merci, bollekes!

david bovee
thomas desmet
roel poriau
short discography

juggernaut (1997)
marrakech emballage ensemble (1999)
naft (2000)
marrakech emballage ensemble 2 (2000)

Another anarchistic band to emerge from Antwerp, Think of One is a pretty ‘unique’ band, to make an understatement. Consisting of countless members, there’s an equally confusing structure in the band line-up as in the three CDs they made so far. Most consistent members are David Bovée, Abdellah Bhaija, Tomas De Smet, Roel Poireau, Bart Maris, and probably several people I’m forgetting here.
The band themselves like to compare their CDs to theater plays. Each time consisting of more or less the same members, but every time making very differing music, there are actually several bands within Think Of One.
There’s the ‘original’ Think of One, which made the inaccessible but terrific ‘Juggernaut’ (’97). That album has its roots in jazz, folk, rock and improvisation. It was produced by Peter Vermeersch and Pierre Vervloessem, also responsible for dEUS’ ‘Zea’, ‘Worst Case Scenario’ and ‘ My sister=my clock’.
There’s the ‘Marrakech Ensemble’, which is Think of One with several Moroccans, playing mostly traditional North-African music, with an added Belgian touch to it. They have two CDs out as well, ‘Marrakech Emballages Ensemble’ (’99), and Marrakech Emballages Ensemble 2 (2000).
There’s 'Think of One Naft', which is more of a big band (almost a fanfare at times), making very rhythmic and melodious dance-music. Vocals are in Dutch this time, whereas the other bands sing in English or Arabic. They released a CD as well this year, simply titled ‘Naft.’
Finally, the fourth ‘element’ of Think of One is yet to release a CD, and is called ‘Punkistan.’ They make experimental punk music apparently, but I’ve never heard anything of this myself. Punkistan is a (seriously) slimmed-down version of Think Of One; it's only David Bovée, Tomas De Smet and Roel Poireau.
Then, there’s also stuff which has ‘obscure’ written all over it, of which very little is known. Think of One have recorded a CD with an old Opera singer apparently, but only 50 pieces were printed. They’ve released several demo’s as well, but I’ve heard none of them.

From a different point of view, several amusing anecdotes can be told about Think Of One. A few years back, they ‘invaded’ Belgian radio station ‘Studio Brussel’, where they entered uninvited the studio, starting to play live on the radio until security kicked them out.
They also ‘toured’ in France in ’99, playing live on the back of an old truck, driving through the center of Avignon.
On ‘De Nachten’ in January 2000, hours before they were supposed to perform, the Think of One-fanfare started playing anyway in the corridors of the venue (probably interfering other live performances at that time).
And finally, on the second Marrakech Ensemble CD is a semi-controversial track, called 'Trap het af' - or 'Get the hell out of here'. The song is a parody to Belgian's extreme-right wing party, who are pleading in their program for less tolerance towards foreign cultures in Belgium. Some were shocked, others highly amused by the lyrics, but at first it seems nobody understood the irony of it all...

From all this information, you can make up yourself Think Of One isn’t your average band. (if it’s a band at all)
I’d definitely recommend their cds, but you’ll need an open mind to really appreciate (all of their) music- the first one can be a bit inaccessible at times, and the two Marrakech and one Naft CD are pretty ‘multi-cultural’, but offer guaranteed ambiance.

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