october 18th 1996
breda (nl)

die anarchistische abendunterhaltung
kiss my jazz

review by Paul van Gorp, stolen from this page

Although I knew the music of Kiss My Jazz from their debut album 'Doc's place friday evening', I was not sure what to expect from this evening. With a Mr. Bungle show (in Nijmegen earlier this year) in the back of my head, I expected total anarchy and chaos. Although it sometimes gave the impression of a big mess (mostly due to lunatic Mark Meyers), everything was pretty well structured: a song, Rudy's talk, a song, Rudy's talk, etc. Even the improvisations (as Rudy called them) seemed to be well studied and were no less than 'ordinary' Kiss My Jazz songs. So no freaky freestyle jazz, minute long sound experiments or something like that.
Rudy was in a good shape. I was a bit amazed when I saw him take some sips from a bottle of mineral water, but later on I saw the Rudy again that I know: talking vaguely with sometimes a bottle of wine in his hands. Nevertheless, he looked fresh, and clearly had great fun during the gig. Especially when someone in the front row decided to pick his toes in his home made sandals.
The line-up of Kiss My Jazz consisted this evening of seven guys. I don't know all the names, but Rudy Trouve, Mark Meyers and Aarich Jespers were three of them. Aarich clearly enjoyed the show. I sure like his relaxed way of hitting the drums; I think his talents are more apparent than when he plays with Moondog Jr.
As said, Mark Meyers went totally bezerk. He did the biggest part of the gig lying or kneeling down on the stage. He danced and screemed as if his feet were on 220 volts (hm, now I come to think of it: 'Chinese torture' is a suitable title of one of the new songs). Although he's got a bit of an air around him, you can only admire his eagerness. I'm curious how he is able to do more than three live shows, if he abuses his voice like this.
The setlist mainly consisted of new songs. Rudy announced that the vinyl ep with four new songs will be released within ten days. I didn't see the entire show (only one hour because I had to bring some friends home), but in this time three songs from the debut album were done, amongst which my favourite 'Beautiful Lovers'. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by Kiss My Jazz live, and I hope to be able to see them again.
Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung brought no big surprise. The usual Drieslagstelsels were comprised in a different mix now, and only two or three new tunes could be heard. As could be expected, 'Suds and soda' received a lot of recognition and of course the cover of 'Paint it black' was a big success. Despite of this, I think it is time for some more new compositions.