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January 2nd 2011
Vinyl is the new cd
Wahey - not much before the end of the rather quiet RT year 2010, Tape Cuts Tape -the band formerly known as Trouvé, Cassiers & Thielemans- released its first effort on the own Heavenhotel imprint.
Pagan Recorder is a vinyl-only release, also digitally for sale on iTunes. The physical LP can be purchased online at the Jezus Factory (UK) or HH website (Belgium & rest of the world). Most probably also soon available in independent record stores in Belgium, or equally probably at upcoming Tape Cuts Tape gigs:

January 7: Expozone Transit, De Coninkplein, Antwerp
March 3: Villarte Vocaal, Sint-Truiden
March 7: Stuk café, Leuven

(If you attend the concert in Antwerp, you'll also be able to see this thing hanging in the sky!)

More analog Heavenhotel pleasure comes from Tip Toe Topic, who just released their second longplayer No Sleep as a Picture Disc vinyl LP. Also available at HH & JF.

...and as usual there are still plenty of Braakland/Zhebilding performances with Rudy Trouvé scheduled - from February to June 2011, Dwaallicht will travel all across Flanders, and there's one special, re-vamped performance of Dansen Drinken Betalen planned also. For dates & info check the BL/ZB website!

August 15th 2010

Though it has premiered a while ago, it's still noteworthy to mention theatre group Braakland/Zhebilding have created a new production featuring Rudy Trouvé. Dwaallicht is based upon the famous 1946 novella by Willem Elsschot and is a monologue performed by actor Warre Borgmans, musically supported by Rudy, Gunter Nagels (Donkey Diesel/Prima Donkey) and veteran Braakland/Zhebilding musicians Youri Van Uffelen, Ephraïm Cielen and Tim Liebaert. Check the Braakland/Zhebilding calendar for all the dates. Other than Dwaallicht, previous productions featuring RT (Hitler is dood, Weer over naar jou, Dansen Drinken Betalen) are also still scheduled for future performances.

Blue Velvet are a two-piece band from Liège of which Rudy Trouvé produced their first demo-EP, back in 2006. On September 14th 2010, the duo will present their debut full album 'Level II' at the Botanique in Brussels and Rudy will play along that evening. Have a listen at the band's myspace.

April 13th 2010
Coping with video

Rudy's been experimenting some more with animated video footage. The outcome of his recent explorations -a project titled Dolby Surround for the poor- can be witnessed during 2 days at Scheld'Apen. His animations and videoloops are edited to sounds or music, will be simultaniously projected on 4 screens and accompanied with live music by Aarich Jespers, Bart Maris and Rudy himself. Be there friday 16th and saturday 17th of April at Scheld'apen - starting at 20h30!
If you can't make it, surely you can catch the Rudy Trouvé 7tet at the dying Bar Mondial in Antwerp on the 22nd of April or at the Les sons du nord-festival in Noyelles (fr), the 7th of May.
March 6th 2010
New Franco Saint de Bakker album

Time to get psyched because there's a new Franco Saint de Bakker album out! 'Live at the Ancienne Belgique III' is, like it's predecessors a live recording by FSDB with the aid of Tim Van Der Poel and Rudy Trouvé. Tim and Rudy each wrote one piece on the album, there are covers of Baby Face Willette and Richard Berry's Louie Louie and all the other tunes are 100% Elko Blijweert originals, including some freakishly funky Afrobeat workouts. A must-have of course, for sale at the Heavenhotel website or at your local record dealer (distribution by Bang!).
A bunch of album tracks can heard at the FSDB Myspace.
December 8th 2009
Allright digital single + bonus cuts

Another iTunes surprise: Some recordings that didn't make the final 2007-2009 album are now for sale as part of the digital single of 'Allright'. For the bargain price of 1,49 Euro's you get Allright (same version as on the album) plus six short, otherwise unreleased Rudy Trouvé Septet tracks - in all over 7 minutes of extra goodies, including a short guest appearance by Viking Dave Robertson of Kiss My Jazz fame. Not bad!
Check out Allright at iTunes
(thanks Francois!)

+ new interview at

December 5th 2009
New Rudy Trouvé Septet album & Worst Case Scenario re-issue out now

2007-2009, the new Rudy Trouvé Septet album is in the stores now. The record is out on Heavenhotel and distributed by Bang! - for the first time there will also be a vinyl LP edition of the record, soon for sale at It's for sale on iTunes too: link.
The sound of our childhood, an instrumental track which heavily resembles to Bert Kaempfert's theme for Kapitein Zeppos, is currently in A-rotation on Radio 1 - cool!
Fans of hitlists can vote the track into the Vox-hitlist here (no registration required). Again on Radio 1, Luc Janssen interviewed Rudy about the new album: listen back here
Even Studio Brussel invited Rudy for a chat about the new record: can be heard here. The album's also been reviewed at Focus Knack, and Rif Raf. Rif Raf also interviewed Rudy about the new album - you van download the entire current edition in PDF at or pick up a free copy in your local record shop/music club.

One new Rudy Trouvé Septet concert is scheduled: December 30th at Wintervuur, Linkeroever (Antwerpen) (free entrance).

Meanwhile, the re-issue of Worst Case Scenario is available in the shops too. Disc 2 contains the Zea EP, all B-sides from the early singles and a couple of unreleased demo's and live-tracks. Disc 3 is a DVD with live footage from '94-'95, a short VPRO documentary from '95 and a new making-of documentary of ca. 55 minutes long. The documentary is pretty well-made, including some interesting early footage and commentary by all 5 original band members, producers Peter Vermeersch & Pierre Vervloesem, some record company bobo's and the frontmen of British bands Placebo, Elbow and even Snow Patrol testifying the brilliance of Worst Case Scenario. In all, I think the new WCS edition is a pretty good Christmas present, worth buying even if you own the original album already.
Studio Brussel interviewed Rudy about the re-issue: Listen here

Finally, some weeks ago Canvas broadcasted a very nice documentary about Daan Stuyven. The history of Dead Man Ray was obviously part of the program, including some interview snippets with Rudy Trouvé. Though no concrete plans exist, Rudy said he could imagine DMR getting back together someday. So can we, Rudy!
Some tidbits of the program can be viewed here.

November 1st 2009
Weer over naar jou

Back in 2006, independent publisher De Bries released a comic strip/graphic novel called 'Over naar jou', which came with a soundtrack by Youri Van Uffelen, with the aid of Rudy Trouvé and other friends.
Last month, the follow up strip 'Weer over naar jou' was released with an unchanged concept: text/script by Adriaan Van Aken (Braakland/Zhebuilding), drawings by Philip Paquet and a cd with music by Youri Van Uffelen. The music is performed by the same batch of musicians as the first edition: Youri Van Uffelen, Ephraim Cielen, Rudy Trouvé and Tim Liebaert, this time under the moniker 'Deadmanorchestra'.
'Weer over naar jou' is now for sale in your local comic book shop, as well as a reprint of the first book. A preview of both books can be checked out at De Bries website, where you can also order both books. Antwerp locals or tourists can buy the book in Tse Tse Strips, Mekanik Strip and possibly other shops as well!

October 11th 2009

Expo + New Rudy Trouvé Septet album coming soon / W.C.S. Re-issue
As reported earlier, during the month october CC Luchtbal in Antwerp has a Rudy Trouvé + Bache Jesper expo running. Photo's from Bache's Heavenhotel archives, some new paintings by Rudy as well as a bunch of short & cool animations. Every friday evening there's a small Rudy Trouvé concert scheduled at the expo. A solo performance and a Prima Donkey gig occurred earlier, the rest of october will be:

  • 16/10: Central (Rudy, Jelle Jespers + Michiel Thijs)
  • 23/10: "Trouvé, Cassiers & Thielemans" (Rudy, Lynn Cassiers + Eric Thielemans)
  • 30/10: The Love Substitutes

November will also see the release of 2007 - 2009, the new album by the Rudy Trouvé Septet.
There's an album release concert at Arenberg, Antwerp on November 19th (double bill with Dez Mona, also presenting their new album). October 26th the Septet will play a try-out at café Kafka in Brussels (Visverkopersstraat 21).
And finally, the re-issue of dEUS' debut album Worst Case Scenario is apparently set for a november 20th release date & promises to contain some interesting goodies to make it worthwhile.

August 12th 2009
New expo coming up
From October 2nd to October 30th, CC Luchtbal will be hosting Bache Jespers / Rudy Trouvé. 1991 - Stills - 2009, a Heavenhotel expo with 'photographs, paintings, animations and other stuff'. There will be new work by Rudy on display as well as Heavenhotel archive footage, shot by Bache Jespers. Every friday there will be a concert by Rudy or one of his bands. On the closing day of the exhibition, The Love Substitutes will perform, details on the other performances are still sketchy at this point. More info soon at the CC Luchtbal website.
August 8th 2009
Worst Case Scenario making of + re-release coming up

Radio 1 did a 50-minute radio show on the making of dEUS' album Worst Case Scenario, which you can listen/download here. Rudy isn't featured in the show (only Tom Barman, Peter Vermeersch and Frank Vander Linden are), but it's not a bad listen and Tom Barman mentions an upcoming re-release of W.C.S., including B-sides etc and a remastered version of the original tapes. Could be sweet - release date to be confirmed though, so don't hold your breath.

July 29th 2009
There's no business like no business

buy this one on iTunes There's lo-fi and there's lo-fi. And then there's marketing according to Rudy T. from Antwerp. Today I accidently stumbled upon an advertisement by Focus Knack magazine (which, by the way is offering a free home-recorded RT download here), mentioning the release of 'Songs and stuff recorded between 2003 and 2007, part two'. Turns out the damn thing's been out on iTunes since april 24th and pretty much no one seems to know about it. Ai Chiwawa!
Anyhoo, here's the link to purchase the 16-track album on iTunes for the bargain price of 9.99 Euro. Beware - you'll need a credit card, iTunes software and a computer to obtain the goodies.


1. It's easy
2. Opening theme from landscape with a corpse
3. L'avenir
4. Folk depression
5. It's fysical
6. The sound of a summer evening. Hot sweaty and a lack of air
7. Piano number two
8. A touch of blue
9. So Hannes, do you like Reggae?
10. Car song (home recorded version)
11. Science as we knew it
12. Maintenant
13. Barscene from the family's revenge
14. Till the next time around (home recorded version)
15. Alpinisme
16. Exorcisme

Here's some HH related gigs coming up:

07.08.09: Rudy Trouvé Septet - Dranouter festival, Dranouter
13.08.09: IH8 Camera - Spiegeltent, Antwerp (address: Oosterweelsteenweg)
15.08.09: The Love Substitutes - Linkerwoofer festival, Antwerp
21.08.09: Rudy Trouvé en Eric Thielemans - Scheld'apen, Antwerp
27.08.09: The Love Substitutes - Bar Mondial, Antwerp
28.08.09: Mushi Mushi (jazz with Elko) - Scheld'apen, Antwerp
29.08.09: Tip Toe Topic - Park Spoor Noord, Antwerp
04.09.09: Rudy Trouvé solo - Open Blik Dagen / Oog'n'Blik Art, Puurs
06.09.09: Franco Saint de Bakker - Trix, Antwerp
09.09.09: Franco Saint de Bakker (cd recording!) - A.B. Club, Brussels
30.10.09: The Love Substitutes - CC Luchtbal, Antwerp
+ Elko, Mauro and I Love Sarah's Jeroen are on tour with NieuwZwart, a dance performance by Ultima Vez. According to certain members of the press, the dance performance is only so-so but the music more than makes up for it!
+ This fall, Braakland Zhebuilding will tour again with Hitler is dood, the latest Braakland production to feature music by Rudy, Geert Waegeman and Gerrit Valckenaers. Tourdates to be announced but they'll be anywhere in between november 6th and december 20th 2009.

January 25th 2009

Let's just pretend the last months never happened, okay? Here are some updates!!

I Hate Camera / IH8 Camera seems to rule the planet! First of all, Andrew Bennett's wonderful label The Jezus Factory released the full length debut of I H8 Camera on january 19th. The disc is a one-track, 53-minute collage of bootleg recordings, cut&pasted by senior Craig Ward. It comprises recordings of about 6 different dates and includes 100% improvised contributions by the following people: Aarich Jespers, Adriaan Van Aken, Bert Lenaerts, Craig Ward, Elko Blijweert, Ephraïm Cielen, Frans Van Isacker, Heyme Langbroek, Jeroen Stevens, Mark Meyers, Mauro Pawlowski, Michiel Thys, Miguel Sosa, Pascal Deweze, Rudy Trouvé, Teuk Henri, Thomas Noppe and Youri Van Uffelen. Exclusively for sale at the Jezus Factory website!
And as if one set of psyched-out improv jams wasn't enough (which it never is), German psychedelica-label Trip In Time are about to issue I Hate Camera's set at Burg Herzberg Festival 2006 on full length disc as well in March. Die-hard followers will recognize the label, as they were the first to ever release an IH8 Camera track on their self-titled compilation cd's. Nice!
A new IH8 Camera gig is also scheduled february 1st at the Stuk-café in Leuven.

Meanwhile, the Rudy Trouvé Septet is still alive and kicking. They've got two live dates coming up: First one is january 6th in De Tunnel (Londenstraat 52, 2000 Antwerpen). A tough choice since I Love Sarah will be presenting their debut album the same moment at Scheld'apen. Second date is February 27th at CC Merksem. A new single & video was also made for 'One day our house will become so heavy that it will sink into the earth'; check it out here!

Avid lovers of Rudy's artwork can hurry to Herentals, where a new exhibition is currently running. Check this link to find out more details - work of Herman Brood (and according to Heavenhotel also of Stef Kamil Carlens) is also included in the expo. Be quick because the expo runs from january 17th till february 8th.

Finally, Rudy is still hard at work at Braakland/Zhebuilding. Again there are reprises of Dansen Drinken Betalen scheduled as well as new performances of Roadmovie. Finally, on may 2nd, a new play will premiere with music by Rudy Trouvé, Geert Waegeman and Gerrit Valckenaers. All info is here and the full Braakland/Zhebuilding calendar is to be found here.

May 28th 2008
Rudy Trouvé Septet live at Scheld'apen
Celebrating Scheld'apen's 10th anniversary on june 21st!
May 16th 2008
Heavenhotel night in Brussels
Saturday May 24th, there will be a Heavenhotel labelnight in Les Ateliers Claus (Brussels) featuring Pox, Tip Toe Topic and the Rudy Trouvé Septet. LINK.
April 21st 2008
Agenda update
23/04: Roadmovie - Rataplan Borgerhout (www)
26/04: Dansen, Drinken Betalen - Het Beleg Van Schoten (23.15-00.45h - www)
27/04: Rudy Trouvé Septet - A.B. Club, Brussels (+Kawada) (www)
02/05: Why am I in Scotland? I have no reason to be in Scotland! - Northern Chord Festival, Rujiena, Letland
03/05: Roadmovie - 't Arsenaal, Mechelen (www)
07/05: Rudy Trouvé Septet - Arenberg, Antwerp (www)
08/05: Tip Toe Topic - Overtoom 301, Amsterdam (www)
09/05: Ow - Overtoom 301, Amsterdam (www)
15/05: Dansen Drinken Betalen - STUK, Leuven (www)
24/05: Pox, Tip Toe Topic, Rudy Trouvé Septet - Les Ateliers Claus, Sint Gillis (Brussels) (www)
28/05: Pox (+ Partchesz) - Molens van Orshoven, Leuven (www)
31/05: Franco Saint De Bakker - Overtoom 301, Amsterdam (www)
18/06: Rudy Trouvé Septet (+ John Torso) - Molens Van Orshoven, Leuven (www)
21/06: Rudy Trouvé Septet (+Capsule&Go_Tell&Elko B. + Yobkiss + Felix Kubin) - Scheld'apen, Antwerp (www)
25/06: Prima Donkey (+Les Confrères) - Molens Van Orshoven, Leuven (www)
27/06: Rudy Trouvé Septet - Dijlefeesten, Mechelen (www)
25/07: Dansen Drinken Betalen - Gentse Feesten (22.15h - www)
26/07: Dansen Drinken Betalen - Gentse Feesten (22.15h - www)
27/07: Dansen Drinken Betalen Gentse Feesten (22.15h - www)

To top it off, some new footage from the Roadmovie play: two music files, a video trailer, more audio clips and another video clip featuring Rudy T.!

March 18th 2008
Small Humo reference
Patrick Riguelle of De Laatste Showband counts playing with Rudy among his 5 highlights of the past season.
Ik was bang voor Rudy Trouvé. Hij heeft zo'n beetje het imago van een grumpy old man - de wat barse, ingetogen artiest. Maar dat bleek uitstekend mee te vallen. In werkelijkheid is Trouvé vooral een lieve mens. Dat norse imago komt voort uit zijn verlegenheid, vermoed ik.
Enfin, het klikte dus. Dat ik een groot bewonderaar ben van zijn muziek, hielp natuurlijk. Ik hou van die krakkemikkige lo-fi sound van 'm, en ik heb het
wreed voor mensen die kleine stoorzendertjes in hun eigen muziek stoppen.

For those who missed their joint performance: 2 centimeters below this line you can find where to download the video.

March 5th 2008
De Laatste Show
Rudy played 'Till the next time around' at TV-talkshow De Laatste Show the other day, with the De-Laatste-Show-band. The movie can be downloaded here!
March 3rd 2008
Agenda update!

05/03: Rudy + Elko - Homey Bar, Sint Paulusplaats 24, Antwerp
07/03: Roadmovie - GC Everna Evere (www)
08/03: Rudy + Elko - 't Smiske, Asse (www)
13/03: Roadmovie - Molens Van Orshoven, Leuven (www)
14/03: Roadmovie - Molens Van Orshoven, Leuven (www)
15/03: Tip Toe Topic - 't Kerkske, Kapellen (www)
15/03: Roadmovie - Molens Van Orshoven, Leuven (www)
20/03: Roadmovie - Molens Van Orshoven, Leuven (www)
21/03: Roadmovie - Molens Van Orshoven, Leuven (www)
22/03: Roadmovie - Molens Van Orshoven, Leuven (www)
29/03: Dansen Drinken Betalen - 4AD, Diksmuide (www)
09/04: Roadmovie - CC Den Bogaard Sint-Truiden (www)
18/04: Roadmovie - CC Ieper (www)
19/04: Dansen Drinken Betalen - Petrol, Antwerp (www)
23/04: Roadmovie - Rataplan Borgerhout (www)
27/04: Rudy Trouvé Septet - A.B. Club, Brussels (+Kawada) (www)
03/05: Roadmovie - 't Arsenaal, Mechelen (www)
07/05: Rudy Trouvé Septet - Arenberg, Antwerp (www)
15/05: Dansen Drinken Betalen - STUK, Leuven (www)
27/06: Rudy Trouvé Septet - Dijlefeesten, Mechelen (www)

+ During march & april 2008, 4AD club at Diksmuide is exposing some of Rudy's paintings...

February 6th 2008
Target is approaching Road Movie (hihi haha)
Hot diggidi - Aarich Jespers made a video for 'Target is approaching (40)'. See it in higher res at the HH-site or below from Youtube. Furthermore, keep in mind the new Braakland play 'Road Movie' featuring music by Rudy and Gerrit Valckenaers is going in première on valentine's day at Molens van Orshoven in Leuven. Check the Braakland agenda for more dates! To make this a complete multi-mediafest, there's now also a videoclip promoting the play -music not written by Rudy. Hi-res video here or belower from Youtube.

January 7th 2008
Rudy in Humo
Rudy is interviewed in this week's edition of Humo (in stores between tuesday january 8th and monday the 14th); the Humo-website also put online a selection of essential Rudy Trouvé-songs for the iPod.
October 27th 2007


While I've been busy criminally outdating this website, Rudy T. has been rather productive the past few months. If this ain't time for an update, there never will be one.

  • First things first: The Rudy Trouvé Sextet has expanded into a Septet with the addition of new band member Joris Caluwaerts on keys - you may have seen him play before with groups like Franco Saint De Bakker, Zita Swoon or The Go Find. The new Septet has recorded a brand new record which is available in record stores next week: "Songs and stuff recorded between 2003 and 2007 part one". It was recorded roughly at three places: Rudy's home studio, Aarich Jespers' home studio, and the studio of Molens Van Orshoven. Guest musicians and singers include Geert Waegeman, Mauro, Tom Pintens, Nathalie & Jorunn of Laïs and Miguel Angel (Cassini Division). At the HH website, you can download the song Un, deux, trois, soleil - mp3 or a synchronised flash movie with matching artwork by Rudy!
  • Rudy Trouvé Septet Live: A one-time opportunity: November 1st at Petrol, Antwerp. No other concerts scheduled so be there!
  • Limited edition CD-R's came out last month! At Braakland you can order the soundtrack for Dansen, Drinken Betalen - music by Rudy Trouvé, Ephraïm Cielen and Youri Van Uffelen. At Heavenhotel, you can order the first CD-R of Rudy & The unforgettable Wally's - both at the bargain price of 5 Euro's!
  • Rudy Trouvé & Gerrit Valckenaers will make music for Roadmovie, a new theatre play from Adriaan Van Aken by Braakland/Zhebuilding. Première will be on February 14th 2008 at Molens Van Orshoven, Leuven. Later on the play will go on tour in theatres around Flanders - check the agenda here. Afer Lev, Dansen Drinken Betalen and Trust, Roadmovie will be the fourth Braakland/Zhebuilding play with music by Rudy.
  • The first Heavenhotel 7 inch vinyl single since the year 1999: a split single of Tip Toe Topic and I Love Sarah. Both tracks are exclusive, non-album tracks so don't hesitate to get one! For sale at the HH website or TTT/ILS gigs.
  • Heavenhotel wants you to mail 'm your favourite HH songs from the past 15 years. The goal of it all: a digital compilation release which will be downloadable for free!
  • Older releases which you probably read about elsewhere already (1): The self-titled threeway split cd of Craig Ward, Rudy Trouvé and Mauro Pawlowski was released last summer by the The Jezus Factory. The record features 20 minutes of lo-fi mayhem from each of the contributors. In Rudy's case, it's 9 short songs recorded mostly alone & at home.
  • Older releases which you probably read about elsewhere already (2): On your house by Pox. Rudy plays guitar on the record but all songwriting & singing is done by Mark Meyers (Kiss My Jazz, I Hate Camera). The record was produced by Craig Ward and also features Jurgen Leclercq (bass) and Koen Van den Camp (keyboards).
  • Older releases which you probably read about elsewhere already (3): A rare, totally Rudy-free Heavenhotel release: Tip Toe Topic's self-titled debut album. Totally brilliant stuff featuring Elko Blijweert on guitar, casio and loopstation & Saar Van De Leest on vocals, casio and clarinet. Tip Toe Topic is quite possibly the most underrated band in the universe - check 'm out!
  • Older releases which you probably read about elsewhere already (4): Another rare, totally Rudy-free Heavenhotel release: Ow's second full-length, 'Moon Tan'. It's still postrock, yes, but Moon Tan is also a much richer record than the group's previous outing, Nowhere. So don't be affraid to give it a go!! Gow!!
  • Rudy's heritage-on-record is now neatly browsable (if I do say so myself) at It sort of makes up for me failing to update Rudy's discography on this site. Currently only available in Dutch, but don't let that stop you.
  • Myspace invasion: Just for the sake of it, a brief overview of Heavenhotel- and Rudy Trouvé related Myspace pages, in no particular order: Rudy Trouvé, Heavenhotel, Rudy & the Unforgettable Wally's, Elko Blijweert, Heyme Langbroek, Craig Ward, Mauroworld, Pawlowski/Trouvé/Ward, Prima Donkey, Tip Toe Topic, Franco Saint de Bakker, The Jezus Factory, Ow, Dead Man Ray, Mauro Pawlowski, I Love Sarah, I H8 Camera and even then I probably missed out a few.
March 26th 2007
Pawlowski/Trouvé/Ward is the name of an upcoming split record by The Jesus Factory! This exciting release features tracks from three of the four Love Substitutes, trademark artwork by Rudy Trouvé and is expected to be released at the end of May. Andrew Bennett of TJF has created a taster with four tracks at Myspace - the final tracklist is also already to be read there.

Another new record to expect is On Your House, the first outing of Pox. A sort-of cd-release concert will be held thursday March 29th at Café Tsjaplin in Deurne. Details on the release are still somewhat sketchy but apparently the album will be for sale that night. Craig's move to Berlin also brought a change in the band line-up: former Kiss My Jazz percussionist/saxophonist Dirk D'Hooghe now fills the seat behind the drums.

More RT-news in the form of a guest appearance: Rudy plays electric guitar on three tracks of Tom Pintens' new, titleless solo debut - out now on V2 Records.
Some Braakland tidbits: Trust and Dansen Drinken Betalen will be performed once more in Amsterdam at De Brakke Grond - a new video teaser of Trust can also be found at Youtube.

Finally the new Heavenhotel night also deserves a marking in your agenda: May 18th at VK, Brussels (ft. The Love Substitutes, Pox, Ow and Tip Toe Topic). The wonderful Tip Toe Topic (about to release a full album soon) will also play at Scheld'Apen, friday April 6th.

January 28th 2007

It's been a few relatively quiet months on the Rudy-front (ignoring a few Prima Donkey gigs and the Franco Saint De Bakker CD+livetour), but that's no excuse for the lack of action on these pages recently. In any case, it's time for an update!

* put online some new year's resolutions for 2007 - check 'm out!
* One of 'm is a new record by the Rudy Trouvé Sextet, and a record scheduled for a September release.
* Trust, the new Braakland/Zhebuilding play featuring live soundtrack by Rudy and Mauro (audio / video) is about to kick off: Première on thursday February 15th in Leuven, then touring the country & passing by in Kortrijk, Strombeek, Berchem/Antwerp, Brasschaat, Beveren, Hasselt, Mechelen, Lier, Sint-Niklaas, Bilzen, Heusden-Zolder, Ieper and Waregem. In between, Dansen, Drinken, Betalen -also with a Rudy-soundtrack- will make a one-off return on March 1st in Leuven. for all dates!
* The Love Substitutes have a new website and some new gigs in the pipeline!
* New I Hate Camera gig scheduled: February 20th at the library of Leuven. The line-up will include Rudy, Craig, Yuri & Ephraim of tRAM, Jeroen from ILS and more!

September 27th 2006

De Bries, an Antwerp publisher of graphic novels/comic strips has just presented 'Over naar jou', a new comic strip written by Adriaan Van Aken (Braakland/Zhebuilding) and drawn by Philip Paquet. The strip is available for €12, but a limited number of copies also carry a music cd, a soundtrack to the comic strip. On the cd is music by Youri Van Uffelen, with Rudy Trouvé, Ephi Cielen en Tim Liebaart. You can download one track for free ('Everything clears') at the Braakland website!
According to the Braakland site, there will be an expo about the comic strip in Antwerp, also suggesting a live performance by the musicians.

Additionally, Rudy wrote one song for the newest album by 'Junior Jazz'. The track is called 'Here it comes now'. And it's actually quite nice.

August 29th 2006

Prima Donkey's Rythme Exotique
Prima Donkey, the Donkey Diesel spin-off with Rudy Trouvé and members of DAAU, Laïs and Internationals, have assembled cuts from their first two gigs at the Ancienne Belgique, and compiled a live album called Prima Donkey's Rythme Exotique. The record features ten songs and a bonus track, featuring three Rudy Trouvé compositions: 'Crash By River' (Gore Slut), 'Trash' (Kiss My Jazz) and 'Leave me alone' (new). Some new Gunter Nagels tracks are also present, as well as covers of Ministry and Kim 'Kay. The new CD will be presented tonight (August 29th) at Feeërieën and is released by DAAU's own imprint, Radical Duke Entertainment. Distribution by PIAS.

Donkey d'O
From the Donkey Diesel website:
"Trijn Janssens, Geert Waegeman, Rudy Trouvé, Kike Noviello, Jen Vandermeesch, Jules Lemmens, Bjorn Eriksson, Han Stubbe & Gunter Nagels will be providing the musical backdrop for La Fille d'O's "Cake, Cats & Curiosity"- presentation on 24th of august. Call it Donkey d'O."

The Jesus Factory
Time to fly to the newly founded British label presents a new and free compilation album featuring tracks by Pox and The Love Substitutes, as well as Creature With The Atombrain, Sukilove,...

Heavenhotel night in Amsterdam
October 2nd, there will be a Heavenhotel Night at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam. A new "Heavenhotel Big Band" will play a concert first, followed by a special set of The Love Substitutes, playing covers of other bands and HH labelmates.

Solo gig at Trix
Trix, the new Antwerp club next to Hof Ter Lo, welcomes Rudy Trouvé for a solo performance at the Trix Café on October 7th. Rudy will be supporting American singersongwriter Denison Witmer; Entrance is 5 Euro's.

Dansen Drinken Betalen encore
The Braakland Zhebuilding music theatre play 'Dansen Drinken Betalen' (w. live music by Rudy Trouvé, Ephi Cielen and Youri Van Uffelen) will be performed once more, this time at Scheld'apen in Antwerp on October 10th.

august 2nd 2006

Together with directors Stijn Devillé en Adriaan Van Aken from Braakland/Zhebuilding, Rudy participated in a one-week project in Estonia, where they created a musical theatre play 'Why am I in Scotland? I have no reason to be in Scotland!' with amateur actors and musicians from Belgium, Netherlands, Estonia and Letvia. Music-wise, Rudy formed a new trio 'Rudy & The Unforgettable Wally's' with participants from the project, Emanuelle and Anneleen. BZB is kind enough to have put online some nice mp3's for us to enjoy: go here. Finally, according to BZB, both ladies will be featured on the upcoming Rudy Trouvé Sextet record, due later this year (TBC).

Rudy will perform a jamming session with Ken N'diaye, a percussionist from Senegal on August 3rd. For Amusee-Vous, Rudy will hold a guided tour in the Africa-museum of Tervuren (Brussels) between 2 and 5PM, ending with the jam session where anyone attending is invited to participate (or just listen). (A bit more) info: StuBru-program Brandend Zand; click "Luister opnieuw" and fast-forward to ca. minute 37. [Thanks Wouter]

june 26th 2006
More new dates : I H8 Camera has a new gig scheduled at Recyclart, and Franco Saint De Bakker are playing a small club tour with Jazzlabseries. Check the agenda for the right dates!

Furthermore, some small news bits scraped from the Heavenhotel, Love Substitution and Mauroworld websites:
* Rudy and Mauro will be making music together for Thrust, a new theatre play by Braakland Zhebuilding. They are looking for old cassette players/recorders of this type - if you have one of those lying around, drop them a line.

* Heavenhotel mentions a new Rudy Trouvé art exhibition from september 8th 2006 to the 24th at L'espace Doun in Rognes (fr)

* Craig mentions on his weblog there's a Love Substitutes track coming up for a new British compilation by Andrew Bennet, and a I H8 Camera recording for a Burg Herzberg Festival sampler-CD.
may 2nd 2006
A couple of new appointments to write down in your agenda:
Sunday May 7th: Rudy solo + Craig Ward solo : Plaza Real, Borgerhout (Kattenberg 31)
June 7th + 8th : Franco Saint De Bakker - recordings of new CD!
July 15th : Pox at Kinky Star, Ghent
July 28th : Pox at Mini-Rock, Olmen
July 22nd: Burg Herzberg Festival (d) (tbc)
april 6th 2006
Rudy + Pascal Deweze CONCERT TONIGHT, thursday april 6th @ TRIX = CANCELLED
Rudy + Tom Pintens + Aarich Jespers on SATURDAY april 8th @ Arenberg = NEW

Beware folks - Even though the people at Trix haven't updated their website, the scheduled gig of tonight is not happening. Not in the least because Pascal Deweze is in San Francisco right now to mix the new Sukilove record - something to celebrate in itself!
In stead, Aarich Jespers and Tom Pintens will join Rudy this very Saturday, performing a live soundtrack to the German flick Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari.
Place of the happening is Arenberg in Antwerp, concert scheduled round 22.30h, but it's part of an entire evening of film screenings, which starts at 6PM and ends 4AM.

The performance of the soundtrack seems to be a unique, one-off performance, so don't miss it!
april 1st 2006
I Hate Camera performed twice more the past week: first at Molens Van Orshoven (Craig Ward, Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert, Aarich Jespers, Jeroen Stevens, Bert Lenaerts, Mark Meyers) then at the Heavenhotel night at Scheld'apen (Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert, Craig Ward, Teuk Henri, Mark Meyers, Heyme Langbroek, and a drummer I forgot the name of... Sorry!)

In case you've missed the Heavenhotel newsletter, you've probable already seen and heard the Dansen Drinken Betalen podcast at the Braakland website. There's also a nice trailer of the play with some video footage up for download.

Finally, it looks as if Mark Meyer's band Pox is still very much alive, and now features Craig Ward also on guitar, next to Rudy Trouvé. Two gigs are scheduled: 05/05/2006 (Zaal Belgie, Hasselt) and 18/05/2006 (Libertad, Leuven).

march 14th 2006
News from the Love Substitutes front : the second full-length album, titled "More songs about hangovers and sailors" will be in the shops May 8th! Craig Ward posted the tracklisting on his weblog, as well as announcing two new LS gigs in Antwerp and Utrecht. Check the agenda indeed.
Additionally, the Domino Festival programme mentions a rumour of Love Substitutes releasing a split single with Part Chimp.

I Hate Camera has three gigs in the pipeline: twice in Antwerp (Heavenhotel Night at Scheld'apen and Undercurrent at Den Drempel) and once in Molens Van Orshoven, Leuven.

Also a small reminder about Dansen Drinken Betalen, the new Braakland theatre play with live music by Rudy. There are only two more weeks of performances left, and then it is over people! There are no plans to tour Flanders/Netherlands like they did with LEV, so get your ass moving to Leuven soon if you wanna catch the play before it's gone.

Finally, check out the Heavenhotel website, as a new CD-R release by Joris Caluwaerts and Nico Jacobs is now for sale!
february 25th 2006
Obey yo mastah, mastah
* Rudy will be leading a workshop 'Guitar sound' at Trix, Antwerp on March 11th.

* At the very same Trix, Rudy and Pascal Deweze will play music to the (superb & mute) film Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari from 1920. Showtime on thursday April 6th - 20.00h, Trix/Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp.

* Rudy was interviewed by Fresco/Klara last week about the new theatre play "Dansen Drinken Betalen", for which he co-wrote the music. Rudy tells a bit about how the project originated and about two of the songs which are sung in Dutch.
Also, it appears there are no plans to tour with the play, so if you wanna catch the show, better book some tickets in time for the scheduled shows at Molens Van Orshoven in Leuven. Dates are here, more info at
If you wanna hear the interview yourself, jump to this player and fast forward to minute 12 for a piece of improvised music, followed by the interview. The audio will remain online for at least one more week.
february 5th 2006
Boy is my face red
Lotsa Rudy Trouvé-related stuff happened and this fucking website did not update itself. My apologies! Some things you might have missed:

1. Love Substitutes 12" vinyl-only EP "The Velvet Sailor EP" appeared on HH/Lowlands earlier this year. YES it is worth tracking down, as none of the four tracks on the EP will be featured on the next Love Substitutes full album.
2. The next Love Substitutes full album More songs about sailors and hangovers has been slightly delayed from january to march. Lazy days, busy days and Mauro on the road in Europe with dAYS have caused the small delay.
3. Fitting nicely into a gap of the ongoing dEUS tour, The Love Subs played a handful of concerts in London, Glasgow, Antwerp and Brussels. During the latest gig at the Brussels A.B. Club, jazz drummer Teun Verbruggen played along on a new chaotic interpretation of Meet The Love Substitutes while the house is on fire.
4. Currently, no more Love Substitutes concerts are scheduled. Mauro will get his ass back on the road with dEUS this year, write songs with Tom Barman AND record a fifth dEUS record at the end of the year. Gigs of The Love Substitutes in 2006 will be, unfortunately, rather sparse.
5. Rudy Trouvé has stepped into Mauro footsteps and has been invited by Kelvin and Bobo of The Wack Attack Barrack/Bootleg Bar for a superbly interesting podcast. Rudy wraps up his 20-year old carreer in making music, and allows an insight on unreleased material from some of his known and lesser known bands. Ever heard of Monique? Charles Manson Quintet? Rudy and Sigrid? Sixty-five minutes of great obscure sound clips, including Rudy's very first recording, dating back to 1984. If you wanna download this excellent (free) treat, you gotta do so using iTunes, a chunky piece of software which is primarily used by gross iPod yuppies!
6. In case The Bootleg Bar provided you an overdose of Rudy's music, you could always head towards Trix/Hof Ter Lo in Antwerp on April 12th (20h), when Rudy will be spinning some of his favourite records and talk about them a little. Entrance is free and we've heard previous of these Listening sessions have been very cosy indeed.
7. Lev-time! The theatre tour of Rudy Trouvé, Geert Waegeman and Dirk Buyse is almost over, but in case you missed it you can always jump to, where you can download a full (audio-) recording of the show.
8. The new Braakland theatre play with Rudy's music, Dansen Drinken Betalen, will premiere next week! Check the agenda for all dates. Before the show goes on tour in Flanders/Netherlands, it will be performed several times at Braakland's homebase; Molens Van Orshoven in Leuven.
9. At the Molens Van Orshoven, Rudy played a superb improvised set last week together with Geert Waegeman and Gerrit Valckenaers.
10. The scheduled gig with Elko at De Nachten had been cancelled apparently. Reportedly this is why there was virtually no audience present at De Singel that weekend.
11. Arty smarty: during his Bootleg Bar, Rudy mentioned there would be a new exhibition of his at the Glamor is Undead house/gallery in Antwerp, september 2006.
12. More things to look out for: a CD-R by Central (later this year) and a new Rudy Trouvé Sextet album (September also).
13. Rumour has it a new live Franco Saint De Bakker album is in the pipeline. This time there will be more compositions by FSDB members, and Rudy is very very likely to be featured on the recordings.
14. Donkey Diesel has entered the nineteen-eighties and released their previously vinyl-only album 'Charm!' on Ye Old Compact Disc. Obviously there are no vinyl-praising linear notes by Rudy on the backsleeve this time.
15. The Heavenhotel newsletter just informed us there will be a monthly HH night at Scheld'apen from now on, starting march 31st. Teuk Henri and Tip-Toe-Topic are already confirmed to play.
16. Rudy is featured on Wouter Van Belle's first solo output. Rudy is credited for making Noise on the tracks Sterker and SM. Koningin. Check for details. Daan did the artwork, and all other Dead Man Ray members contributed on the record as well. The record should be available as a double CD in most record shops next month, but if you're really eager to get it you can also visit the Popshop to buy the release already.

(thanks to all who updated me on either of these facts & rumours!)
february 2nd 2006
Check out!
More & better updates & news follows!
november 23rd 2005
I hate camera gig coming up THIS FRIDAY at Wonderbar, Antwerp.
Doors +- 20.30h, free entrance. Line-up will feature Rudy Trouvé, Mark Meyers, Craig Ward, Elko Blijweert, Teuk Henri (Sharko, Chacda), Pascal Deweze and Jeroen Stevens. Be there in time because it sounds like the band will fill half of the place themselves!

...And second but not least: The Love Substitutes will play in England for the first time! See them at the Watershed, Wimbledon on January 19th 2006. Tickets are £5 and available from
november 1st 2005
De Nachten 2006
Rudy and Elko will play at De Nachten 2006, on january 26th, 27th OR 28th.
october 29th 2005
gigs, records and merchandise!
Yesterday, I Hate Camera played an inspired set of improvisations at CC Luchtbal. Line-up: Craig Ward (guitar+vocals), Rudy (guitar+vocals), Elko Blijweert (guitar), Pascal Deweze (electronics+toys+vocals), Jeroen Stevens (drums) and Simon Lenski (cello+electronics).

Missed it? Don't give up hope! New gigs are in the pipeline!
Check the agenda for details - new performances of LEV, DansenDrinkenBetalen (new theatre play with live music by Rudy), I Hate Camera, solo stuff, improvisations with Geert Waegeman + Gerrit Valckenaers, Franco Saint De Bakker... People from Greece will also be happy to hear Rudy and Elko will play in Athens on November 3rd at the Blue Bar.

Finally, even though Mauro's travelling Europe with dEUS nowadays, The Love Substitutes will release a new vinyl record end of November! A CD album is also scheduled for a january release, as is a first Centraal CD-R, release date TBC.
Friends & fans of cows can now also purchase the lovely black Heavenhotel T-shirts for a cool €12 - jump to now!
september 25th 2005
Central moved!
Attention y'all! The gig of Central (with Rudy) at the Glamor is Undead expo in Antwerp has been moved from october 1st to Thursday, september 29th. Showtime at +- 20.00h, entrance is € 2.50 and the address is still Geuzenstraat 8.
Also don't forget to mark october 8th in your agenda, when Craig Ward will team up with Gunter Nagels (Donkey Diesel) and Gregory Frateur (Dez Mona) for a new and bizarre collaboration!
september 7th 2005
Expo update
Glamor is Undead have put online an info-page of the upcoming Rudy Trouvé art-exhibition right here!

Aside from performances by I Love Sarah, and Elko's Autistic Youth and Tip Toe Topic, a new performance of Centraal is scheduled.
A reminder for all but the hardest of die hard RT freaks: Centraal is an improv-project of Rudy Trouvé from back in 2001. Back then, Rudy played with Jelle Jespers and (Mi)chiel Thijs in the underground of Antwerp's central station.
september 3rd 2005
Out Now
The first Donkey Diesel record (a vinyl LP-only live recording) has been introduced by the band at yesterday's Wonderfestival. Rudy Trouvé wrote the linear notes on the back sleeve, in which he expresses his praise for Pure Black Vinyl in a very Ken Nordine-manner!
Those without room for a record player in their appartement shouldn't dispair: with each record comes an access code for digital MP3-downloads of the album too.
september 1st 2005
Hardcore Rudy Trouvé Nudity
On wednesday November 9th, Rudy Trouvé and Pascal Deweze will play a double bill at Arenberg (Antwerp), with solo ('naked') performances from both songsmiths. All info here!

[thanks Kev - no thanks Bert!]
august 26th 2005
No more loud Rudy (in dEUS)
With dEUS' fourth full-length album 'Pocket Revolution' lurking at the horizon (release: September 9th), today it's been exactly ten years since Rudy Trouvé played his last gig with the band, at the Dutch Lowlands festival. Time to mourn or celebrate, whichever you like!

I Love Camera
A new gig for the already infamous I Hate Camera improvisation combo: October 28th at CC Luchtbal, Antwerp. The collective will be supporting Italian band ZU.
This time round, Mauro will not take part in the performance though, since he'll be touring with dEUS around that time. Currently the line-up looks like it'll be Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert, Craig Ward, Mark Meyers, Jeroen Stevens and Pascal Deweze.
august 17th 2005
Improvisations in Autumn

Looks like Rudy's in an experimental mood this year! At the forthcoming November Music festival, our man will collaborate with the Zeitkratzer Ensemble (d), together with Marko Ciciliani (nl) and Carsten Nicolai (d). Together they will perform pieces by Arto Lindsay, Reinhold Friedl and Marko Ciciliani.
November Music is a Dutch/Flemish/German festival for contemporary, experimental music. Three perfomances are planned:
16/11/05 (20.00h) - Vooruit, Gent (b)
17/11/05 (20.00h) - De Toonzaal, 's Hertogenbosch (nl)
19/11/05 (20.00h) - Philharmonie, Essen (d)
august 16th 2005
Improvisation galore

The I Hate Camera performance of last Saturday is only just behind us (check some photographic [2] [3] and videographic [2] footage), and a new one already tentatively lurks at the horizon of next weekend: Saturday, August 20th, 19.00h outside Alfons Heulensstraat 43 in 2900 Schoten. The ensemble will this time feature Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert and Craig Ward on guitar, Pascal Deweze on bass, Mark Meyers on TBA, and Mauro Pawlowski ànd Jeroen Stevens on drums. All info here!

Also, I Love Sarah is the first confirmed band to play at Rudy's forthcoming exposition, on september 23rd. More details coming soon, I hope!
august 11th 2005
Big up news factoïd!

1. The I Hate Camera concert of this saturday, august 13th at JH Jokot, Niel will feature drumboy Jeroen Stevens, of the increasingly excellent I Love Sarah!

2. Cool rumour! Connections of my connections (-cough-) informed my connections that Lowlands/Heavenhotel will release a CD or CD-R of Rudy's performance at the Beat! Bookstore (11/03/05). Release date and details: TBA! (refresh your memory)
[thanks connection!]

3. Expo! Yessir, it's time again for a good old fashioned exhibition of Rudy Trouvé's artwork. Mostly blow-ups will be exhibited, and occasional (music-) performances by our man are scheduled too. Organised and hosted by Glamor is Undead.
* From september 9th till October 10th, wednesday to saturday between 14.00h and 18.00h.
* Address: Geuzenstraat 8 in Antwerp.
* Details about Rudy's performances: TBA!
De tentoonstelling die de spits afbijt bestaat uit schilderijen en blow-ups van Rudy Trouvé, gecombineerd met akoestische optredens van de man en zijn muzikale vrienden. Trouvé maakt in thematisch opzicht geen onderscheid tussen zijn diverse artistieke uitingen. Zijn plastisch werk kan een cd-hoes zijn dat daarna als een blow-up wordt getoond maar ook zijn schilderijen gaan naadloos over in de muziek die hij al verschillende jaren in verschillende combinaties ten beste heeft gegeven. Glamor Is Undead hoopt met andere woorden dat een bezoek aan ons pand in de Geuzenstraat 8 een uitnodiging wordt in de wereld van Rudy Trouvé, en deze manier van werken zal typerend zijn voor de toekomstige projecten die hieronder worden aangekondigd.
[Thanks Bart]

4. Also this saturday, August 13th, Antwerp airwave terrorists Radio Centraal will broadcast live from Villa Delfia, and between 16.00h and 20.00h there will be live and pre-recorded interviews with current (or former) Antwerp-based music heroes Mauro, Miguel (Parallels), Creature with the Atom Brain, Daan, Stijn, and more! Tune in at 106.7FM, or live at Villa Delfia, Tavernierkaai 11, Antwerp.

august 4th 2005
I Hate Camera vol.2
Remember way back in 2004, late summer, when The Love Substitutes were about to play for the very first time ever, at the Antwerp Wonderbar? If you do, you'll also remember the show was cancelled because Craig was ill at the time. In stead, I Hate Camera's performed, a one-off improv guitar-noise fest featuring Rudy, Elko, Mauro, Thomas Noppe, Chiel Thijs and Bert Lenaerts.

A one-off is no longer a one-off it seems, because a new I Hate Camera-gig is scheduled for August 13th at JH Jokot in Niel. Rudy, Craig and Mauro will play an impro-set, together with some yet-to-be-announced guests. Also noteworthy is the gig of The Scots, a Scottish band who are coming to Belgium to record a single with Craig Ward. They will play right before or after I Hate Camera.

Go see for all info, and if you wanna save yourself a few €: first five e-mails to will get in for free.

We overheard at least one more I Hate Camera gig will follow this summer, but more on that when Craig Ward, Heyme or Mauroworld announce it!
july 31st 2005
time to talk
Heyme just installed a webforum on where you can discuss all Rudy and HH related subjects - go check!
july 25th 2005
More Lev
Some new dates for Lev have surfaced: new performances in Bierbeek, Lier, Maasmechelen, Diksmuide and Roosendaal (nl). Check the agenda!
[thanks Bert]
july 13th 2005
More donkey
A new Prima Donkey concert (Prima Donkey II) at the A.B. has been announced: december 2nd 2005. Prima Donkey is still the joint project of Rudy Trouvé and members of Donkey Diesel, DAAU and Laïs, though Geert Waegeman seems not to take part this time round.

More baby
Craig's weblog brings wonderful news - many congratulations to the happy couple!

june 29th 2005
Going steady

Yesterday, the Braakland All Star Impro Session Sextet played an inspired, fully improvised set of about one hour long. Rudy on electric guitar, Geert Waegeman on mini-electric guitar and mandoline, Mauro on vocals, thumb piano, sampler, effect pedals and dictaphone. Three remaining musicians played drums, electric guitar and sax, xylophone and improvised instruments. Generally the mood of the set was mesmerising, featuring some breaks of repetitive, industrial rock or danceable no wave. Excellent stuff.

The set took place at de Molens Van Orshoven, homebase of music theatre group Braakland/Zhebilding. They threw a party to celebrate the end of the season, but also to welcome the news of last week, when they were granted a structural financing from the Flemish Government for the coming four years. This will help the theatre group to engage itself for more pieces, or using more resources. Along with Geert Waegeman and Geert Valckenaers, Rudy Trouvé has now engaged himself to be part of the artistic backbone of the organisation, meaning he will be doing music for more plays with Braakland.

For the coming season, this means another reprise of the Lev performance (visiting Geel, Bierbeek, Maasmechelen, Diksmuide and Antwerp), but also a new play with music by Rudy: Dansen Drinken Betalen. Director will be Adriaan Van Aken, other participants Yuri Van Uffelen, Ephraïm Cielen and Yoohan Leyssens. Première is scheduled for february 2006.

.. And even more news is Braakland/Zhebilding plan to organise a concert at Molens Van Orshoven once a month in the following season. Titled "De Woensdagen" (i.e. "The wednesdays"), bands like Rudy Trouvé Sextet, Franco Saint De Bakker and The Love Substitutes are named to be likely to stop by.

More info soon on these pages, or soon at
june 16th 2005
Jam me up, baby!

On june 28th, Rudy Trouvé will be part of a monster jam session with the Braakland All Star Impro Session Sextet. Mauro Pawlowski, Geert Waegeman, Gerrit Valckenaers, Yuri Van Uffelen and Ephraïm Cielen are the other members of the sextet.
The gig will take place at Molens Van Orshoven in Leuven, homebase of Braakland Zhebilding, the theatre company which brought us Lev in the past.

- 20.00h: Try-out of The Day Dolly Danced, a dance solo of Randi De Vlieghe (fABULEUS)
- 21.00h: Theatre play Over naar jou/weer over naar jou of Adriaan Van Aken en Sara Vertongen
- afterwards: Sextet jam session + DJs + party.

Entrance is free, but reserving your tickets is the safe thing to do: mail

One new date for a Lev performance : january 27th at CC De Werft, Geel.

D/L Woe!
Mr. P.Deweze was kind enough to grant me permission for putting online this mp3 of Woe, as performed by the wonderful Sukilove and the wonderful Rudy Trouvé @ Trix, Hof Ter Lo, 11/05/2005. Enjoy!
Also thanks to Arne for passing on the recording!

new pics site!
The (also wonderful) Greet G. has a new pictures website of her own online: Hop over to, browse the music section, and find (among others) some fine pics of The Love Substitutes!

may 25th 2005
Hiya - sorry for being absent lately. Things have been reasonable calm on the Rudy-front, and good old is always there to let you in on the latest official news anyway. Anyhoo, some things you may have missed:

* Rudy joined in for one song during a Sukilove live session at Trix/Hof Ter Lo the other day. Together they played Lydia Lunch's song Atomic Bongos. Lucky bastards who attended the concert even got a live recording to take home afterwards.

* Roady Trouvé at work - AB Club 01/05/2005

* Thanks to Herman Schuermans of Rock Werchter fame, attenders of his festival this year can visit a bunch of Belgian museums for free. What's this got to do with Rudy you say? Well, our man will create a 'work of art', inspired by the festival, and will have it reproduced to 250 autographed copies. If you pick up a special card at Rock Werchter and visit plenty of museums later this summer, you'll have a good chance at winning one of those 250 editions. Navigate your way through and find the official info in Dutch.
[thanks Wouter]

* The Love Substitutes are well into proceedings of their second album. You have probably already discovered the weblog of our favourite Scottish Love Subs members by now, where you can keep up-to-date on all the colourful details of life in a true rock&roll band.

* Meanwhile, HH reports a third Rudy Trouvé record is well underway as well - great news! Also: new Franco Saint De Bakker T-shirts, a re-united Wall of Sweat (featuring Viking Dave Robertson of Kiss My Jazz), planned Eastern-German and Austrian gigs for Ow - weird!! One address.

* Last of all, my apologies to Maarten for failing to announce one more Lev-date in time... won't happen again.
march 3rd 2005
Hot new download - jump to the Donkey Diesel website and find a Donkey Punch rehearsal mp3 of 'Jesus built my hot rod' - a cover of Ministry. Rudy plays guitar on the track - the complete credits are put down nicely next to the mp3 link. Don't forget the concert at A.B. coming up on Friday - it's the only gig scheduled of this combo so grab this chance to catch 'm.

Update from heavenhotel: A selection of Rudy Trouvé artwork is now for sale at the Heavenhotel website! Currently there are 20 blow-ups for sale (some already sold in the meantime), so check it out!

Also coming up: Rudy and Elko helping out Star Club West-guitarist Nico Jacobs to play songs from his musical heroes, Yo La Tengo. March 16th at 't Stuk in Leuven - as you know Rudy and Elko will also play Iron Maiden repertoire the week after, march 24th.

And finally, Rudy will do a theme performance with Jelle Jespers (of the old 'Centraal' project, back in 2001), about beat poet William Burroughs. The opening of a new bookstore in Antwerp is the occasion - this is the link with the info you need. Beware: only 40 seats are available. Tickets can be reserved on +32 (0)3-229.18.80 or at Address : Wolstraat 2, Antwerp.
february 10th 2005
The Iron Maiden Connection
As part of the yearly Vadermoord concert series at STUK, Leuven, Rudy Trouvé and Elko Blijweert wel play cover songs of -watch it- Iron Maiden!
Reserve march 24th for this unique concert, plus Jurgen De Blonde of Köhn and dePortables will also play covers of Germany's Nena (you all remember her classic '99 Luftballons'). link!

Additionally, a new concert of the Love Substitutes is planned at the A.B. Club, supporting Millionaire on April 13th. The show sold out within a day though, so you got to be quite special to get in if you don't have your ticket yet!

The four Rudy-curated Mixtuur shows are over, check for some playlists and some transmissions-on-demand. Don't forget tonight at 10PM till 12PM a recorded performance of theatre play Lev plus some unreleased Rudy Trouvé recordings will be broadcasted to finish off the week in style. Classy!
january 31st 2005
Interview time!
Ever since Meet The Love Substitutes While The House is On Fire came out, Rudy has been a popular interviewee. Check out the interviews at Webzine Nameless (en Français), or the plentyful interviews you can find at the one and only Mauroworld.
At 3voor12 (Nederlands), Rudy also plays the 'invisible jukebox-game', where a bunch of Dutch records are put to his attention.
The last paragraph of the interview is particulary interesting; Rudy reveals some of his plans for the future.

- A new record of The Love Substitutes is in the pipeline, as is a new Rudy Trouvé Sextet album.
- Some new projects with -among others- musicians from DAAU (see Prima Donkey)
- A new theatre music project for Braakland/zhe building, together with Mauro.

[Thanks Wouter and Stephan]
january 25th 2005
Un Cadavre Exquis
First up : a new cd including a new Rudy Trouvé track!
Check out - Un Cadavre Exquis is an album based on the creative principle of the exquisite corpse, a technique used by the old surrealist painters. The idea is : all the artists build a musical piece, based upon the preceding piece of music on the cd. Rudy is part of the series of artists, which would mean our beloved guitar hero started from a track by French musicians Guilhem Granier and Guillaume Beauron, and Thomas Belhom (of the Amor Belhom Duo) started from the music Rudy made.
Other artists on the disc include local heroes Peter Vermeersch and Venus, as well as international artists like The Black Heart Procession, Dominique A and Dirty Three. Coming to a shop near you (France & Benelux) from february 23rd, Belgian distribution by BANG!.

Donkey once again
After Donkey Veggie and Donkey Punch, the Donkey Diesel spin-off series transforms into a new shape : Prima Donkey. This time, the line-up will be Rudy Trouvé, Gunter Nagels (Donkey Diesel), Buni Lenski (DAAU/Donkey Diesel), Han Stubbe (DAAU), Geert Waegeman (Lev, Cro Magnon), Nathalie Delcroix and Jorunn Bauweraerts (Laïs). Yes that's right, Laïs.
A concert at the A.B. is planned march 4th, all the info you need is right here.

You get some rules to follow One of them would be : Go out and get yourself a copy of Franco Saint De Bakker's debut album 'Live at the Ancienne Belgique'. All the track-info + 1 free mp3 download is already on the Heavenhotel website, but after personally hearing the album myself, I would reward it with a fully certified Deadbeattown three shiny thumbs up! Tremendous album, and as a bonus, Rudy's vocals are on one track. Out in the stores end of january. So roundabout now-ish, actually.
december 23rd 2004
The King of Wilrijk moved to Edegem
Swell news, copy/paste from !
"Mark Meyers, which you might remember as singer in Kiss My Jazz and of the band Superelmandrado, has formed a new band with the name Pox, and will perform live on the 29th of December.

JH Nootuitgang
Parklaan, 159
2650 Edegem
Fort V
Doors : 21.00h / Music : 22.00h.

Line-up : Bekin Ratta, Jurgen DeClerq, Mark Meyers, Rudy Trouvé, Koen Van Camp

Free Entrance : should not be used for children or adolescents because of the associated risk of Reye's syndrome, a rare but life-threatening condition.
december 20th 2004
Short stuff
* Some updated live dates for Ow! and The Love Substitutes : Check ik out!
* More Love Substitutes photo's at Heavenhotel! Discuss the album here!
* Even more photo's (I Hate Camera's and other ones) at Kris Verdonck's website!
* Franco Saint De Bakker's debut album is called 'Live At The Ancienne Belgique' and will be presented to the audience February 1st at the A.B. itself! All the info is here, the official Heavenhotel website also has the tracklist already online!
* Lev, the theatre play Rudy and Geert Waegeman made music for, will be performed again next year, including mostly performances in the Netherlands. One show will be recorded by classical radio station Klara for the program Textuur. Destination of the recording : Unknown !
december 17th 2004
The Love Substitutes were interviewed yesterday at Studio Brussel / Radar, and played a short session afterwards.
+ Pictures of the first two Love Substitutes gigs can be seen at SoundBrown!
december 13th 2004
Hey did you see them coming?
The Love Substitutes held their live debut this weekend!
Friday 11/12 there was a semi-secret debut gig/try-out at the Wonderbar in Antwerp, Saturday 12/12 the Substitutes played at the café of Molens Van Orshoven in Leuven. The announced 30-70% ratio of rehearsed stuff/improvisation seemed a little exaggerated, but the combo did manage to sound even more raw on stage than on record. Nearly all of the songs on the debut album were included in the set, plus a few complete improvisations.
On both concerts, a guest was invited up the stage to fill in for Mauro on drums during the Love Substitutes theme song. At the Wonderbar, I Love Sarah-drummer Jeroen Stevens joined in, in Leuven another local hero picked up the drumsticks.
What the concerts probably lacked in sophistication, they made up for in sheer energy and (even) entertainment value. The band plays the basic song-structures with ease, but chooses to improvise rather than swallow the chords in ass-tight riffs and perfectly executed guitar solo's. Their approach definitely makes the Love Substitutes a damn fine and interesting bunch to keep track of.

This week on thursday (16/12), The Love Substitutes will be on Studio Brussel show 'Radar' between 20.00 and 22.00h.
december 8th 2004
Hop on over, where the new Love Substitutes album can be listened to in pretty fine audio quality!

december 4th 2004
Heavenhotel Presents : The Love Substitutes
get The Love Substitutes from! Finally! The Love Substitutes hit the stores with their self-titled debut album. The tantalising line-up of three former/current dEUS guitarists + 1 bass player delivers the goods.
Recorded in 2 days time with little preparation, it's fair to say this isn't the slickest sounding bunch around. Improvising in the studio is always risky business, but The Love Substitutes get away with it, easily. On the cd you'll find the odd joke, including the eight-second opening track (what the hell was that?), or Craig Ward singing about his own guitar riff in the the previous track on the album. No kidding!
But luckily, the album isn't just a simple big joke. There are a good deal of songs which, dispite the basic recording methods, illuminate the musical brilliance and diversity of this combo. Summer of Mars, deuxième tableau is based on one primitive stoner riff, on top of which the demon inside Mauro Pawlowski ponders for another 10.000 years I was prepared / where were you?. You'd be forgiven to run away scared, but the hypnotising guitar riff underneath is quite simply exhilarating stuff. Songs like Death Folk Sailor on the other hand, wouldn't have been misplaced on a Rudy Trouvé Sextet album. In a gentle, poppy guitar tune, Rudy and Craig sing softly, mesmerising about potential alternative careers. Otherwise, the foursome successfully explore a load of different musical styles. At times it sounds a bit like a resumé of Rudy's carreer; Clue could be a punky Lionell Horrowitz track, Disconnected almost could've fit on either of the first two Kiss My Jazz albums, Hey, did you see me coming could've been a track for Gore Slut. Nice!
Another highlight of the album is definitely More Than The Sun pt.2, a tender Mauro-track based on dreamy ebow guitar sounds. Closing track Shanty has a striking Velvet Underground-sound to it, ending in a repetitive guitar riff, playing around with some additional feedback and guitar pedal effects. Top stuff.
The album is distributed by Lowlands/BANG! so should be available in most good records shops around by now. The print is limited to 1000 copies though, so don't hesitate too long.

Live Substitues
After the 'false' start of last september, The Love Substitutes will play live!
According to Heavenhotel, 30% will be rehearsed material, the rest improvised stuff.
11/12/2004 : Molens van Orshove, Leuven (after play from Braakland ZheBilding)
15/01/2005 : JH Jokot, Niel (with OW)
20/01/2005 : Charlatan, Gent (tbc)
28/01/2005 : Zaal België - Hasselt (tbc)
29/01/2005 : De Singel (De Nachten) Antwerp
05/02/2005 : Recyclart, Brussels

Nowhere = Out There
get Nowhere from! After (seemingly) some distribution problems, the debut album of OW is now also out in your favourite record shop. Nowhere is the first Heavenhotel release in five years, not featuring a glimps of Rudy Trouvé at all!
OW is in fact the band of Elko Blijweert, Thomas Noppe (Gore Slut), Chris Wauters and Jan Stoop. It's dreamy postrock (though I couldn't really compare it to another postrock band...), and like in the Love Substitutes, the best guitar player in the band is playing a different instrument. It doesn't ruin the fun though - Nowhere features dreamy, kind of sad but at the same time poppy postrock that actually manages to sound pretty fresh to your ears.
The album clocks in at 59 minutes and is printed only on 500 copies, so you probably shouldn't wait too long with this one either.

Ow live :
07/01/05: Roxy, Ieper (Boomgaardstraat 24)
08/01/05: ‘t Ogenblik, Beveren
13/04/05: CC Luchtbal, Antwerpen (w. Karate - tbc)

And finally, Rudy made the cover for the current booklet of the A.B..

Don't act like one, be a housewife
If your stomac is still strong enough to withstand Daan's ongoing disco trip, check out his re-issued album Victory, which now comes with a free bonus disc.
Like with the Bridge Burner re-issue, it features a bunch of already-released b-sides, some new ones (I think), and the video's for Victory, Housewife and oldie Swedish Designer Drugs.
Luckily, the bonus-disc is also for sale seperately this time too. Now in the shops.
september 21st 2004
Love Substitutes re-scheduled
The concert of the Love Substitutes @ Wonderbar (Antwerp) won't go on as planned on Friday. Craig is still ill (some dEUS-concerts have also been cancelled), but in stead Rudy will play with "I Hate Camera's", a guitar impro-set with Elko Blijweert, Mauro Pawlowski, Tomas Noppe, Bert Lenaerts (bass) and Michiel Tijs (drums). The Love Substitutes cd has also been put back a little further, to be released later this year.

For one weekend in october (23-24/10), Mauro Pawlowski will be chief of the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. Rudy Trouvé Sextet and Franco Saint De Bakker will play that weekend, as will a one-time-only re-united Evil Superstars (not playing a set of old Superstars classics), and so will Tom Barman+Jazz ensemble and our post-indie-house-postrock friends of I Love Sarah.
All info is, of course, at

Next year, theatre play LEV will continue to tour for a little longer. The current 2005 schedule is as follows :
21/01/2005 : Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (nl)
22/01/2005 : Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (nl)
17/02/2005 : Molens Van Orshoven, Kulturama festival, Leuven
18/02/2005 : Molens Van Orshoven, Kulturama festival, Leuven
19/02/2005 : Molens Van Orshoven, Kulturama festival, Leuven
01/03/2005 : MIM, Brussel (15.00h)
02/03/2005 : MIM, Brussel (14.00h)
09/03/2005 : Aula Q (VUB), Etterbeek - Brussel
10/05/2005 : GC De Kruisboog, Tienen (Minderbroedersstraat 15)
19/06/2005 : festival, Rotterdam (nl)
A recording of the play is also planned by Klara.

José Polido was kind enough to send me some photo's of old Rudy Trouvé paintings. Number 8 is a framed golden record of Worst Case Scenario. Enjoy !
picture 1 / picture 2 / picture 3 / picture 4 / picture 5 / picture 6 / picture 7 / picture 8.

Daan music
Fans of Daan Stuyven will be pleased to know two films with his (unreleased) music will be broadcasted very soon :
- Meisje (2002) wednesday 22/09 at ARTE (22.40-00.15h)
- Un Honnet Commerçant (2002) monday 27/09 at RTBF La Une (21.50-23.15h)

september 8th 2004
Ahh, I'm sure you've all seen the news on If not : a short recap : Mauro Pawlowski (drums), Bert Lenaerts (bass), Craig Ward (guitar) and Rudy Trouvé (guitar) is the new line-up for 'Love Substitutes', formerly know as 'Radical Zero'.
Mauro joined, Danny Mommens left. (rumour has it the hectic agenda's of Vive La Fête and Radical Zero did not match)

The foursome went into a studio for a day and a half, and came out with twenty-some songs. Apparently it's improvised pop/noise. Mastering of the album has recently finished and a release is set for end of September October.
Currently, two one gig is scheduled :
Love Substitutes
fri 17/9 at Pekfabriek, Kattenberg 93, Borgerhout cancelled
fri 24/9 at Wonderbar, Pacificatiestraat, Antwerp
(Be there or be square!)

* Also finished : debut album of OW!, Elko Blijweert's new postrock-ish band. A release on Heavenhotel is also scheduled for sometime September.

* Also finished : a soundtrack Rudy made for film maker Donato Rotunno. In 1997, Lionell Horrowitz and his Combo made music for a film of his, called "Courte Mettrage Fish Trip". A limited edition CD-R release on Heavenhotel is planned.

* Not yet finished : a new Rudy Trouvé Sextet EP, apparently with a satanic theme. Another CD-R release, probably end of the year or early next one.
A new Rudy Trouvé sextet concert is also coming soon - to be confirmed even sooner !

* Lev, the theater play with music by Geert Waegeman and Rudy Trouvé, will tour in the Netherlands next year. A (live) recording of the play is also scheduled for sometime, but no details yet on how/when/where.

* The German Haldern Open Air festival released a CD of last year's festival. Dead Man Ray played there, and you can hear a live version of 'Landslide' on the cd. I'm not sure yet if you can order the cd somewhere.

* Last month, Rudy also played at Scheld'apen with Donkey Veggie (12/08 - read a review).

* A nice link to a nice page sent in by nice people. It's a guide to Antwerp, and Rudy holding the reporter's hand. The tricky part is : the article is in French :)
(whoever feels like doing a proper translation is more than welcome !)

I'm seeking acknowledgement for the fact that Franco Saint De Bakker is SUCH a brilliant band.
Last sunday, they played a set at the (still-not-dead) Scheld'apen, and all I can say is w-o-w.
Rudy joined in for three songs, among them a Sun Ra cover. (Live-) album coming early next year, one to hold your breath for !

end transmission

july 29th 2004
Three extra LEV shows
There are three extra performances planned of the theatre play LEV, with Dirk Buysse in the leading (and only) role, and Geert Waegeman and Rudy Trouvé playing live music.
All three shows are at the Theater aan Zee festival, in Oostende (Victorialaan). August 5th at 21.00h, and August 6th at 17.00h and another one at 21.00h. Entrance is 8 Euro's.
Apparently, there's a good chance the play will also tour Flanders and the Netherlands again next season.
More info about Lev at the Braakland/Zhebilding website.
july 21st
news ! new appearances ! new stuff and all !
* New Donkey Punch concert ! August 12th at Scheld'apen, Antwerp. [Former DAAU-member and pianist/composer] Adrian Lenski will join the band this time round.
* Setlist for the Donkey Punch concert of june 20th : Big Chief Buffalo Nickle / Crash By River / Swing de la Tournette / Catfish Blues / Fountain of Fools / Lila Lila / Judgment Day / Lila Lila (encore). All songs are by Donkey Diesel, except Crash By River (Gore Slut) and Lila Lila (Kim Kay)
* Elko's new band Ow! will play at Kinky Star Club (Gent) on friday 23rd of july, at midnight.
* Interview with Rudy in French at Webzinenameless ! Rudy tells the folks from Webzinenameless he's currently working on some soundtracks for various projects... more info will follow !
june 9th
new combo : donkey punch !
Another season, another Rudy-disguise !
This time, Rudy teams up with Han Stubbe of DAAU, Gunter Nagels of Donkey Diesel, and Buni Lenski of DAAU and Donkey Diesel.
You can catch this (one-time only?) combo at Feest Van De Muziek, Sint-Andries (Antwerp) on June 20th, 22.30h.
The same night, same stage, Elko's new band OW! will play as well, at 21.15h. OW! will (in theory) release a first album on Heavenhotel later this year.
[thanks moniek]

Rumour has it that Mauro has teamed up with Rudy's other new band of this year, Radical Zero. We heard he would be replacing Danny Mommens on drums, who is busy conquering the world with Vive La Fête and recording a new album with dEUS (to be released january 2005).

Meanwhile, the Rudy Trouvé sextet concert at Bear Rock Festival june 25th has been confirmed !

...and finally, a new and fine interview of Steven Heyse with Rudy can be found here. A French review of 2002-2003 is here. Very fine live pictures of the Rudy Trouvé sextet at Wagehuys, Leuven are at Tom Nuydens' new website : There you will also find nice pics of Franco Saint De Bakker playing at the AB club last week, with Rudy doing some guest vocals/guitars/distortions.
may 9th

- A new Rudy Sextet release : The French E.P.! Tu Sais/Je me Souviens/Film Noir/Et maintenant. It's a 100 pieces ltd. edition, and if you knew about it in time, you could've bought it online at If you didn't knew about it in time : that means you're probably not subscribed to the Heavenhotel newsletter !
Online it was sold out within hours, but if you go to future Rudy Trouvé gigs, chances are they'll still be selling remaining copies after the concert.

- New photo's of Rudy Trouvé sextet are online at !

- A new Rudy Trouvé sextet concert, though unconfirmed (?) : Bear-rock festival. June 25th in Andenne (near Namur), more/confirmed information when I find it.

- Hurray, I'm (yet again) working on a new version of this website. Feel free to tell me your wishes, expectations, ideas, contributions, insults, political views.
april 15th

Order DAAU's Ghost Tracks mail-order cd through the band's website, and find out there's a previously unreleased Rudy Trouvé remix of a DAAU song on the cd !
You can even choose to buy the bare version (cd+plastic case / $15), or with the additional, (overpriced?) ltd edition silkscreen printed artwork. ($15+$40 = $55).
Good CD though. The new DAAU album will also be out later this month.

Martin and Alison, Britain's two biggest fans of Belgian music, pointed me to this page. A 3D animated promo video/video clip for Rudy's song 'Black&Blue' by Oblong, a British graphic design/animation firm.
Thank You !
march 6th 2004
Lev on tour now
Theatre play LEV went in première last week ! The play is a biographical rundown on Lev Theremin, inventor of the Theremin (sort of an airwave-prequel to the synthesizer). Dirk Buyse is the only actor on stage, in the role of mr. Theremin. He tells and plays the entire story.
Rudy Trouvé is also on stage all the time, together with Geert Waegeman. Rudy occasionally sings and plays electric guitar, mini-piano, a sort-of mini-Harpsichord, effect pedals, and a mini-guitar he plays with a wineglass. Geert Wageman plays electric guitar (mini and normal), drumcomputer, percussion, keyboards, violin and some singing too.

Lev will tour across Flanders in the next two months, here's the tour schedule :
March 4th / 20.15h / CC Strombeek, Strombeek / (0)2 263 03 43
March 5th / 20.15h / CC De Kern, Wilrijk / (0)3 821 01 36
March 8th / 20.00h / CC Hasselt, Hasselt / (0)11 22 99 33
March 13th / 20.00h / CC 't Getouw, Mol / (0)14 33 08 88
March 19th / 20.15h / CC De Boogaard, Sint Truiden / (0)11 69 39 90
March 25th / 20.15h / Stadsschouwburg, Mechelen / (0)15 29 40 00
March 26th / 20.00h / Wagehuys, Leuven / (0)16 22 21 13
March 27th / 20.00h / Wagehuys, Leuven / (0)16 22 21 13
April 3rd / 20.00h / Magdalenazaal, Brugge / (0)50 44 30 60
April 7th / 20.15h / Limelight, Kortrijk / (0)56 22 10 01
April 16th / 20.15h / CC De Adelberg, Lommel / (0)11 55 35 11
April 24th / 20.15h / CC De Muze, Zolder / (0)11 53 05 50
May 12th / 20.00h / Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerp / (0)3 224 88 44
May 13th / 20.00h / Vooruit, Gent / (0)9 267 28 28
february 28th 2004

* A new batch of cool Rudy Trouvé sextet snapshots are at Moïd !
* Because there's always someone who wants to know : the exhibition of Rudy Trouvé blow-ups in Turnhout at De Warande runs till march 28th, and if you're interested, you can buy artwork.
* The Rudy Trouvé & friends mini-tour bill of this weekend is as follows : First Rudy Trouvé sextet (roughly 50 minutes), then Dave Doughman solo on electric guitar (ca. 30 minutes), then a short break, then Lou Barlow solo on acoustic guitar (somewhere between 30 and 50 minutes), then Rudy Trouvé Sextet with Lou Barlow and/or Dave Doughman for 3 or 4 songs.
Two more chances to see it : tonight at De Spil in Roeselare and tomorrow night at CC De Cirk in Hasselt.
february 23rd 2004
new album/interviews/dave

* The new album "2002-2003 / The Rudy Trouvé Sextet in an introvert but danceable mood" has been treated a great review in Knack magazine. A snippet :

"Weemoed wordt in uitgebalanceerde en sfeervolle arrangementen gevat, terwijl I Wanna Be Yr Beach The Stooges met New Order verzoent. Poreuze schoonheid."
or :
"Melancholy is captured in well-balanced and moody arrangements, while I Wanna Be Yr Beach reconciles The Stooges with New Order. It's fragile beauty."

* Rudy was interviewed in De Morgen today (monday 23/02)
* There will be an interview in HUMO tomorrow.
* The interview with Cucamonga can be read and listened to.
* A replacement for Todd Trainer in the late-februari concerts has been found : Dave Doughman of Swearing at Motorists.
february 13th 2004
new album/instore/todd/daan

* The new album "2002-2003 / The Rudy Trouvé Sextet in an introvert but danceable mood" is in the stores right now !!
* Rudy will play a solo instore concert at Bilbo/Popkelder at Koornmarkt, Antwerp on wednesday 25th of february, at 14.00h.
* An interview w. Rudy also in De Tijd today.
* Todd Trainer won't play at the 4 concerts end of february, unfortunately. A worthy replacement act is being searched for as we speak.
* The new album will be reviewed and Rudy will be interviewed by Cucamonga, Radio 1 next Monday 16/02 between 21.00h and 23.00h.
* RTBF's spanking new Daan Stuyven documentary will be broadcasted on La Deux, 20/02 at 21.00h and again 24/02 at 10.30h. It's a very entertaining and well-made documentary, some brief interviews with Rudy are included. Definitely worth programming your VCR for !
january 28th 2004
13 news updates, hurrah !

1. Happy Birthday Rudy !! He turned 37 today. Slowly but firmly progressing towards the big 4-0 :)

2. New band ! Radical Zero is Rudy's new band with Craig Ward (of dEUS) on guitar, Danny Mommens (Vive La Fête, dEUS) on drums, and Aldo Struyf (Millionaire, Golf) on bass guitar.
A mini-interview with Gazet Van Antwerpen already occurred, whaddayouknow.
- it's a noise-combo
- Rudy calls it postfolk : folk music but played so loud and distorted it becomes unrecognisable
- Which means : somewhere in between Sonic Yoyth and Fairport Convention.
- The originally scheduled concert of 30/01 has been postponed to somewhere in february, as the band only has 3 songs so far
- Radical Zero will only exist in times of dEUS-rehearsals, as Craig Ward is still living in Scotland
3. Rudy will play solo at Arenberg, Antwerp on February 13th. It's a Valentine-themed mini-festival called 'Voorspel'. link

4. The new Rudy Trouvé sextet album is called '2002-2003 / The Rudy Trouvé Sextet in an introvert but danceable mood'. All info is on, except for one detail : it's a really, really good album. Really.
The first single (CD-R release) of the album will be a song called 'ThirtySix', release date of the album is February 16th.
Do check the Heavenhotel website, because you can download an outtake of the album in .mp3 there, namely Trash. (new version of Kiss My Jazz's Trash vs. YLT)

5. Rudy Trouvé comments on the cd as follows :
" 2002 - 2003 The Rudy Trouvé Sextet in an introvert but danceable mood, is een nieuw solo-album, nog minder solo dan het vorige, want ditmaal opgenomen met groep. De nummers werden gerepeteerd en geschreven in de periode van 2002 & 2003. Het album werd op 10 dagen analoog ingeblikt tijdens de zomer van 2003. De muziek valt min of meer te omschrijven als postfolkpunkjazzcountry-achtig. Wij bezitten platen van bands zoals Brigitte Fontaine, The Fall, Chet Baker, Leonard Cohen, The Feelies, Eno, Les Ypersounds en duizenden anderen en ongetwijfeld zal dat wel zijn sporen hebben achtergelaten.
Vermoedelijk is deze plaat haast onder pop te klasseren omdat alle sferische, instrumentale dingen die we in 2002 & 2003 hebben gemaakt, voor soundtracks zijn gebruikt en enkel de meer nummer gerichte dingen zijn overgebleven.
Alle nummers van dit album gaan over eenvoudige dingen, omdat wij Rudy Trouvé (ex-dEUS, ex-Kiss My Jazz, Horrowitz, Gore Slut, Centrãl, Dead Man Ray, Radical Zero), Elko Blijweert (Ex-Kiss My Jazz, Franco Saint De Bakker, Ow, Morf, Dead Man Ray, Star Club West), Sigrid Van Rosendaal (Lionell Horrowitz, Franco Saint De Bakker), Geert Van Bever (Ex-Red Scarf), Dimitri Daggelinckx (Ploink, Lionell Horrowitz) en Aarich Jespers (Ex-Kiss My Jazz, Zita Swoon) zijn.

Ik hoop dat u ervan zal genieten."
Rudy Trouvé
6. The 4 concerts with Lou Barlow and Todd Trainer are still going on, don't forget. The last Rudy Trouvé sextet gigs I've seen were nothing short of wonderful, add the 'bonus' of Lou Barlow and Todd Trainer playing, and you've got a unique program you shouldn't miss out on. Here's a reminder :
26.02: Handelsbeurs, Gent (
27.02: De Warande, Turnhout (
28.02: De Spil, Roeselare (
29.02: CC De Doos, Hasselt (
7. De Warande in Turnhout is also organizing an expo of Rudy's paintings, between february 27th and march 28th. I do not know if they will be selling paintings.

8. Heavenhotel will unleash a new ltd. edition CD-R release of Tim Van De Poel in february. Tim is one half of Autistik Youth (Elko Blijweert being the other), and apparently he has made 366 mini-songs, one song per day, especially for this year. It is a 4cd box packed in a silkscreened artwork made by Jelly Crama and Dennis Tyfus.

9. For those who weren't there : Wààày back last year, Rudy and Elko played two songs at the Johnny Cash tribute night at Hof Ter Lo. They played two Cash songs in true Elektro/Suicide fashion : 'Wanted Man' and 'I walk the line'. Elko on keys, Rudy on distorted mic.
Maybe these songs will be released on a new Rudy CD-R release, maybe not. We all hope it will, of course.

10. While all of hip Antwerp is at De Nachten, BBC Radio 3 will broadcast a special on the Belgian 'indie' music scene at 22.15 GMT - january 30th.
They will play songs of and provide info about dEUS, Eavesdropper, Evil Superstars, Mauro Antonio Pawlowski, Somnabula, Rudy Trouvé Sextet, Dead Man Ray, Logos Foundation Automaton Orchestra, An Pierlé, Univers Zero, Kapotski and Kadah/Vresky. The program will be available for online-listening afterwards at the BBC website.

11. If you happened to miss out on Radio 1 Cucamonga's great 5-chapter dEUS-special, check this page.

12. At this page, you can download Dead Man Ray's Hit-Single 'Chemical' legally for the price of €2, or less if you buy more songs at once. Mauro/Evil Superstars/dEUS/Zita Swoon/etc are also in there, somewhere.

13. No news about the debut album of Franco Saint De Bakker, sorry. Elko made a list of fave records of 2003 though, available at Ultra-zine, along the lists of Mauro, Stijn, Dennis Tyfus, and more.

[Thank you Wouter and Alison&Martin]
january 22nd 2004
rudy hates de nachten
Sorry people, i'm dreadfully busy at the moment and don't have much time to do some proper updates.
Check and see why Rudy hates De Nachten, and why I hate Rudy just a tiny bit :)
november 11th 2003
Last night, Franco Saint De Bakker played a (superb) concert at Kaaiman, Antwerp. They played a load of jazz covers, one own composition, and covers of Blue Monday and Sue Daniels. Elko is hereby elected to be the Best Guitar Player In Belgium.
Rudy Trouvé joined in too - during Air Raid (of Grachan Moncur III) for some spoken word, and during three other songs for some noise and feedback. Watch out for the to-be-released FSDB live CD-R !

A small update on some Rudy-issues :
-Like said, Rudy and Craig Ward have agreed to start a new band. Current name for the band : Radical Zero.
-Unlike what the Guerilla site says, Rudy will play with Elko, not Viking Dave Robertson for the Johnny Cash tribute at Hof Ter Lo 19/12. Rudy will sing, Elko will control a synthesiser and a beatbox.
-Central, the band which played the soundtrack for some projections at the Antwerp train station two years ago, is rehearsing again and will at some point release an album. A CD-R release of one of the sessions 27 and 28/10/2001 will also happen.
-The exposition at Arenberg only features real paintings, no blow-ups. Most of the work on display is old though, only a handful of new paintings will be exposed. The exposition at De Warande next February will contain a lot more new paintings.

november 10th 2003
good news for the Swiss and for fans of Mouse On Mars
For the Swiss : Dead Man Ray is doing a mini-tour in Switzerland now !
They are playing at roughly the same clubs as the 2001 mini-tour : Rote Fabrik, Zurich (11/11), L'Usine PTR, Geneva (12/11) and ISC, Bern (13/11)

For fans of Mouse On Mars : The Rudy Trouvé Sextet will only start playing at 1AM at the Scheld'Apen gig of 13/12, contrary to what the Scheld'Apen website says.

Oh and it seems you can already visit the mini-Rudy Trouvé expo at Arenberg Schouwburg in Antwerp, though possibly only if you're going to a concert there. (more info when i get it). The last day of the expo will be the day Rudy plays solo at the same Arenberg, sunday November 23rd.

Plus : some good news at !

november 6th 2003
A wee bit of information on the Johnny Cash tribute night in Hof Ter Lo on 19/12 : click here.
According to the page, Rudy would play together with Viking Dave Robertson of Kiss My Jazz fame !
november 2nd 2003
franco saint de bakker
Elko's jazz-combo Franco Saint De Bakker will play live at Kaaiman, Antwerp on monday november 10th. At past gigs, Rudy usually made a guest appearance by performing some spoken word during one of the songs.
FSDB will release a limited edition live CD(-R) by the end of the year, a 'real' album with own compositions will follow somewhere in 2004.
november 1st 2003
solo and cash
On december 19th, a Johnny Cash tribute concert is planned at Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp. Some of the bands and artists scheduled to come play : Rudy Trouvé, Daan Stuyven, Kloot per W, Internationals, ARSE, O'Haras, and a couple more. Be there or be square !

..And a new Rudy Trouvé solo (i.e. without the rest of the sextet) gig will be at Arenberg, Antwerp (the little room in the back) on November 23rd, including a small exhibition of some of Rudy's paintings.
october 31st 2003
sextet live again
The Rudy Trouvé Sextet will play at the Scheld'Apen, Antwerp on december 13th. Also on the bill are Spunk and Monguito, Mauro's deranged noise-combo.

Meanwhile, you can buy the video of Dead Man Ray's 'Landslide' on DVD, on ASSEMBLAGE VOL. 1. It's a 2-disc DVD+compilation CD compiled by Luc Van Acker, and features other cool bands like Millionaire, Sukilove, Daan, Das Pop, COEM, and more.
september 21st 2003
air raid
Jump to and download Air Raid, a track of Franco Saint de Bakker's first demo, which features some spoken word by Rudy Trouvé. The original song is by Grachan Moncur III.
A full FSDB album is expected for 2004.
september 13th 2003
rudy Trouvé on your birthday party
At the closing night of Zita Swoon's 10th anniversary concerts at Roma, Borgerhout, Rudy Trouvé was invited on stage to play two songs with the band.
First, Rudy sang A Beatband's Big Black TV Cat with a delay/distortion effect box in his hand, gently mutilating his own singing. Secondly, Rudy picked up his guitar, and his girlfriend Sigrid joined on stage to do backing vocals for Lost, a song of Gore Slut's album Above The Lisa Drugstore.
Quite cool indeed. :) (third draft)
Heyme has been working his socks off to get a redesigned version of the Heavenhotel website online, go check it out !

chateau dead man ray
Some photo's of Dead Man Ray playing at the Pukkelpop festival are here.

august 19th 2003
sextet live
The new Rudy Trouvé Sextet album is due for a release sometime October, and there will be a live concert on thursday 25/09 - 22.00h as well at the Recyclart festival, at the old train station Kapellekerk in Brussels. Picturesque and [aisikl] will also play that evening.
august 8th 2003
dates dates dates
The fourth (and presumably last) date of the Rudy Trouvé Sextet + Friends-tour is February 28th at CC De Spil in Roeselaere. Jonathan Richman will possibly also be included in the tour, along with Lou Barlow and Todd Trainer.
Dead Man Ray will also play at the very same CC De Spil on Halloween, October 31st.
[Thanks Alison]

Also, a list of the LEV theatre tourdates has been released, here you go :

March 4th 2004 - 20.15h - tel : (0)2 263 03 43
Strombeek, C.C. Strombeek

march 5th 2004 - 20.15h - tel : (0)3 821 01 36
Wilrijk, C.C. De Kern

march 8th - 2004 20.00h - tel : (0)11 22 99 33
Hasselt, C.C. Hasselt

march 13th 2004 - 20.00h - tel : (0)14 33 08 88
Mol, C.C. 't Getouw

march 19th 2004 - 20.15h - tel : (0)11 69 39 90
Sint Truiden, C.C. De Boogaard

march 25th 2004 - 20.15h - tel : (0)15 29 40 00
Mechelen, Stadsschouwburg

march 26th 2004 - 20.00h - tel : (0)16 22 21 13
Leuven, Wagehuys

march 27th 2004 - 20.00h - tel : (0)16 22 21 13
Leuven, Wagehuys

april 3rd 2004 - 20.00h - tel : (0)50 44 30 60
Brugge, Magdalenazaal

april 16th - 2004 20.15h - tel : (0)11 55 35 11
Lommel, C.C. De Adelberg

april 24th 2004 - 20.15h - tel : (0)11 53 05 50
Heusden-Zolder, C.C. Muze

[Thanks Wouter]
july 20th 2003
good news
This week on Elko's Radio Centraal program Kralenspel, he played two tracks from the upcoming second "solo" album of Rudy, which was recorded two weeks ago. Unlike with the first record, the musicians on the new album are consistent throughout : the Rudy Trouvé Sextet. (assumingly this is still : Rudy Trouvé, Sigrid van Roosendaal, Aarich Jespers, Dimitri Daggelinckx, Elko Blijweert and Geert Van Bever). The songs Elko played were still unmastered, and titled 'Kitsch' (sung in French) and '36'. Both sounded very much summertime to me. A release date wasn't given, though it will probably be sometime this fall.

Elko also mentioned Rudy will be doing guest vocals on MorF's next gig at the Gentse Feesten, in the Handelsbeurs. This will be either july 25th and/or 26th (probably 26th), exact timing currently not known to me.

july 6th 2003
and yet
Another leg in the Rudy Trouvé + friends mini-tour : 26/02 at Handelsbeurs in Gent !
june 26th 2003
agenda update
- now confirmed : Rudy Trouvé Quintet + Todd Trainer + Lou Barlow at CC Hasselt 29/02/2004.

- Lev (see news 29/05) at CC Hasselt 08/03/2004
- Lev : CC 't Getouw, Mol 13/03/2004

- Dead Man Ray : Pukkelpop 30/08/2003 !

[Thanks Danny & Wouter !]
june 13th 2003
two thousand and three ? schmo schmousand and schree !
Looks like 2004 will be a lot more fun Rudy-wise than 2003 was so far. The planned exhibition and mini-festival with Rudy as 'curator' (see 3rd news item of 11/1) is apparently taking some shape.
De Warande will host the exhibition, as well as (at least) one concert night (27/02/04) with a supercool line-up : Rudy Trouvé Quintet, Todd Trainer and Lou Barlow !
Also, I haven't seen any flyer or announcement of this myself, but two days later (29/02/04), CC De Doos in Hasselt will have a similar organized-by-Rudy mini-festival, with both DAAU and Bl!ndman Kwartet as part of the program. But this info is still pretty much under construction.
Watch this space !
[thanks kevin and alison]

(or, watch the space at, as they once again have a bunch of cool new dead man ray photo's online !)

june 7th 2003
some new DMR dates
The Dead Man Ray tour agenda has again been slightly updated, here you go :

12/06 : Roter Salon Club, Berlin (d) - www
20/07 : Boomtownlive, Gent - www
23/07 : Paléo festival, Nyon (ch) - www
09/08 : Haldern Festival, Haldern (d) - www
24/08 : Zomerparkfeest, Venlo (nl) - www
03/10 : CC De Lessines, Lessines - Rue de la Déportation 37 (tél : 068/331.426)
11/10 : Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerp - www
24/10 : Nijdrop, Opwijk - www

And Killerbob was also kind enough to send me an article about DMR in London last month, enjoy !

may 29th 2003
As soon as March 2004 !
Rudy has a new project in the pipeline, though it's still quite a while before you'll get to see anything of it. Geert Waegeman (a.o. known from his work with El Fish), Stijn Devillé (directed and wrote several theatre plays with Braakland/ZheBilding) and Rudy Trouvé (eh, you know this guy, right ?) will work on a play based upon the life story of Russian inventor Lev Theremin. This page has some information on the man's life and work.
The play will be sort of a multimedia affair, though since the première isn't scheduled till spring next year, there aren't many details available yet.
So far, the play is only known to be scheduled in CC Spinoy, Mechelen, March 25th 2004. This page will provide you all the available info (in Dutch).
[thanks scary teens !]
may 4th 2003
All is quiet on the Rudy-front, but...
...Elko Blijweert has a new exotic project which will release a cd-r on Heavenhotel soon : Autistik Youth.
Read (and hear) all about it at Heyme's !
april 19th 2003
more tour
Three new live gigs for Dead Man Ray :
29/05 : Festival Sacrés Belges - Arras (fr)
30/05 : Glaz Art - Paris (fr)
11/06 : Showcase Berlin (location tba) - Berlin (d)
april 5th 2003
a cd single thing
Dead Man Ray's latest attack on the billboards is their new single, A Single Thing.
Apart from the title track, there are also two early demo versions of A Single Thing - when it was still called Raven -, and a 'Clear Horizon Remix' of the song.
I don't know yet who made this remix, when I find out, so will you.

The DMR tourschedule is updated again and includes a visit to Switserland and a gig in hometown Antwerp.

08/04 : Domino festival, A.B. Brussel (support for Interpol)
16/04 : Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzette (lux)
17/04 : Rotown, Rotterdam (nl)
19/04 : Viva Velinx festival, Tongeren
23/04 : Showcase at Barfly, London (uk)
15/05 : 013, Tilburg (nl)
23/05 : Gigant, Apeldoorn (nl)
23/07 : Paléo festival, Nyon (ch)
09/08 : Haldern Festival, Haldern (d)
03/10 : CC De Lessines, Lessines
11/10 : Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerp
march 17th 2003
dj roedie
Rudy Trouvé will DJ (!) with a 'mystery guest' at Boterhallen, Diksmuide on march 29th. It's a benefit party for 4AD.
march 17th 2003
don't talk about engeland
Dead Man Ray are now really coming over to the U.K. !
Barfly club in London, april 23rd.
Also a new date for Apeldoorn in the Netherlands : 23/05 at Gigant.
february 10th 2003
almost like a tour
Some new Dead Man Ray gigs have been announced. The updated schedule is :
13/02: Mezz - Breda (nl) - support : Nona Mez - www
15/02: Patronaat - Haarlem (nl) - support : Nona Mez - www
07/03: Handelsbeurs - Gent - support : Nona Mez - www
20/03: Doornroosje - Nijmegen (nl) - support : King Me - www
22/03: Hedon - Zwolle (nl) - support : Lampshade - www
08/04: Domino festival - AB Box - Brussel - also w. Interpol - www
16/04: Kulturfabrik - Esch-Sur-Alzette - www
17/04: Rotown - Rotterdam (nl) - www
19/04: Viva Velinx festival - Velinx, Tongeren - www
15/05: 013 - Tilburg (nl) - www
09/09: Haldern pop festival - Haldern (d) - www
february 4nd 2003
jim at de nachten
Jim tv will broadcast a one hour special about the Belgian bands at De Nachten, including Dead Man Ray and Daan.
Tune in on "Puur Belgisch", thursday between 22.00 and 23.00h, or Sunday night between 0.30 and 01.30h.
february 2nd 2003
you can't swim with a sprained ankle
The Dead Man Ray gig at Shepard's Bush in London has been taken off from the official DMR website, so until further notice, it unfortunately looks like the gig is cancelled.
The album will be released in the UK shortly though, and the band will definitely come (back) to London later this year.

At last night's De Nachten gig, the band played Blue Volkswagen 10:10 AM for the first time on stage.

january 26th 2003
all the ducks are swimming in the water
Dead Man Ray will cross the channel for the very first time and play in London, UK on February 11th !!
DMR will be support act for Calexico, at Shepard's Bush.
A few more gigs in the Netherlands are added as well...
january 23rd 2003
Mauro's Great Ideas
Yep. Not mine though.

+ some nice & new Dead Man Ray shots at - of the gig at A.B. 16/11/2002 this time.

january 21st 2003
No(i)sy info
Bert was kind enough to let me know Radio 1's Cucamonga will broadcast some live tracks from Dead Man Ray's gig at Blaye summer festival 21/07/2000 next week, january 27th between 21.00h and 23.00h !
january 17th 2003
Big in Luxembourg
The first Luxembourg Dead Man Ray gig in history will be played 16/04, at the Kulturfabrik in Esch-Sur-Alzette !

... and did I mention already there are a few Rudy Trouvé Quintet (live at CC Spinoy 11/10/02) photo's at ? Well now I did !

january 11th 2003
synesthetics & new dates
The Synesthetics : Pop & art exposition is now open for the public !
Rudy Trouvé-wise, it features about half a dozen blow-ups, some of which come from the 1999-2002 cd booklet.
You can see the catalogue of the little expo at your left, the stylish little book+cd was designed by Kunstmaan (see also dEUS' No More Video DVD), and is available at €18. (1000 copies printed).
Over the weeks of the expo (11/01-30/03), there are also gigs & performances planned by a few participants, including 4 gigs with/by Mauro Pawlowski (details TBA). I have currently no idea at all whether Rudy Trouvé will perform as well at the expo at some point - of course you can expect to read it here when I get any info.

Also, an updated Dead Man Ray tour schedule :

01/02: De Nachten Festival - De Singel, Antwerp (01.00h)
13/02: Mezz - Breda (nl)
16/02: Patronaat - Haarlem (nl)
07/03: Handelsbeurs - Gent
19/04: Viva Velinx festival - Velinx, Tongeren
09/09: Haldern pop festival - Haldern (d)

ctrl+c / ctrl+v has interesting news about Rudy's plans for 2003 !
I did the un-honorable thing and copy/pasted it here :

Rudy is really busy, he is making 2 soundtracks, one for a film in France, and one for a filmmaker in Luxemburg, for whom he made a short soundtrack earlier with Lionell Horrowitz & his combo in 1998. If any of this is going to be released is unclear at this point. He could also tell me that 'De Warande' in Turnhout is organizing an exhibition in 2004 of his work. Since the place is huge he needs to start painting a lot for this, so we won't see him on stage for a while except for the Dead Man Ray gigs.
Nice thing about the exhibition in 2004; The organisation is done by several Cultural Centra, who gave Rudy a free hand in organizing the live music. Rudy invited Lou Barlow, who already said yes...
(dbt note : a Lionell Horrowitz soundtrack from 1998 ? -choke !- )
january 3rd 2003
Hoogerbrugge+DMR at De Nachten is Yr Friend
The Dead Man Ray gig at De Nachten 01/02/03 will be preceeded by some projections by Han Hoogerbrugge, who made the Landslide video.

Also, as said before, the forthcoming expo at CC Spinoy (see news of 17/11/02) will publish a catalogue including an exclusive cd.
On the disc will be a new song by the Rudy Trouvé sextet (apparently the former Quintet is no more), called 'Boy is Yr Friend' - previously only played live on two or three occasions.
The full tracklist of the catalogue-CD is at the CC Spinoy expo page.

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