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paskal deweze
peter houben
mauro pawlowski
short discography [full discography here]

nougat in koblenz - 1996 - brinkman
boys together outrageously - 1999 - heavenhotel
Another twisted little band to come from Belgium (Limburg and not Antwerp this time), Mitsoobishy Jacson originated somewhere in 1994, when Mauro Pawlowski from the Evil Superstars and Peter Houben from Nemo decided to team up for one of the most enjoyable and refreshing anarchistic pop bands from the nineties. The official biography is as follows:

"In the summer of 1995, Peter Houben (Nemo) was having a drink with Mauro Pawlowski (Evil superstars, Kiss my jazz). At a certain moment there was a flaw in their conversation. An awkward silence occured during which Peter said: "why not start a band together?" "Why not indeed!" replied Mauro. A cd was being recorded and blablabla named 'Nougat in Koblenz'. Blablabla once again having a drink. Blablabla why not make another Mitsoobishy Jacson album?" Blablabla Paskal Deweze (Metal Molly, Suki Love, Nemo). Blablabla Jan Derijck took care of the mix. Blablabla drum-person Herman Houbrechts (Nemo, Dead Man Ray, Golf) and keyboard-phenomenon Guy van Nueten (The sands, Daan). Blablabla more tracks to complete the new album. Blablabla Allan Muller (Metal Molly) engineered. The result is named "Boys together outrageously", an unbelievably fantastic, strong, diverse, intensely musical and soulfull album that redefines popmusic in a playfull and unpretentious manner."

As of 1994, Peter and Mauro performed occasionally, when they weren’t busy with their ‘bigger’ projects. During a couple of days in 1996, together with drummer Herman Houbrechts (Nemo), they recorded their debut: an extremely cosy, lo-fi, amusing low-profile album entitled Nougat in Koblenz. Critics praised the album, but Mitsoobishy Jacson hardly rose a finger to promote the album. It didn’t sell very well, but that hardly kept MJ awake at night. Later on that year, an EP was released of the fantastic single Sun of Aerobics. It got some airplay, but again it didn’t get the attention it deserved.
In 1997 and 1998, Mitsoobishy Jacson hardly performed, with Peter and Mauro focusing on their other bands instead. 
Late 1998, the Evil Superstars split up at their popularity peak, and Nemo also ‘faded’ away a bit after their last album didn’t get the hoped reactions from press and public. 
One year earlier, another slightly hyped Belgian band from the mid-nineties, Metal Molly, had split up as well, with Pascal Deweze looking for new ‘occupations’ as well. In 1999, Mauro and Peter rejoined, and Pascal joined them to work on new material with Mitsoobishy Jacson. The result of this was Boys together outrageously, an equally refreshing and even cornier pop album than the first. It got positive responses again, and this time, a small tour was set up. Mitsoobishy Jacson played across Belgium, together with Daan, who also just finished his solo record. The record-buying audience was a bit more enthusiastic this time, and the new record became a modest success, with the single Mitsoobishy Jacson getting regular airplay on Studio Brussel.
At the moment, Mitsoobishy Jacson are back on non-active. Mauro Pawlowski is concentrating on his solo-career and his new band ‘Mauro and the Inferno’s’, Peter Houben is working on his new project ‘Ultracowboy’, and since Metal Molly reunited again in 1999, Pascal Deweze is spending time again with his original band. 
Whenever things cool down again with those bands, another album by Mitsoobishy Jacson can be expected I guess.