october 29th 1999
rastelli’s cinécafé
herentals (b)

mental floss
gore slut

white socks
a little is enough
in limbo
telephone calls
…and then the battery of our minidiskrecorder went dead…:/

A great gig, this. Unfortunately, more than 3 quarters of the audience didn’t seem to care a lot.
There was a support act called Mental Floss, a local band of, well basically idiots. Because they were local (and knew half of the audience), they had success though, even with godaweful AC/DC-style rawk-music, with lots of guitar solo’s and dumber-than dumb lyrics. Their laughable “I wanna fly, fly like a bird in the sky” was nót an exception. I most definitely hope I’ll never come across them anymore either.
Gore Slut’s act was terrific, although the audience mainly ignored them, drinking beer and laughing out loud, as if no-one was playing at all. Rudy & co. played a solid set though, even with only thirty-something of the two/three hundred people attending applauding, and actually paying attention. Rudy got annoyed with this after a while of course, apologising in a sarcastic tone, because the band might be playing so loud, people wouldn’t understand half of their conversations with each other anymore.
During the gig, Rudy got off stage to go to the bathroom, but the rest of the band kept the audience awake with some lovely cheesy Casio-elevator music.
A fine gig, but it’s never great when the rest of the audience irritates during the whole performance.