december 31st 1994
studio brussel offdate session
antwerp (b)

Update was the late night-radio program on Studio Brussel by Chantal Pattyn, who ‘discovered’ dEUS. After the Rock Rally in ’92, dEUS had sent one of their demo’s to the program, with some information enclosed about the members. ‘We like Pavement, Leonard Cohen…, we all live together in the same house,…’.
In an almost vacuum Belgian music scene in 1992-93, the dEUS demo came as a refreshing breeze, and got aired several times in the Update-shows. Through them, and after the release of Zea, the growing ‘Antwerp scene’ got followed from day one by the people from Update. Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung, Mitsoobishy Jacson, A Beatband,... all got a fair amount of attention in the program. Although the number of listeners was extremely limited back then, at least there was a niche audience to speak of.
For some obscure reason which nobody seems to recall, there was a ‘problem’. One a certain night, something was said or happened in the program which had shocked some –apparently important- Dutch people. It must have been so bad, they could persuade the BRT to put an end to the show. Everyone seemed shocked and affraid they’d lose their little niche program on the radio.
A last live show was made on december 31st, with live appearances by dEUS, SKC Moondog and a Beatband, X-Legged Sally, Mitsoobishy Jacson, and Gruppo di Ruppo.
dEUS weren’t entirely present at all- in fact it was just Tom Barman and Stef Kamil Carlens. They played at least three songs, of which two got broadcasted on the radio. There was a tv-emission made of it as well, so perhaps that had all of the songs.

dEUS played:

suds & soda

Via is absolutely beautiful, played with X-legged Sally. Especially the clarinet which takes over the role of Klaas’ violin is drop dead gorgeous. Suds & soda is played by Tom Barman and SKC solo, and also sounds excellent. They turn the up-tempo energy-burst in an almost melancholic song.
At the end, Tom Barman decides to make a fool out of himself by reading a poem he wrote for Chantal Pattyn and the crew of Update. It’s based upon an old song by Jacques Brel. Ne me quitte, Pattyn is what he makes of it.

SKC Moondog and a Beatband play two tracks: TV-song and the beautiful Ragdoll blues, Mitsoobishy Jacson play their excellent songs Sweat Indoors, Sun of Aerobics and an otherwise unknown song. X-Legged Sally also play an inspired and heated set, and Gruppo di Ruppo (side project of Frank Vander Linden and others) makes its debut to the public.
Fortunately, Update immediately saw a follow-up in a nearly identical late night-program, called Bassta!