july 21st 2000
jh 't bronneken
asse (b)

mintzkov luna
rudy trouvé & elko blijweert

Kristien Lindemans wrote the following about it on the dEUS-mailing list:

"Rudy and Elko were great last friday (kind of a delay, but i've got heaps of stuff to do) at the 'tuinfeesten' from 't Bronneke in Asse. They came early
to check out the local band 'The Flavor' and Mintzkov Luna (nice acoustic performance, their bassplayer is totally brilliant, but she doesn't sing very well) They played songs from Gore Slut and Kiss My jazz (Lovers and Place, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Stained Glass, well all the quit ones cause Rudy announced their gig wrih the phrase 'wij zijn intieme mensen en we gaan vanavond niet bepaald billenkletsers spelen' about as much as 'we're intimid people and this won't be a bunch of 'hupsakee songs')
It was the first rudy and elko gig i ever saw where they drunk water the whole gig through, quite a remarkable thing..."