january 13th 2001
de nachten festival
de singel
antwerp (b)
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an untitled of 24 minutes. The first act of the evening, located at the entrance of De Singel. Rudy was already playing when several people were still entering. They saw Rudy playing and must have thought: 'uh-oh, what am i doing here?' Rudy had prepared a 4-track, and together with 'someone' behind the turntables (probably controlling the sound of the boom car), he gave the best of himself in an 25 minute jam. I'm not entirely sure, but I think there were many parts of improvisation in rudy's live-play. I can't really compare what it all sounded like with something else, but strangely enough, it reminded me of Sonic youth in a way, although sounding fairly different. It was an experiment, and for my taste, a succeeded one. The boom car had a limited role this night (contrary to DJ Raphael vs. Boom car the night before), which helped to make the whole thing more 'digestable'.
I thought it was a neat performance, and many with me.