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question :
Where can I buy a painting of Rudy Trouvé ?
answer :
Usually at his exhibitions ! The earlier you arrive, the more likely it is you can still buy something. All exhibitions are announced on this very site, on the very first page even.
There is no permanent exhibition, usually there are two or three exhibitions every year.

While Rudy Trouvé's occupation numero uno might be music making, he is active as a painter as well. His work can be permanently admired on the cover sleeves of cds by Kiss my jazz, Gore slut and dEUS. The inspiration for his work lies within cartoons, third-rate cheap pulp novels, and expressionist painters, as Egon Shiele for instance. His main subjects are humans, relations, boredom; themes he encounters in his daily life.
He said in an interview once: ’I like working with wax’ –hence the background structures on several dEUS singles and albums. In a more recent interview, Rudy Trouvé said his paintings start out most of the times as small sketches on carton glass holders when he’s in a bar. Then, when he thinks they’re really good enough, he makes a painting of them. The most recent exhibition with Rudy Trouvé had a lot of 'assemblages'; pages from cheap pulp novels cut up, with little drawings and side notes all over he page.
Another place you can find some of Rudy's art, is on the project doos! cd-rom, of which you'll find some images in this art gallery.
There is also a small site which has a few pictures of one of the last Rudy Trouvé-exhibitions at the Fietsfabriek. It also has some pictures of work of Albert Trouvé, Tanja Vrancken and Dirk Belmans. There's also another page with some artwork- you can find the art in the miscellaneous art section within this site as well, or go see the original page where it came from.

Read an interview with Carlo, Sonia and Rudy Trouvé about their exhibition in November 2000. Or read a review by Jan & Byron of the very same exhibition, yet from a quite different angle, here.

Here's a list of exhibitions by Rudy Trouvé over the years...

'Bruno kon het brandstichten niet laten' - Lakenhalle, Herentals and Fine Arts, Brussels

'Rampen slaan altijd onverwacht toe' - Filosofisch cultureel centrum, Eilandje-Antwerp

'Niels gaat solo' - Jordaenshuis, Antwerp
groeptentoonstelling in Payoke, Antwerp

IPO kunstgalerij, Antwerp

First Floor, Brussel
De Kreun, Bissegem

Bazar Curieux, Rotterdam
Bazar Furieux, Viva Velinx, Tongeren
Crossing Border, Den Haag
Backstage, Torhout/Werchter

'Slaperige Man beschiet vrijende autodieven' - CC Luchtbal, Antwerp

Main Hall, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

Trouvé family exposition - Bernaerts, Antwerp

Rockin' Art - CC Zwijgershoek, St-Niklaas
Motel Mozaïque, Rotterdam
Rockin' Art - Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, Diepenheim

pop nes xpo - Brakke Grond festival, Amsterdam
A Cartoon Moon - CC Luchtbal, Antwerp