i might sound affraid, but i'm not

iwein segers
floortje van der linden

please (1998)
my alarm goes off when you cry (2000)
every year (2000)
turn up speed or show me love (2001)

'Jezus' saw the light in Overijse, somewhere in '96. Iwein Seghers played the bass and did the vocals, Maarten Van Hecke did the drums, and Seppe Vandenhouten played the sax. They were a typical band of sixteen year olds, playing covers and early attempts at own songs. At a moment when the band was about to call it a day, Floortje Vanderlinden (playing keyboards) joined the trio, and they entered the talent-hunt competition of a small festival called Nerorock. They quickly changed their name into the slightly less confusing 'Groep Jezus', but the idea was to quit the band anyway after the contest. Contrary to their own expectations, they won the finals, and got to open Nerorock itself that year. The band also received funds to record songs in the Ghosttown studio's, and release a single.
The band sent out their demo to several musicians and producers in Belgium, together with a letter, explaining who they were. People they got reactions from, were (among others) Luc De Vos, Mauro Pawlowski, and Rudy Trouvé.
Rudy Trouvé even agreed to produce the single Groep Jezus could record. He came over to Overijse, let the band play a dozen songs, and picked out three of them, which would be recorded and put on the single. Please was released late 1998, sent out to radio stations, and sold at gigs.
The band continued writing new songs, but Seppe Vandenhouten left the band early 1999.
As a trio, they played at some festivals, did an aftershow of Dead Man Ray, and supported Daan and Mitsoobishy Jacson in their tours.
Late 1999, they were invited by Rudy Trouvé to support Kiss My Jazz in their final tour. A second promo single was recorded, 'My alarm goes off when you cry'.
After the tour, early work began on a first album, and a third promo was recorded and sent out, 'Every year'.
It took another six months before the band could finally crawl into the studio with Jo Vrancken to record their debut.
Drummer Maarten Van Hecke also left the band early 2001, leaving Groep Jezus now as a duo.
The album, Show me Love or Turn up speed finally got released May 2001, preceded by a single, Connected with Rain. The album turned out to be a collection of melancholic songs, with clever melodies and likeable, naïve lyrics. Press was pretty much enthusiastic, and once Iwein and Floortje have gathered a new band around them, a new tour across Belgium and the Netherlands will be set up.

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