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mauro pawlowski
marc requilé
dave schroyen
bart vandebroek
tim van haemel
short discography

hair facts EP(1994)
love is okay (1996)
remix apocalips EP (1996)
boogie-children-r-us (1998)
Winners of the humo rock rally in 1994, the Evil Superstars quickly became one of the national export products Belgium could be proud of. They debuted with a first ep called Hairfacts in ’94, after which they went on tour in 1995 and 1996 as support act for dEUS.
Signs were promising back then; critics loved the band, they got lots of airplay on Belgian radio station ‘Studio Brussel’ and even ‘some’ airplay on MTV. Things were looking like they could benefit from the growing success other Belgian acts as dEUS and Moondog Jr. were receiving.
In 1996, the real debut followed with ‘Love is okay’, an incredibly eclectic but highly original and wicked album, filled with Zappa-esque twists and the soul of a possessed demon. The most popular single of that album, ‘Satan In my Ass’ was not a coincidence.
Two years later, the even better cd Boogie-children-R-us followed, with the delicious single ‘Sad Sad Planet’ to be one of its biggest trump cards. Critics loved it, and for a while it looked like the Superstars were on the definite highway to international success.
But then, sales didn’t turn out as great as could be expected, probably because the music of the Superstars was ‘too difficult’, way ahead of it’s time. There were just so many references in the songs, for a lot of people it just was too much to handle. Everybody seemed to love the singles, but only few of them wanted to buy the entire album, it seemed. On top of that, problems with the record company made Mauro and the band decide to call it even, at an artistic and popularity highlight.
Their last (Belgian) gig at Pukkelpop ’98 was one of the definite highlights of their career, and rubbed the world in its face what a huge loss the Evil Superstars really would turn out to be.
After the Superstars’ demise, Mauro Pawlowski kept himself busy making music for a children’s theatre play, and his ‘hobby-projects’ Kiss My Jazz and Mitsoobishy Jacson. At the moment he's also working on a 'solo'-career. The other guitar player who wrote some of the Superstars’ music, Tim van Haemel, went on tour with dEUS in 1999, and started working on his solo-project ‘Millionaire’. Other ex-Superstars members have been noticed in a new modest band, ‘The Shovels’. 
(Again), I fully recommend their albums, but it’s probably best to start of with Boogie-Children-R-Us, because the even less poppy and less accessible nature of ‘Love Is Okay’ might frown your eyebrows at first.

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