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adrian lenski
buni lenski
simon lenski
han stubbe
roel van camp
short discography

die anarchistische abendunterhaltung - 1995 - jack & johnny
we need new animals - 1998 - sony
life transmissions - 2001 - columbia
DAAU, or 'Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung' as they are being called again, is another fantastic band from Antwerp.
Their music is very different from all the other Belgian bands though; they make contemporary ‘rock music’ with classical instruments. They have a very energetic sound, and explore their instruments in every way possible. The foursome plays violin, cello, accordion and clarinet, with the aid of occasional drums, amplifiers, drums, vocals and guitar. In 1994, they released their untitled debut album, which got very positive responses, and 'Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung' suddenly became another one of those Antwerp bands with a promising future ahead. They toured around Belgium, the Netherlands, France and a few other European countries, mostly as support act for already more 'established' bands (as dEUS for instance.) Their live tour lasted a long time, and only in 1997, early work began on a follow-up to the first album. They worked with reputed producer Phil Evans this time, and flew over to Rhonda in Spain to record most of the new album. When it got released in '98, the band changed their name to the somehow more pronounceable 'DAAU', and hoped this time, they could get the foreign public more interested. The album, titled 'We need new animals' (horrible title if you ask me), showed more diversity in both styles and instruments. DAAU made use of amplifiers, drums, guitars and even vocals this time, but somehow the record-buying public was less enthusiastic than expected. Another lengthy tour followed, with DAAU playing only live for over a year.
Early 2000, Adrian Lenski joined the band on piano, and got involved recording DAAU's third album. Meanwhile, they also contributed their music to a dance play called 'Richard Of York gave battle in York'.
April 2001, the band changed their name back to Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung, and released 'Life Transmissions', an album which was an even more drastic evolution from the band's older work. Electronics, drums and occasional vocals were now a vital part of the compositions, and the Anarchist's urge to experiment became as clear as can be.
In spring 2001, the band is doing a spectacular tour around Belgium and the Netherlands.

Several members of DAAU were also involved in projects with other bands as dEUS (they made a great cover of 'Suds & Soda'), Think of One, An Pierlé, Dead Man Ray, Gorki, Lionell Horrowitz and his combo, Zita Swoon, Cinérex, Gitbox, Flowers for Breakfast, Mauro and who knows what else. Recently they’ve also made a cover of a song by The The.
The Lenski brothers also jammed a few times with Rudy Trouvé and others, and Roel Van Camp apparently is the co-author of one Lionell Horrowitz track, 'Les Cheveux de Francoise Hardy'.

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