material you have which could help make the site more interesting.
Pictures, ideas, suggestions, links or just about anything which can serve is welcome at heyme's email, or somehow through his own homepage.

Suki Love Rudy
Granted, this isn't the most exciting news in ages, but from what I understand from the official Sukilove website, Rudy has taken pictures of a fotosession of Sukilove, Pascal Deweze's latest band. Two of the photo's can be seen in the pictures-page there.

june 19th 2001
Putain Putain
, the upcoming Gore Slut album is delayed until september.
The reason for this is Virgin wants the cd to be released simultaneously in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and other countries across Europe. Hurrah.
This probably also means the band won't play any gigs or festivals this summer, and Gore Slut fans can remain in limbo for at least another two months.
On a somewhat less interesting note, it seems Gore Slut is also included in the Heavenhotel - Virgin deal, and is no longer with Stickman.
[thanks Beezle]

may 29th 2001
Dead Man Ray take out the trash
Well it's hard not to feel a slight bit sceptical when you see the new dead man ray ep in your record store. It seems Daan is being extremely cynical when he pictures a trash bin to make up the cover of his latest release.
Fortunately, there's no need for scepticism. The new Marginal ep is a collection of truly bizarre scrapings from the Trap jam sessions, with mostly short, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes hilarious, sometimes plain scary songs. There are more leftovers from the At the Drop of a Hat soundtrack, a demo version of 'Théque', a cover of the 1960 hit single 'Kili Watch' by the Cousins, and the already legendary 'Blind Surfer' (frowning your eyebrows at dead man ray gigs for over a year now)- finally immortalised on disc.
If you're open for some My sister=my clock-style weirdness, you're very likely be pleased with this new chapter in dead man ray history.
Marginal comes in a plastic sleeve to keep the price low (400 franks at Brabo in Antwerp), and is intended to be inserted into the cardboard sleeve of any of the previous albums. In terms of pure quantity, Marginal certainly doesn't disappoint either. With 23 tracks and 46 minutes of music, this ep is longer than the latest Mauro and Zita Swoon albums.
So, the first proper Rudy Trouvé release since this website went online (almost a year ago) is finally for sale. I am truly pleased.
Bought this ep yourself and like to share your thoughts about it? Do so in the guestbook !

may 25th 2001
Rudy in Paris
Heavenhotel proves it is still alive and kicking with its first release in eight months: 'Paris' by Sue Daniels.
This new little album is a fine collection of beautifully cosy, schizophrenic and melancholic lo-fi electronic singersong pop tracks (ahem), which immediately got the 'loop' treatment in my stereo. The hypnotic single 'Constant Raving' was immediately picked up by radio stations, and fans of the 1999 HH split singles will be happy to hear the first single [Paris] is also featured on the cd.
The entire album was written and arranged by Sue Daniels himself (yes, it's a him), with the aid of several guest musicians; Elko Blijweert, Sigrid Van Rosendaal, Mauro Pawlowski, Cinérex, Geert Van Bever and Rudy Trouvé, playing distorted guitar riffs.
I wouldn't expect to see Sue Daniels performing live sometime soon, as the album is mostly 4-track, and the cd sleeve blatantly says: 'No management, no contact'...

may 12th 2001
marginal on its way
Well we already knew Heavenhotel and Rudy were real slackers at release dates, but this one isn't thát bad (yet). Dead Man Ray's new Marginal EP was originally scheduled for an early may release, now it has moved to may 28th, according to Azur.

may 7th 2001
first things first I admit, it's getting almost a bit embarrassing, but I'll have to ask you to change your bookmarks again! Unless the entire internet would somehow collapse, the now definite url will not change anymore. (i promise) From now on, you'll be hopping down to!

some heavenhotel news
Good news: It seems the licence deal between Heavenhotel and Virgin is now finally complete, securing the future of Rudy's label. The first result we'll see of this, will probably be the release of the debut album by Sue Daniels, sometime soon. Gore Slut's third baby is fortunately also still scheduled for a late may-release date, and it has already got itself a name: girl+turtles. Likely to happen as well: a re-release of the Kiss My Jazz albums, and Dead Man Ray no longer carrying the Heavenhotel-tag in the future. Reportedly this is because Dead Man Ray isn't meant [anymore] to be as lo-profile as the rest of the Heavenhotel bands, and consequently the band will now solely be a Labels-Virgin thing. I'll believe it when I see it though. Bizarre.

new old rudy trouvé-project ! Yes! another piece of Rudy Trouvé-history is exposed! ...Well, 'exposed' is saying a bit too much, as predictably, the project in question is extremely obscure and surrounded by a thick fog of vagueness. (probably caused by too much alcohol) Together with Heyme Langbroeck, Jacki Billet and Reinert d'Haene, Rudy was in a band called Ongelofeloos, around 1992-1993. It had Heyme singing, not Rudy, and lyrics were in Dutch. The band made an unreleased demo, and it's not entirely clear whether they ever performed live or not. Ah, the great mysteries of life... :)

april 4th 2001
website facelift
Well if you can't see what happened, you're definitely a blind surfer. The new layout has more colours, smaller fonts, and an overall brighter look than before. Some of you told me nót to do all this, but it is my site, so ha-ha!
Sorry for all you 1024x768 (or higher) surfers out there, but this is the way it's going to be from now on. Like it or not? Take some minutes (or -god knows- hours) time to get used to the new look before you send me your 'the old look was better'- emails, and hopefully you'll agree with me the new one is easy to browse and with a clear structure. (something lacking in the old site)
If you do like it but have any constructive comment, you can of course send it to me, or drop a message in the new guestbook. What else is new? Check the seriously expanded tourdates section i say, visit the completely renewed discography (with a few new entries).
There are new audio files to be found, now in better quality, and still downloadable. There are some new press articles in here now too, and there are new pictures of kiss my jazz (finally), and some new ones of gore slut too.
Please note i'm still trying to keep an extended up-to-date agenda of future gigs (of belgian bands) that sound interesting to me, you can check when it was last updated in the top-frame menu.
(hopefully) have fun checking out the new style!

chemical nation in Switzerland

While Berchem Trap is being released in Switzerland as we speak, virgin have made the bizarre decision to re-release chemical over there to support the album. Apparently, the single will be identical to the one we saw over three years ago (!), only in a plastic casing instead of a cardboard box. Yey!
rudy-related dEUS news (!)

In a French interview with Tom Barman which you can read here, the man said there are plans to release a dEUS compilation by the end of the year, containing a collection of b-sides, unedited released songs and old unreleased songs. Although nothing is certain of course, it is very well possible some old songs from then w.c.s.-days will pop up on this album.
Exciting it is, but don't hold your breath for it.

march 12th 2001
Dead Man Ray back on track
The biggest (and best) news in ages: there are now definite plans to release a new Dead Man Ray EP, called 'Le Marginal EP'. It's supposed to contain bizarre outtakes from Trap, as well as instrumental tracks from the At the Drop of a Hat soundtrack. Blind Surfer will be on it, so expect some major weirdness in you record store by early May.
Secondly, there are new DMR tourdates planned!
One is in Belgium, and several more in France and Switserland. Check the agenda for all dates!
Thirdly, there is a new video in the making, for which Dead Man Ray will work with a professional (English) director.
Thank you Alison & Martin for this information, which came straight from Daan himself.
Meanwhile, Themis Hatzidis reported on the dEUS mailing list that Zita Swoon played a cover of Dead Man Ray's Woods during their Athens gig 09/03/2001. Might be a filthy rumour though.

february 10th 2001
news news news
As of today, the exhibition Rockin' Art can be visited in CC St-Niklaas. Other than work by Don Van Vliet, Anton Corbijn, Bram Vreve and Adri Karsenberg, new work by Rudy can be admired. Following the blow-ups he presented at the Trouvé-family exhibition last november, Rudy has made a new series of blow-ups, which form a short story together.
Rudy also told me some interesting bits you might want to hear:

-Heavenhotel is saved! A few months back, the future of the label looked extremely doubtful, but the biggest problems have been solved now. In the final outcome, it is possible (yet not definite) Heavenhotel will be supported by Labels, and become something of a sub-label.

-There will be new albums of course, but they will arrive at a slower pace in the future. (not like in 1998 for instance, when four full albums were released in little more than three months time) This means a new Gore Slut album will probably be in the stores in may, while work on the second Lionell Horrowitz album will start this summer, with an unavoidable album coming probably late 2001/early 2002.

-Viking Dave Robertson's new band, Wall of sweat, is busy rehearsing. Other than Viking, Tomas Noppe and Geert Van Bever are also in the band, while Rudy however, is not. They will probably start playing live sometime sooner or later. You'll read about it in these pages when it happens of course.

-And apparently, a (bootleg) cd-version of In Coffee we trust has been released in Germany. (without Rudy's knowledge or permission). Seen a copy? I'd like one! :)

december 12th 2000
Boom car vs. Rudy Trouvé
At first glimpse, Rudy will be playing with Gore Slut only at De Nachten next month, but on closer inspection of the program, Rudy will actually perform twice that evening, January 13th.
The idea for this one is as bizarre as unique; during the opening of De Nachten on friday and saturday, a car with a needle attached to it will drive around on the parking lot of De Singel. The needle (like those on an old pick-up player) will ‘read’ the sound of the stone floor, and the sound reproduced from that will be tuned up through a speaker on the roof of the car. On friday 12/01, DJ Raphaël will do something with that sound, on saturday it’ll be Rudy. The entire project is an idea by Jelle Jespers. Expect it to be noisy of course…:)

december 4th 2000
Gore Slut live
Gore Slut will be playing live at De Nachten in Antwerp next January. Go check them out as they aren't planning on doing many gigs in the future! Other interesting acts you'll find there: DAAU, Mauro, Mintzkov Luna, Tom Barman, and many more.

november 29th 2000
News screaming for your attention!
Rudy's definition for 'taking things easy' is quite different from mine, I must say!
I just received an email from an organisation called 'Zeugma', with the polite announcement Rudy will play december 10th with Screaming Headache in Ghent!
Rudy himself describes this band as 'noise', period. In other words, it should be interesting! :)
Check the agenda for time and place.

november 25th 2000
An era comes to an end?
Sad news reached me yesterday: it seems the Heavenhotel label is in some serious financial problems. While actually a home for a bunch of Antwerp bands, and a symbol for Rudy's way of releasing whatever he wants to, Heavenhotel isn't likely to simply stop existing. This might however mean Rudy & co. need to search for ways to get the niche label running again, occupying more of Rudy's time with financial business in stead of making music and other art.
Perhaps the good people of Virgin (who host Dead Man Ray these days) will find it in their hearts and minds to support this independent, charming and extremely important little label.

november 14th 2000
More Rudy Expo?
In this month's edition of Wallonian fanzine 'Devor-Rock', Stef Kamil Carlens (Zita Swoon) says there are plans for another exhibition with Rudy Trouvé. The entire expo should contain work from other Belgian musicians with graphical talent, including Stef himself, Rudy Trouvé, Aarich Jespers, and probably more people. It is (as yet) unconfirmed though.
Should it take place, it will be in January next year, in St-Niklaas (B).

november 10th 2000
Bad news
Well, bad news for the always-hungry-for-more severe Rudy Trouvé-fans.
At last night's Gore Slut gig, I spoke to someone of Heavenhotel, and apparently Gore Slut's third album is not ready for release yet, and will be very likely postponed until next year.
According to Rudy, 5 new tracks have been recorded, which might see a release in the form of an EP or something, but even that is uncertain. After a busy year, Rudy will be taking some time off for the next few weeks or even months.
Oh well -dEUS are taking a two-and a half year break, Rudy takes a couple of weeks. We'll survive!
Besides next week's expo, it's possible (yet not definite) Dead Man Ray will do one more gig on december 16th, in Köln, Germany, for Rockpalast.
...and of course not forgetting the two upcoming 110m² performances in December.

november 8th 2000
Rudy the exhibitionist
No, Rudy isn't a filthy pervert, but he'll be exhibiting some of his paintings next week.
Official opening is next thursday evening (16/11) in the art gallery 'Bernaerts' in Antwerp, and the exhibition will last for one week. It's a 'family-thing' according to Rudy, seeing as work from his brothers and sister will also be shown there. The adress of the exhibition is Verlatstraat 16-22, and it will last for one week, until november 25th.
Read an interview about it here.

november 5th 2000
Gore Slut speaks!
Don't you just love 'm? They record a cd, and when it's finished, it's finished. No marketing strategies planned on when's the right time to release it, no hold-up because a gigantic promotion team wants to prepare the world for the release, no psychological investigation on which type of artwork will improve sales.
Prior to the release of the third Gore Slut album later this month or early december, a new single is released. It's titled 'Imitation', and sounds familiar enough, though at first hearing more 'optimistic', 'brighter' than the Gore Slut we know and love.
Expect a short RA fragment in these pages as soon as my soundcard is fixed.
It's currently unclear if it will be a promotional single only, or a commercial thing which you and I can buy in any CD store. And from what I understood, the album won't be on the Stickman label anymore. To be continued...

october 10th 2000
New Dead Man Ray album
Bloody hell- can it be already?
Unfortunately, no, not really. Still, news which came as a big surprise to me- Virgin have decided to launch Dead Man Ray in France, with the release of a compilation CD, containing 9 tracks of the first, and 9 of the second album. (Reportedly, the Berchem tracks are different mixes from the album) The name of the compilation doesn't come as a huge surprise; "Berchem Trap"- very imaginative. Dead Man Ray will also be playing live gigs in France, of which I only know a gig the 28th of October, at 'Rockomotives de Vendôme'. My French is mighty weak, but if yours isn't, see the French 'Labels' website, or a page at Les Inrocks. Let's just hope this effort towards the French market won't interfere with the recordings of the new Daan and Gore Slut albums, or even that EP they were talking about ever since Trap was released. A release outside of France isn't planned yet, although German, Portuguese, Spanish, or even -whisper it- British releases aren't entirely out of the question.

october 8th 2000
Arg- another Rudy Trouvé-project?
Actually, not at all. Still, at Rock The Vote last night, the man crawled on stage with Franco Saint de Bakker, reading a couple of pages from a cheap sixties pulp porn novel.
Another De Nachten on Tour
An extra edition of De Nachten on tour is planned, November 4th in De Singel, Antwerp. With a bit of luck, Rudy Trouvé will be attending. Only band confirmed so far is Groep Jezus, although Das Pop are also scheduled for playing there November 4th.

october 1st 2000
De Nachten on tour-dates
Hurrah! Rejoice! The official site of De Nachten is finished and online, so now it's possible to check out the entire program.
A quick summary of what seemed a bit interesting to me:
05/10/00 (Leuven): Geschmacksverstärker, Rudy Trouvé (something with poetry and music),...
11/10/00 (Brussels): Eavesdropper, Kamino, Admiral Freebee, BAR8...
14/10/00 (Geel): 2000 Monkeys, Thou, Groep Jezus,...
19/10/00 (Tongeren): Admiral Freebee, Stijn Meuris,...
20/10/00 (Tivoli): Orange Black, Eavesdropper,...
21/10/00 (Ghent): Groep Jezus, Köhn, Iwein Seghers, Stijn Meuris, Franco Saint de Bakker...
27/10/00 (Bruges): Fence, Venus in Flames, DJ 4T4, Rudy Trouvé (poetry again),...
03/11/00 (Berchem): Admiral Freebee, Thou, Stijn Meuris,...

september 21 2000
Gore Slut is playing again
Hurrah- Gore Slut will finally be playing live again! Word has it their third album is shaping up nicely as well, exciting times ahead!
The gig is in the A.B. club in Brussels, November 9th, expect more to follow soon!
Also that evening; 'Franco Saint de Bakker', a new jazz combo by Dead Man Ray members Elko Blijweert and Karel de Bakker.

september 16th 2000
'De Nachten on Tour' with Rudy!
'De Nachten', the increasingly successful literature- and music festival, traditionally held at the end of January in De Singel, Antwerp, has changed in concept. 'De Nachten' is now a travelling festival, moving across Flanders and the Netherlands during October and November. Rudy Trouvé will perform as 'Rudy Trouvé' on the festival, although I can't tell for sure if he'll be present at all eight locations. What he's gonna do is equally uncertain, but from what I understood, it'll have something to do with literature as well. More details can probably found at the official De Nachten-website, but currently the site is still unavailable or unfinished. Watch this space when more exact details are known. Other interesting musicians/bands attending are 2000 Monkeys, Groep Jezus, Thou, Fence, Kamino, and many others.
The eight locations are:
05/10/00: 't Stuc, Leuven (B)
11/10/00: A.B., Brussels (B)
14/10/00: De Werft, Geel (B)
19/10/00: De Velinx, Tongeren (B)
20/10/00: Tivoli, Utrecht (NL)
21/10/00: Vooruit, Ghent (B)
27/10/00: Stadsschouwburg, Bruges (B)
03/11/00: CC Berchem, Antwerp (B)
The 'original' festival at De Singel will still be held, the 12th and 13th of January. Only semi-confirmed band I know of are D.A.A.U., although Mauro Pawlowski has a reputation of never missing an edition, and Rudy Trouvé has played several times there as well.

september 5th 2000
New Dead Man Ray and 110m² live dates
And this will probably be just about the last one... Strangely, they are playing in the Bourlaschouwburg in Antwerp this time, a venue that normally hosts theatre plays and classical concerts. Even more bizarrely, the festival apparently also has some sort of a political background- or so did the lady at the Bourla tell me. It's being held the evening before elections of local governments in Belgium, and the mini-festival got the name 'Rock the vote'. I'd say Dead Man Ray is somewhat of a strange band to have anything to do with politics, although last spring DAAU and Zita Swoon also performed at an anti-fascism and racism festival in Antwerp...
Anyway, 'Gry & FM Einheit', ' Songs: Ohia', ' Swearing at Motorists', ' Friends of Dean Martinez' and 'Tarwater' will also be playing that evening- I can't say I know any of these bands though.
Also attending will be Tom Pintens' 2000 Monkeys project, Elko Blijweert and Karel De Backer as 'Franco Saint de Bakker', and Belgian electronica-specialist Eavesdropper.
It's the 7th of October, give the Bourla a call for tickets at +32 03/354.29.17, they're 500 BEF each.
A new 110m²date as well: December 11th in 'Biekorf', Bruges.

august 22nd 2000
New Dead Man Ray live date
Check out and discover Dead Man Ray will be playing at the Leffingeleuren festival this year, September 18th. Never heard of it myself, I must admit. Also playing there during the three days the whole thing lasts: Think of One, Vive La Fête, BAR8 and An Pierlé, among others.
Don't forget Dead Man Ray are also still playing at Feest in het Park in Oudenaarde, the second of September, and Daan will be doing his solo-thing at the Pukkelpop festival this year as well. (check the distant news section as well)

august 7th 2000
Rudy and Tom Barman on stage at Dranouter
Apparently, from what I've heard, Rudy Trouvé was together with Tom Barman on stage during his 'solo' performance at the Dranouter festival this year. They didn't play anything together, apparently Rudy was 'just present'.

july 31st 2000
Dead Man Ray at Lowlands, Woods released
Dead Man Ray will be playing live at the Lowlands festival this year (25-26-27/08/2000) Other confirmed bands this year are Vive La Fête, Mauro and Think of One. Sorry, haven't been able to get me the exact dates, but the stylish flash-site of Lowlands will probably be more helpful to you.
Also out in the regular shops these days: the brand new Woods single! There's a 2 meter session version of Woods as a B-side, as well as a cool 'home-video' of Woods from their live set at the metro station in Brussels, last April. Great stuff!

july 13th 2000
Woods video released
Apparently skipping the Brenner-video, TMF is broadcasting the video of Woods these days. In some ways it's similar to that of Toothpaste; smart-edited and more 'visuals' than a registration of reality, but with an atmosphere adapted to the song of course. This time the shooting was held in a forest (obviously), and at night, smartly avoiding the ugly, cristal-clear high resolution of the DV-camera they're using. The guys of the band (and a blonde, never-seen-before woman) are moving around a bit in the woods- there's not really a story or something to speak of. A nice refreshing clip between the other 'me-too' ones on TMF, but hardly revolutionary. Eitherway- you can probably see it for yourself, as the video is supposed to be included in the CD single of Woods. It is now for sale - or at least online already. Let's see if this one makes it to the regular shops as well...

july 12th 2000
Rudy Trouvé and Elko Blijweert perform together Jeugdhuis 't Bronneken, Asse, the 21st of July. I don't know what they'll be playing, but chances are it'll be similar to the Heaven's Basement performance earlier this month, i.e. some songs from Subsonic 6, and some other songs from Rudy's (or their?) oeuvre.

july 6th 2000
'Rudy Trouvé and Heaven's basement' revealed, New Dead Man Ray live date
No, it's not a new band by Rudy, more of a one-off performance I think. Rudy and some fellow musicians performed yesterday at 'An Evening with Sonic Youth' in the A.B., Brussels. Read more about it in the tourdates-section.
Oh, and it appears Dead Man Ray will also be playing at Maanrock in Mechelen this year, the 19th of August.

july 3rd 2000
New Dead Man Ray live date
Yep, another one! They're playing Saturday, September 2nd at a small festival at the Donkvijver in Oudenaarde, Belgium. Entrance is only 200 Bf, and other bands as Starflam, Ozric Tentacles and Wizards of Ooze will also be playing there. The night before, Tom Barman will be DJ-ing. If you've missed Werchter and the previous DMR gigs, Dour festival and this are your only chances to see them live soon.

june 30th 2000
Dead Man Ray special broadcasted, the new single is Woods
Well, much to my surprise, the people at TMF did actually broadcast a special about Dead Man Ray last night. A sneak preview was given of the recording of their gig in the AB, and it looked excellent, although not very atmospheric. The interview with the band was a sad affair, with the 'VJ' asking all predictable and uninteresting questions. When will that station start hiring talented in stead of 'hip-looking' people? sigh... On top of that, the other 'VJ' announced 'Woods' would be the next single, and the accompanying video clip would be presented next week. Two options: 'Woods' is indeed the new single (true) and a video is already made (unlikely), or the 'slightly' untalented VJ was messing up 'Brenner' with 'Woods'. (likely)
Oh, and a new date has been set for the AB-gig broadcast; July 16th.
Or will they mess up again?
Sooooo, it appears 'Woods' is the new single, due to be released next week (although Brenner still is hardly available). The tracks on the single are supposed to be 'Woods', the 2meter version of 'Woods', and the videoclip (of 'Woods') in enhanced CD-ROM format. Can hardly wait!
But- I wonder what happened to the video of Brenner...?

june 25th 2000
Messageboard added
OK this is more 'update-page' material, but important enough; Sven has worked his butt off to present you our new splendid message board! See what just popped up in the left menu..!

june 22nd 2000
Dead Man Ray special next week
Belgian (Flemish) Dead Man Ray fans can be pleased to hear TMF is planning on airing a special about Daan & co. next week, in the program Basta! This is supposed to get aired thursday June 29th, but keep in mind they promised to bring us a live report on the AB gig last month, which they still haven't. Still, it might be worth it to program your VCRs for this one...

june 21st 2000
Dead Man Ray at 2metersessies
Pretty old news in fact, but new to me; just 'discovered' Dead Man Ray did a second 2 meter session in the Netherlands last month, the 24th of May. Setlist : Tham, Tunnels, Toothpaste, Ham, Jahwe, Brenner, Woods. A bit on the predictable side perhaps, but with the music being thàt good- who cares? It was recorded for radio broadcast alone, and it only got aired in the Netherlands so far.
Surf to the 2 meter sessions website, and discover Daan did a session there as well, plus the obligatory dEUS and Zita Swoon.

june 11th 2000
Bigger fonts
First update already! People complained the previous font size was too small, so I made them a tiny bit bigger. But this is as far as I'll go!
Oh, and while TMF should have broadcasted the Dead Man Ray gig in the AB today, they didn't and instead played a documentary about the bloody Counting Crows. Sigh....

june 10th 2000
Site online!
June will go down in every history book as the month this site finally got online! Errr…

june 2000
recent news…

New project announced
The 4th and 5th of July, Sonic Youth will be playing live in the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. They won’t be doing this alone though- several guests were invited for additional performances. One of these guests will be…you’ve guessed it; Rudy Trouvé! He’ll be playing Wednesday, the 5th of July, in the aftershow of Sonic Youth. No details are known at this point, but Rudy’s appearance is announced as ‘Rudy Trouvé & Heaven’s basement’. Hmmm…
More info (tickets and such) at the AB-website or ring them at 02/548.24.24
The moment more details are clear on this performance, expect to read about them right here.

The new Dead Man Ray single ‘Brenner’ has finally been released
…But it’s not easy to actually get it…
It can be ordered online at , but to find it in your local CD store, you’ll have to be a bit lucky. In Antwerp (where I live), the single isn’t available in any of the stores, although it should have been since early May. The only store I know of that actually sells (or has been selling) the thing, is Music Mania in Leuven (and possibly the other MM stores too)
People from outside of Belgium will have to order this single online, as with most of Rudy's releases.
The single features an edit of 'Brenner', and a cool B-track, called ‘Virgin Pusher’. It is definitely worth it of course, or what did you think?

New Dead Man Ray song
During the DMR gig in the Botanique, May 30th, they played a new song in their setlist. The track is called ‘Blind surfer’, and features some terrific screaming by Rudy Trouvé. The Belgians among you who listened to ‘Arrest’ with Dead Man Ray on Studio Brussels last April, might remember a contest they held back then, on which you could win the new album. You had to tell which track on Trap had two words in the title, and among the (fictive) multiple choice answers, was Blind Surfer.

New 110m² date set
A date has been set for a new 110m² performance. It's still some way off though- Saturday, December 2nd 2000 at CC Luchtbal, Antwerp. For info & reservation, ring 03/543.90.30

Next Gore Slut album to appear in 2001
Rudy Trouvé said on 12/04/2000 on radio station ‘Studio Brussel’, Gore Slut will be working on new tracks soon. A new CD shouldn’t be expected until next year though.. It’s gonna be a long wait…

New 7” single expected
A new single by Rudy is expected soon as well, although it’s unclear with which band. My guess; either a solo-thing, or something Dead Man Ray. This is an unconfirmed rumour though, so don’t hold your breath yet.

Dead Man Ray gig registered
The 15th of May, Dead Man Ray played at the A.B. club, and this gig was registered by Belgian music channel TMF. The broadcast of this is supposed to be June 11th.

Two upcoming Dead Man Ray tourdates
...And they're the only two officially announced gigs left...
01/07/2000 T/W, Werchter. (15.30 – 16.20hrs, Pyramidmarquee)
09/07/2000 Dour festival, Dour. (15.50 – 16.40hrs, The last arena)

Coming in the not too distant future in these pages:
New pictures! For instance some of my own, from the Dead Man Ray gig in the subway station last April. As you might have seen, my number of pictures of Kiss My Jazz, Rudy Trouvé himself and Lionell Horrowitz are pretty pathetic, so if you'd like to contribute any pics of yourself, let me know! Gore Slut, DMR, dEUS or just about anything is welcome too, of course!
At first I wanted to write down some lyrics as well, but it turns out I really sucked at it, so you'll have to do without.