november 14th 1999
hallen van schaarbeek
brussel (b)

first of three last belgian dEUS gigs in 1999.
rudy trouvé and stef kamil carlens play along the last encores.

dream sequence #1
sister dew
little arithmetics
instant street
gulf shores (palace)
put the freaks up front
(w. bart maris & band)
sam peckinpah's daughter
suds & soda
the magic hour
let's see who goes down first
theme from turnpike
fell off the floor man
everybody's weird
(w. bart maris & guy van nueten)
(with rudy, stef & elko blijweert)
worst case scenario
(with stef & elko)
great american nude
(with rudy & stef)

in an interview some months afterwards, rudy tells the interviewer he was extremely drunk and nervous that night, and wasn't really capable of playing Great American Nude decently...:)
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