april 25th 2002
hof ter lo
antwerp (b)

rudy trouvé and friends
the seatsniffers
mintzkov luna
mark t
the o'haras

This 'private' gig was organised for the opening of the newly installed public rehearsal rooms in the basements of Hof Ter Lo. A small crowd gathered for the evening, a small stage was set up in the bar of Hof Ter Lo.
A bunch of bands from Antwerp were invited to come play a short (preferrably experimental) gig.
Initially, Rudy would play a short acoustic set with Elko Blijweert, but since he suffered from an injury on his right hand, Rudy invited some fellow musicians to come play some improvisations in stead. Buni Lenski (DAAU), Tomas Noppe (Gore Slut), Michael Thijs (the Antwerp Central station-project), Dimitri Daggelickx (Lionell Horrowitz) and Geert van Bever (producer of Gore Slut) joined Rudy in three improvisations and a cover of Kiss My Jazz' Mute Fish.
It turned out to be a short set (20-25min) with some cool moments in it, quite nice.