lou barlow/rudy trouvé
april 2000
sub rosa
lou barlow
rudy trouvé
songs by lou barlow:
01: beginning
02: skipping
03: nervous
04: dream/organ
05: tough
06: heavy foot
07: thin
08: crunch
09: jim joe
10: spoilt
11: end
12: bonus

songs by rudy trouvé:
13: driving home from shopping
14: stofzuiger
15: small sorrow
16: a fist full
17: xmas family dinner
18: san fan sisco
19: oh you silly tiger

Not so much of an album, more a collection of diverse songs by Lou Barlow and Rudy Trouvé, this is a bit of a strange cd. I can’t say I don’t like it- because I do- it’s just such an ‘anonymous’ album.
The first twelve tracks are credited as songs by Lou Barlow (who you might know from Dinosaur jr., Sebadoh or the Folk implosion), tracks thirteen to nineteen are credited as Rudy Trouvé songs. There’s a pretty clear difference between the two parts; the Lou Barlow tracks are all a bit more sober, and have the acoustic guitar as a basis, sometimes using samples too. The tracks by Rudy are more diverse; they're all 4-tracks, using samples, electric and acoustic guitar and other instruments. The Rudy Trouvé songs are in a wider range of ‘styles’ too. (not that I don’t like the Lou Barlow tracks though)
I’m not thàt familiar with all of Lou Barlow’s previous music, but Rudy Trouvé definitely combines ideas and even sometimes samples taken straight from his other bands. I also recognized influences from his 110m² project, and there’s also one track which has an almost techno style sound to it, using a sample loop and also the same cut-up structure, as heard in Dead Man Ray and Daan albums.
Although I think this is a very interesting album, I must admit I would have preferred to have some occasional vocals in some songs. The songs themselves are definitely interesting, but due to their varying styles and instrumental nature, it’s a bit difficult to recognize the cd, or at least the Rudy Trouvé part, as a homogenic unity.

Also available as a 12" vinyl.

man ray
deus gore
kiss my

Lou Barlow is kind of like the Rudy Trouvé of the United States- or more precisely, Rudy Trouvé is Belgium’s Lou Barlow. Involved in numerous bands (Dinosour Jr, Sebadoh, Sentritoh, Folk Implosion,…), Lou Barlow is America’s king of side projects and lo-fi music. He’s been busy with his music for over a decade and a half now, and has inspired Rudy in his bands as Gore Slut and early dEUS.

The Brussels Sub Rosa label saw the connection between these two musicians, and thought it would be a good idea to put the music of the two of them on one album. To get fans of Barlow in contact with Rudy Trouvé's music, and vice versa is the most obvious motivation.
The release of the album came with very limited attention from press though- I believe the cd isn't even released in the US yet.
Due to this lack of press attention and interviews, I haven't got a great deal of information about the album either.
Actually, it shouldn't be seen as a 'concept album'- it's more a case of two EPs on one disc, really. Lou Barlow and Rudy Trouvé have never met before, and they haven't for this cd either. Twelve tracks are by Lou Barlow, and seven by Rudy- made completely independently from each other. All the songs are instrumentall- that was part of the 'assignement' Sub Rosa gave to the two artists.
Rudy played his solo-tracks live a couple of times; once with Heaven's Basement and at least one other time, when Rudy and Elko Blijweert performed together in 2000.

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