august 27th 2000
lowlands festival
biddinghuizen (nl)

an impression by mr. Maarten Dings

Dead Man Ray unfortunately doesn't attract such large crowds as they do in Belgium (Werchter Festival), but can usually count on a small yet very enthusiastic audience when they play in Holland- which was the case in the small tent at Lowlands this year!
Dead Man Ray played a solid set with a good balance between old (Berchem) songs and new (Trap) songs.
Unfortunately, in the dmr live sets isn't that much room for experimenting and improvisation, an exception is the epic Copy of 78 they played in the encore, which lasted remarkably long, and was very danceable and proved to be a worthy closing!!
An other highlight was Blind surfer, a new track with Rudy screaming his lungs out! (quite a surprise since Rudy practically doesn't sing at all during dmr gigs)
Together with Daan's very amusing comments, all of this led to an ..ehh.. very cool dead man ray gig!