may 20th 2000
a.b. club
brussel (b)
radio 1 levende lijve session


Preceding to the set, an interview with Daan and Rudy takes place.
It's not exactly what I would call an interesting affair though; Daan and Rudy prove to be painful people to interview (because they don't exactly tend to stretch the interview with long answers).
Daan and Rudy explain how they record their music at Daan's place (jamsessions, cut-up techniques etc..), and to the question 'how would you like people to listen to your album', Rudy replies (witty as ever): 'In stereo'.
Daan tries to be mystique and confusing as well;
Interviewer: 'How do you want people to remember Dead Man Ray in 20 year's time?'
Daan: 'As if Dead man Ray was only six years old'.

The interview (in Dutch) can be listened to in the audio section of this site.