various artists
march 2000
01: das pop - tonight
02: arid - killer queen
03: arno - all the young dudes
04: marc morgan & vincent venet - america
05: daan - hospitality on parade
06: soulwax - children of the revolution
07: mauro - dynamite
08: pragha khan - jean genie
09: neven - rocket girl
10: ozark henry - suffragette city
11: kiss my jazz - cumon feel the noize
12: jeff bodart - get it on
13: de mens - do you wanna touch me?
14: machiavel - the faith healer
15: sstellla - pappa joe

The thought of a revival of the glamrock period (and its music) from the seventies brings shivers to many of us. Therefore, itís a perfectly normal reaction to be a bit sceptic towards this unusual release. Fortunately, the result isnít as bad as couldíve expected. This cd features some of Belgianís hottest artists at the moment, of which most make contemporary and interesting versions of long forgotten classics. The ones to succeed most in their task, are Ėin my humble opinion- Das Pop, who turn a horribly cheesy original from the Rubettes into a fantastic, energetic standalone track. Rightfully so- this became a radio-hit in Belgium.
Kiss my jazzís take on Cumon feel the noize isnít bad at all either- only a teeny bit predictable. This version is far more intimate than the original by Slade, but at the end it starts to Ďrockí a bit as well. Overall, when they covered Cumon feel the noize live, they played it far Ďlouderí than this version.
Other interesting interpretations on Glittering 2000 are those of Soulwax, Daan, Mauro Pawlowski, Ozark Henry, and that of Arno as well. I was a bit disappointed by Do you wanna touch me by De Mens- itís really a very predictable cover, ŗnd singer Frank Van der Lindenís English sounds pretty crap as well.
And what Praga Khan did with the original is a mystery to me, but the result is a pretty gross song in its own right.
Still- this is a pretty nice but weird album- worth considering if you like any of the musicians on it.
man ray
deus gore
kiss my