december 8th 2001
jeugdhuis 't ogenblik
beveren-waas (b)

gore slut
flip kowlier

stumble (2)
tidal wave
crash by river
crawling to target (1)
a little is enough
lisa drugstore
3 times

Nice gig. Rudy immediately announced it would be the last Gore Slut gig in a while, and that the band was a bit tired because they had played so much. (hardly!) Stop & Stumble got the usual threatments, Tidal Wave now definitely sounds different from the first time I heard the song, in the A.B. 28/9/2001. The song structure is now a bit different. After Tidal Wave, I think Rudy wanted to change the setlist, because there was a short discussion between him and Thomas about the next song they'd play. Then came a set of predictable but well-played, non-routinously played tracks, mostly from Girl+Turtles. They did surprise me however by playing 'A Little is Enough' again. The start was a bit shaky, but soon they got the hang of the song again, and it sounded great. It's still one of Gore Slut's finest tracks, I think. A cool version of Lisa Drugstore followed, after which they ended their set with a not entirely succeeded improvisation (I think). It was okay, but a bit too monotonous for my taste, I guess. The gathered crowd called the band back, and they played the lovely 3 Times again, which also had been a while since I heard that song. Finally, Turtles topped off the set, in a tightly played and short-ish version.
All in all, I think it was definitely a good gig, but not the best I've seen so far. But my standards might be getting a bit high of course.. :)