copy/pasting miles

short discography

comfort (1999)
[paris] (2001)
constant [raving] (2001)

Ignoring his obscure 7" split single heavenhotel release in 1999, Sue Daniels' debut album Paris came completely out of the blue in spring 2001.
The single Constant Raving was picked up immediately by Studio Brussel, preventing the album to go by completely unnoticed. Bacause Paris is an album of music that can't be crammed into narrow categories, and has definitely not a very radio-friendly sound.

Sue Daniels remains somewhat of a mystery to nearly everyone. For starters, Sue Daniels is his 'alter ego'and in real life Sue is a he, called Patrick.
He's apparently very shy, refuses nearly any interview, and won't play live anywhere. He definitely isn't suited for a glamour life of stardom then.
Only other things we know about him is he is a student at R.I.T.S., a film school in Brussels, and he'd love to direct a feature film one day. He usually works on his songs on lazy sunday afternoons, on his old Atari computer. The demo's he made at home were entirely arranged and programmed by himself.

One day he sent his demo to Stef Kamil Carlens (Zita Swoon), who passed it on to Rudy Trouvé.
Rudy liked the demo and proposed to help working on an album with him. Together with Elko Blijweert, Mauro Pawlowski and Sigrid van Rosendaal, they recorded the album at the Ghosttown studio's early 2001. Some bits from the original demo's remained intact on the album, some songs were completely re-arranged. The album finally made it to the stores in may 2001.

Rumour had it that Sue Daniels would actually be an alter ego of Mauro Pawlowski or Rudy Trouvé, though those are just wild indian stories of course.