i'll put my blues on parade

benjamin boutreur
stef kamil carlens
tom pintens
tomas de smet
aarich jespers
björn erickson
short discography

jintro travels the word in a skirt EP (1993)
everyday i wear a greasy black feather on my hat (1995)
music inspired by sunrise, a film by f.m.murnau (1997)
i paint pictures on a wedding dress (1998)
plage tattoo: circumstances (2000)
life=a sexy sanctuary (2001)

Zita Swoon is another band from Antwerp, which has made some very diverse music over the past 10 years. The frontman of Zita Swoon is Stef Kamil Carlens, former dEUS bass player and Kiss My Jazz member. Also in the band are Aarich Jespers (Kiss My Jazz), Tomas de Smet (Kiss my Jazz, Think of one), Benjamin Boutreur (Flowers for Breakfast, Flat Earth Society), Tom Pintens (Flowers for Breakfast, 2000 Monkeys), and Bjorn Erickson.
(Benjamin Boutreur left the band in 1998, Bjorn Erickson replaced him)

They started out as ‘A Beatband’, with which they released an EP sometime in 1993, called ‘Jintro travels the word in a skirt’. That was a CD with 5 intuitive, fresh pop songs which sounded very original and promising. Later on they changed their name to Moondog Jr., and they brought out their first full-CD in 1996, titled ‘Everyday I wear a greasy black feather on my hat’. It was a tremendous album, filled with a more alternative, more guitar based but still very melodious sound. They toured across Europe, whenever Stef Kamil Carlens' busy dEUS-schedule allowed for it. They toured and played together with musicians of American band Morphine, as well as together with other upcoming Belgian talented band 'Mad Dog loose.' Late '96, frontman Stef Kamil Carlens left dEUS to fully focus on his own band. In 1997, Moondog Jr. had to change their name again (due to legal problems with an old musician named 'Moondog'), this time to Zita Swoon. In 1997 they toured with some guest musicians, playing music accompanying an old, mute film called ‘Sunrise’. An album of this was released as well, this time sounding less poppy, more instrumental, but again with a very atmospheric and distinctive sound. Late 1998, the true successor to ‘Everyday I wear..’ was released, entitled ‘I paint pictures on a wedding dress’. Partly because of the involvement of producer Malcolm Burn, Zita Swoon now sounded like a more purified version of itself, with even more melody and a less raw sound than before. The album got tremendous reviews, and the new sound of Zita Swoon seemed to attract a wider audience as well.
In 1999 and 2000, Zita Swoon made a musical score for a theater play called ‘Plage Tattoo/Circumstances’. An album of this was released as well, and it sounded a bit like an updated, more contemporary version of the Sunrise cd.
Zita's most recent album 'Life=a sexy sanctuary' was released March 2001, accompanied with a European tour. It's an extremely poppy piece of work, with which the band hopes to appeal to a larger audience. (not including myself)

Rudy Trouvé and Zita Swoon have a clear connection with each other.
Stef Kamil Carlens, Aarich Jespers and Tomas De Smet have all been in Kiss My Jazz with Rudy in the past. Stef was also in dEUS with Rudy several years ago, and Aarich has also done some improvisation jams and gigs and with the members of Dead Man Ray.
For Zita Swoon as a band, Rudy helped out in the studio when recording and mastering the cd, in 1997. He only helped out on one track though, Giving up the Hero, so nothing too spectacular.
In 1999, when Zita Swoon’s ‘Disco!’ became a huge radio hit in Belgium, Rudy Trouvé and Daan Stuyven together made a remix of the track, released on the Disco! Adventures EP. They turned the smooth, poppy disco-track back into a more ‘raw’, demo-style version. It was called 'H.H. remix', which stands for 'Heavenhotel remix' I guess.
On Zita Swoon’s soundtrack album for their theatre play ‘Plage Tattoo’, Rudy also participated. He played the electric guitar on one track, called ‘into his arms’. On the same album, there is also a track with a sample loop, taken from a jam Rudy did with Daan Stuyven, Aarich Jespers and the Lenski brothers. The sample is tucked away deeply into the song though, so it’s not easy to spot the actual sample.
Basically, Rudy Trouvé and Zita Swoon are simply friends. They help out on each other’s projects when they can, but in the end they make very differing music.
Should they decide to work together more intensely in the future, expect it to be within a whole new project, not within any existing ones.

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