dead man ray
july 2000
heavenhotel - virgin/labels
elko blijweert
karel de bakker
daan stuyven
rudy trouvé
wouter van belle
contributing artists: herman houbrechts
01: woods
02: woods (live at 2 meter sessies may 24th 2000)
+digital video of woods
(live at the metro, brussels, april 4th 2000)

Apparently, for many people, Woods is thé track on Trap. Who am I to argue with that? Woods is an absolute gem- it’s even described as a work of art by some.
Dead man ray have the odd habit to always make edited versions of their singles- probably a move to get more airplay on radio stations. Woods is no exception, although this edit is only about half a minute shorter than the album version. I’d swear the mix is slightly different as well, but other people seem to disagree. Eitherway- the difference is minimal.
The only b-track is a 2 meter sessies version of Woods, recorded the 24th of May 2000. It’s a very ‘tidy’ version: not bad of course, but still not as ‘adventurous’ as it could have been.
What makes this single great though, is the digital video included as a bonus. It’s a home video, shot at Dead man ray’s gig in a subway station in Brussels, the 7th of april 2000. The video is an un-edited piece of beauty by Sandrine Collard, who was walking around back then with a shiny digital video. The video contains dead man ray playing Woods (of course), although the band hardly got filmed at all, instead focussing on confused, ignorant passengers, subway trains passing by, and the audience attending. (even I make a brief and vague appearance in there somewhere!)
The quality of the images are great, and the sound is in true amateur-audience recording tradition; very unstable, and filled with distortions! :)
All in all, slightly disappointing because there are no new tracks on the single, but the included video makes up more than enough for that.
For some reason, nine hundred of the thousand copies printed of this single were distroyed. In other words- it is r.a.r.e.
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