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benjamin boutreur
kris cleiren
tom pintens
roel poriau
tine reymer
stoffel verlackt
short discography

baron samedi conducts the onion philharmonique (1996)
homebound (1998)
The umpteenth band to come from Antwerp, Flowers or Breakfast makes some very fresh and poppy rocktunes. Founded somewhere in the early nineties, people often made comparisons to dEUS in terms of ‘sound’, although I disagree with this. Most creative brains behind Flowers for Breakfast are Tom Pintens (Zita Swoon, 2000 Monkeys) and Tine Reymer (known for her acting in several Belgian TV-shows and theatre plays). Other band members are Roel Poireau (Think of One), Stoffel Verlackt (Metal Molly, El Tattoo del Tigre) and Chris Cleiren (de Kakkewieten). Benjamin Boutreur (Think of One, Zita Swoon, El Tattoo del Tigre) also used to be a member, but he quit the band somewhere early ’98.

The band debuted with their first maxi single ‘Nervous’ in 1995. They got some positive feedback and regular airplay from this single, and made a debut full-CD one year later, curiously titled ‘Baron Samedi conducts the onion philharmonique.’ Again, responses were very positive, but looking back on their first two releases, Flowers for Breakfast themselves think they were pretty bad.
‘Nervous’ and ‘Baron Samedi’ had some refreshing and diverse poptunes, but a bit eclectic as well. Comparing FfB with dEUS is out of the question to me. Both bands have very different goals, but from time to time, they do indeed share some crosspoints in their results.
In 1998, they made a second album, ‘Homebound.’ Reviews were overall less positive this time, especially in one Belgian magazine, HUMO. The reviewer thought ‘Homebound’ was just another predictable arty-farty product from the Antwerp scene. I personally like this album very much though, although I must admit preferring the first one over the second one as well. Still, ‘Homebound’ has some very good, although more ‘prepaired’ songs, of which ‘A Shiny Future’ became a modest radio hit. The band themselves said while the first album was more a simple collection of songs, ‘Homebound' was more the product of intense planning and more seriously working on the songs and the album as a whole.
Some of the songs from ‘Homebound’ even appeared in a Belgian soundtrack. (Although a pretty cheap one, for low-budget film ‘S’)

Since Homebound, and the small tour that followed afterwards, not much has been heard of Flowers For Breakfast. Especially Tom Pintens is focussing at the moment on his solo-carreer in 2000 Monkeys, and his other band Zita Swoon. The other members have been very busy with their other projects as well last year, and a return for Flowers For Breakfast has thus been delayed and delayed again. Hopeully we'll hear something from them again late 2001.

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