August 15th 1995
day of the gods
gent (b)

review by Thomas Vander Stichele, copied from this page at the zita swoon homepage

"Yesterday I went to the free concert of Moondog Jr. (Stef's solo project) and Kiss My Jazz (Rudy's solo project). I'll ramble on a bit about the show. We went there with a friend of ours, Nikki Pintens, who happens to be the (half)sister of the keyboard player of Moondog Jr. They started out two hours late and they switched places, meaning Stef and his band got on first. I really liked the concert, even though I still haven't had the chance to listen to their record (under the name 'A Beatband'). Stef was in great shape, singing better than ever with dEUS. In case you were wondering, it's not really much like dEUS, but since dEUS is now playing songs like Mr. dEATH won't get me it could very well end up being like dEUS. It's more something like doing to jazz what dEUS did to pop. Anyway, besides the sound being awful in an old garage, it was great.

Next up was Kiss my Jazz, which probably featured some guests, as I saw Mauro Pawlovski from Evil Superstars on stage, together with the lead singer from Superalmendrado (the group that opened for dEUS this year in the Vooruit; I thought they were terrible because this guy gives away quite a show over nothing and obviously doesn't know what microphone stands should be used for) and some other guys, numbering nine in total. Rudy was really witty, I've never heard him talk so much ! He also looked rather drunk, but that's beside the point. Was it good ? I didn't really like it. It's too much trying and no delivering, if you know what I mean; they should have thrown out that guy from Superalmendrado. They yelled a lot, and made a lot of noise, but it was too unstructured to mean anything, and you couldn't even hear what was being said. If the text is about the only thing that matters, that's a real problem, isn't it ? Anyway...

There was a party afterwards, with Tom Barman being the DJ. I stayed for an hour and then I was so pissed that I had to leave. He started by playing house/ambient/techno/... for half an hour, them some rap, and more stuff. In fact the only thing I heard in that hour that I liked was 'Been caught stealing' from Jane's Addiction.