march 2000
tom barman
jules de borgher
klaas janzoons
danny mommens
craig ward
tim van haemel
live in paris, june 24th, 1999
01: instant street
02: the freaks up front
03: sister drew
04: little arithmetics
05: sam peckinpah baught
06: suds of soda
07: fell of the floor
08: magdalena
09: roses (=in fact the magic hour)
10: turn-pike

live at ‘summer festival’, spain 1999
11: sister dew
12: suds of doda
13: magdalena
14: instant street

Now this is what I call an absolute pathetic excuse for a bootleg.
It hasn’t got Rudy Trouvé on there somewhere- the only distant connection is he co-wrote Suds & soda and Fell off the floor, man. Still- I see it as my 'duty' to warn you about this turd.
The best thing this bootleg has going for is the recording itself, which is technically speaking very good, actually. (Ignoring the fact that the first track isn’t complete, and there are several ‘fade in-fade out moments’ resulting in a very fragmentary feeling)
Besides that, it is very clear this bootleg was made by people who had never heard of dEUS before.
To begin with, half of the track names are spelled incorrectly. ‘Sam Peckinpah Baught’ in stead of ‘Sam Peckinpah’s daughter’ ànd ‘bought’ spelled incorrectly, this was seriously done by a bunch of amateurs. Another serious error is the tracklisting; it says the 9th track is ‘Roses’ while in fact it is ‘The Magic hour’. I know which one of the two I would have preferred! And on top of this, the four tracks from the Spain gig all are already on the first gig, while they easily could have chosen some other songs.
Then, there’s the gigs itself of course. Ok, this is a subjective opinion, but I think they were very un-exiting, especially when compared to some of their older live gigs. And on top of all that, the company which made this bootleg apparently claims the copyrights as well- forbidding you to copy this already illegal bootleg any further.
Ugh- no thanks. I’ll skip this time. Suds of Soda? Oh dear.
man ray
deus gore
kiss my