we're all swimming in the same soup

short discography

modern times (1993)

geen franse wagens meer (1996) (single)
de koning van vlaanderen (1998) (single)

dead man ray
berchem (1998)
trap (2000)
marginal (2001)
cago (2002)

profools (1999)
verboden te zuchten (2000)
bridge burner (2002)

Together with Rudy the most actively creative brains behind Dead Man Ray.
Daan already had a rather extended history before he and Rudy teamed up for Dead Man Ray. Somewhere near the end of the eighties, Daan entered the Rock Rally with his first band Citizen Kane. (I think) They ended up in the finals, but the band seized to exist a few years later on. Daan's second band, 'Running Cow' did manage to record and release something. A 7" single was released in 1991, called 'He'll have to 60', a cover of a song by Jim Reeves. In that band, Daan was joined by Herman Gillis, who would invent the famous Sherman Filterbank a few years later.
For some reason, Running cow also stopped as a band, and never released an album. The Belgian music scene back then was dreadfully poor (The Radio's and Soulsister were the most hip bands of the moment), and Daan came back in a third band, called Volt. Herman Gillis was present again, and this time they did manage to record and release an album, called 'Modern Times' ('93).
It was a shamelessly poppy album, with the eighties sound of Depeche Mode shining through in all its glory.
The music industry proved to be too stale for Daan though, with record companies pushing producers to create albums that would sell lots of copies, rather than to be any good, and  withdrew himself from the band and the whole music industry. He went on to earn a living by graphical work, and kept on writing ideas and songs, which he kept to himself.
In 1997, when computers were getting more powerful, and offered a semi-professional studio at home at an affordable price, Daan let himself be heard again, in an anarchistic single by a band called Supermarx. Their song was a bit controversial- it was released after a big Renault-factory was shut down with 3000 people unemployed. The lyrics were about how lousy French cars are; the single was banned and withdrawn from sales after two weeks.
In the same period, Daan met Rudy Trouvé at a wedding party, and Dead Man Ray was born. Together they released their debut Berchem in 1998, afterwards Daan started working on his first solo album. He took several ideas and songs he had made in the period between Volt and Dead Man Ray, and recorded and finalised them at home. Profools was released early january 1999, and Daan gathered a small band around him, with who he started touring through Belgium and The Netherlands. In 2000, Daan made a soundtrack for a Belgian film by Alex Stockman, called Verboden te Zuchten. Two years later, the real follow-up to Profools arrived by the name of Bridge Burner - a surreal pop/disco/kitsch album with a true radio hit on it : Swedish Designer Drugs.