rudy trouvé
june 2002
contributing artists: Stef Kamil Carlens, Karel de Backer, Sigrid van Rosendaal,... (tbc)
rudy trouvé
01: song about losing
02: ah look! how come you so good and this one is so bad
03: expensive piano recorded on cheap equipment
04: working for a living
05: birds
06: kitchen table
07: une chanson
08: three rooms
09: out of sight
10: down
11: expensive piano, cheap recording
12: trumpetloop
13: song under construction
14: reverse
15: cartoon moon
16: astornick
17: black & blue
18: oh! that fireworks
19: simple pleasures
20: sweet to the sweet

Rarely an album title has said so much about the record it presents. 1999-2002, a collection of rather quiet songs is exactly what it says. Quiet, home-recorded songs which didn't suite Kiss My Jazz or Gore Slut, recorded with the aid of a bunch of friends and colleagues. The impressive 20-track list of songs is a tad misleading - 6 of them are not even a minute long. There's half a Dead Man Ray song on the record - Song Under Construction is written by Rudy, but performed by Rudy and Daan Stuyven, with guest vocals by Todd Trainer, present during the recording of Dead Man Ray's third album in Chicago.
While the short in-betweens seldomly are anything more than gap-fillers, the real songs are of a consistent level, and while occasionally perhaps a slight bit too bare, they can still move and make you listen to them.
Fans of Rudy's noisier work will have to be a bit more patient, as even Down, a song with a Screaming Headache background, appears here in an intimistic, quiet and lo-fi version.
From the first few notes, you know to expect not an album that wants to be a milestone in music history, not an album that will work its pants off just to be liked, but in stead a collection of.... nice, quiet songs. Ideally suited for playing late at night with a good book in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other.
man ray
deus gore
kiss my