gore slut
august 2001
heavenhotel - labels/virgin
dirk belmans
jacki billet
tomas noppe
rudy trouvé
contributing artists: mary jane janssens, geert van bever, sigrid van rosendael

00: stop (remix)
01: imitation
02: mountain
03: crawling to target 1
04: freak
05: coming close again
06: moon
07: turtles
08: stop
09: anyway
10: a harsh word
11: crawling to target 2
12: inch

Three years after Above the Lisa Drugstore, Gore Slut released this album, Girl + Turtles. There are a few noteable differences between both albums, mostly in the production. Whereas the first two albums are as lo-fi as it gets, with bedroom-recording-4-track hiss and the use of completely screwed-up microphones, Girl + Turtles sounds ultra-crisp, with crystal clear vocals and Protools recording methods.
To most people, this is probably a relief. Hissy music and bizarre voices aren't most people's cup of tea, but it certainly is mine. Therefore I must admit this album is, in that respect, somewhat of a let down to myself.
Fortunately, there's also good news. Most songs on this third album are among Gore Slut's finest yet, with well constructed (but simple) songs, a healthy variety of the poppy, the noisy and the melodic talents in the band. Crawling To Target 1 is (in my opinion) definitely one the best track on the album, although Mountain and the beautiful and instrumental 'Inch' come close to that title.
The difficult question is unavoidable: is this album the best Gore Slut effort yet?
Though a tough one to answer, and most definitely an extremely subjective task, I would say Girl + Turtles is as good as the previous albums, but not better. The songs are overall fresh and inspired, and more effort has gone into writing and composing them, it's only the production which lets it down a bit for me. But as I said, that's just me.
I'd say this album is 'merely as excellent' as the two previous ones. So it's still excellent.
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